December 2019 ~ The Biggest News Story On Our Planet Today: RESPLENDENCE ~ The Rise of the New Light

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 11.30.19

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, bringing through a Resplendent Light and Joy Frequency for you this December 2019.  It is a Joy and Light that lives in All Realms of Time, and that is returning to you, to your Sacred Heart, this holiday season . . . and to the entire sentient collective.  Resplendence is a word that in our view . . . captures more of the shining essence that each and all of you truly are.  It holds a vibration of brilliance and splendor, of joy and true heart delight.  It is a frequency of light that showers the beholder and receiver of such vibrations . . . with pure divine golden and white light.  These are the colors of your holiday festivities.  These are the living frequencies in your true essence.  These are the soul color codes returning to your world with increasing RESPLENDENCE in 2020.  So open your hearts this December 2019 to be a receiver of the splendor, of the brilliance, of the timeless grace, fortitude, love, light, talents, and gifts you are. You are your very own conduits of this extraordinary energy.  And you are returning to shine this electrical, biochemical, and phenomenal divine essence from the inside out this holiday season, this next year of 2020, and this New Earth and New Age of Golden-White Divine Luminescent Light.

As we invite you into this splendoring and receiving of this incredible miraculous Living Light, we invite you to also take a Deep Divine Breath In with us.  In this powerful breath, we invite you to envision a world filled with peace.  Filled with the most extraordinary, soothing, and pure Divine White Light.  Envision your world right now in this moment showered and bathed in this cascading, sparkling, crystalline, and uplifting Divine White Light.  And feel the Joy of this world, of this entire Sentient World on Planet Earth, remembering its True Light.  Its True Connections with the Divinity Codes of Source, of Creation, of the Infinite in the All That Is.  Feel your own inner Joy in the reconnections and infusions you are feeling in this sacred moment with us today where you are consciously being and breathing this Sovereign, Divinely Loved, Divinely Cradled, Divinely Supported, and Divinely Empowered Extraordinary Light and Joy into your heart’s consciousness and into the entire world’s consciousness together ~ at this time.

There is an Ancient Magic and Wisdom in that Inner Divine Light.  For in that Inner Divine Light, is the Magic of You.  It is the Allness of the Creator, of Mother/Father God, of Source Energy . . . in You.  You are the Christ Child.  You are the Buddha.  You are the Quan Yin.  You are the Krishna.  You are the Whole of it.  You are the Grace of it.  You are the Divine Talents that shine inside the Pure and Perfect Flame of Creation’s Holy Light.  YOU are what Lights up this World with the New Light, and the Ancient Perfection of Source’s Original Light, in this New Earth that is presently unfolding, now more than ever.  You are this Magic, this Wisdom, and this Resplendent Light. Its the Gift inside you that brings the Holy Light into the Holy-Days, or the Holidays, as they have come to be known on your world in recent timelines.

You Are The Gift.  You Are The Light Returning to this World.  You Are the Light Returning to Your God Selves.  You Are the Light that Powers Worlds, this world and others.  You Are the Light that Light’s Up Eternal Creation’s Sacred Fire.  You are the Light that Reflects the Central Suns’ Energies to the entire Galaxy.  You ARE That Sacred Light.

So . . . as more of the world energies continue to spin . . . in the crumblings and rumblings of the failings and fallings of the old energies and paradigms, what is new and wonderful and magical and extraordinary and resplendent in those spinnings that are removing the darkness and the densities on your world . . . is the RISE OF THE NEW LIGHT.  

The Rise of the New Light, one would think, would be
in all of your newspapers, media outlets, hearts, minds, and prayers of every citizen of the earth!  Because it is the biggest news story to come to earth . . . since the Fall of Grace so long ago . . . when Earth descended into its cycle of darkness.  That was newsworthy at the time as well.  

But now, anyone able, and willing, to celebrate, to ring in, and embody the Rise of the New Light, . . . should be honored, embraced, and offered a space in the world wide communities of social media and heart felt interconnectedness . . . to use your outlets for global connection and communication to ring in and sound in and share in the BLISS of that New Light Energy and the New Light Codes uplifting your world . . . out of the era and cycle of darkness . . . and restoring your very essences to their original brilliance and their original resplendence.  

As much as we believe in showering your hearts and your consciousnesses in these transmissions to awaken to the Truth of the density’s dematerialization on your world today . . . we equally believe in showering your hearts and your consciousnesses in these transmissions to awaken to the Truth of the Light’s Reunifications and Resplendent Glory in your world today!

December 2019 invites you ALL to Rise in that New Dream . . . to Rise in the Collective Dream that knows the Darkness’s Release Forever ~ in all directions of time from Planet Earth ~ and that knows the Light’s Return Forever ~ in all directions of time on Planet Earth . . . so that you all shine in the New Dream and in the Lived New Earth Experience in the knowing of a 3D Soul Journey now complete and a new 5D Soul Journey now just begun!

So what are the gifts in store for you this holiday season?  What are the joys that are the gifts inside you that are emerging in this month of the New Dreaming of this New Light and this refreshing New Earth that is summoning you into the New Experience of who and how you want to be in your life in every way going and rising forward?

Some of you hear our messages and know very well what your joy is . . . and you keep finding new ways, new baby steps every day, to live, breathe, and be that passion, purpose, and soul power inside you . . . to live that in your daily life and all whose lives you touch with your presence.  And that resplendent joy is palpable to all in the entire universe and in the entire creation!  

Some of you hear our messages and are not quite sure what your joy is or what your expansive and expanding joys are.  And it is to you that we wish to direct a message to directly today, to help you elevate and activate in your heart centers, a bit more and a bit more compassionately and joyfully so.  For you see, if you look around you and even a little inside you, and you just can’t seem to find your happy thought (like Peter Panning in the film, Hook, made some years ago) . . . what we first wish for you to do is to celebrate how well you have mastered the 3D requirements for living on a 3D planet earth.  Because back in the day of the earth’s descension and devolvement when it descended from a 5D Earth to a 3D earth, you didn’t feel quite so skilled in being 3D at that time either.  It was challenging.  It was a big change.  It wasn’t very sparkly.  It didn’t feel very good to be steadily becoming less and less of your brilliant and splendorous light then either.  And you each and all wondered if you would be incapable of becoming such a thing . . . a 3D separated human being who engaged thought forms and beliefs about being divided, competitive, disconnected, and separated from Source.  It was a huge challenge before you. Devolution. And Descendence.   

So we wish to remind all of you, and particularly those of you having a hard time finding that sparkly, splendorific, brilliant, resplendent, and joy-filled feeling inside you . . . to first celebrate that you DID succeed in becoming at some level . . . separated and less resplendent and less joyful and less radiant and brilliant and celebratory of your gifts and your divinely seeded living light essence.  It was quite a journey.  It required a lot of effort.  It required commitment on your part through many lifetimes to make choices to lead you to this point of nearly complete unconsciousness, total separation, successful devolvement, and powerful descension and dense energies, belief systems, and vibrational emissions and creations.

That was a collective dream that took some time to achieve.  And it took lots of will power, lots of free will, lots of costume wearing, and lots of trial and error to figure it out. But you did it.  You did figure it out.  And you all experienced the dream of separation in the exact ways you dreamed it into being . . . as co-creators of an entire paradigm never before lived in this way . . . on any planet . . . in any realm . . . in the Allness of Creation.  What an extraordinary feat! And this must be honored and celebrated for the soul enrichment it has offered to each and all of you.  

So take a deep breath with us right now ~ and let us thank the Collective Dream of Separation for the gifts it has given to all.  For the soul expansions it has offered to all.  And for the challenges and triumphs it has offered to all, on all sides of duality, from every single angle. If you could dream it, it could be done.  And it has been done.  All of you reading or hearing this today are invited to really allow yourselves to feel ~ with this deep long, long soul lens of appreciation ~ a heart felt gratitude and a breath of deep knowing from within . . . that it was breathed into being through a collective dream . . . it was lived through the breathing and steady committing to that dream over lifetimes . . . and it is now being released as a collective dream in this Now timeline that knows the old Dream’s Completion.  It is time to make peace with the old dream.  It is time to know it for what it was.  And still will be . . . in the Evolutionary Story of All of Creation.  It is a very, very important chapter for all Sentient Life in this world . . . and in All Universes.  Everyone has learned a great deal from this Experiment and Dream of Separation.  Without it, much soul growth would have been lost and diffused throughout Creation.  And so, thank you Dream of Separation, for blessing us all with your Great Wisdom, Profound Learning Opportunities, Incredible Theatre, Plays, and Shows of Soul and Self Expression, and the Opportunity to Rise Now at the end of it all . . . and choose a New Collective Dream for the Whole of Creation to Experience through the Heart of the Oneness that All Truly Is.  Give that a few Deep Divine Breaths of Conscious Gratitude Within.  Feel the Breadth, Depth, and Scope of Time that you have lived in this realm and journeyed this world’s separation codes, antics, manipulations, and growth opportunities.  And return to this prayer any time you need a heart felt reminder of what is leaving this world, your external and internal world, as a consciousness and as a collective dream now.  It will be here to walk with you in that conscious prayer, that conscious intention, and that conscious release, any time you need a dose of this reflection in your conscious awareness as the rising shifts continue to gain traction in the ascension process and as the Rising Dream of the New Light templating all sentient life and life experiences here going forward.  There is infinite support for all of you in the Evolution, Revolution, and Ascension Energies now filling you from the inside out again.  You have deep light lines, ley lines, and Divine Source Lines of Communication with the Allness You Are at any time, to help orient you to the New Energies and New Timelines of the New Earth.  They are only a breath, intention, or conscious intention away.  Call them in as needed.

And we invite you to take a look at the New World, the New Earth, that is rising up, up, up through the ashes of this old dream that is dematerializing in your every day human experiences . . . and see how the Sun is shining.  See how the Central Sun Portals are shining!  They are resplendent!  They are brilliant!  They are gloriously shining with joy at your Sacred Heart’s Return to the Timeless, 5D and Higher Light you always, always, always were!  It is the Central Suns and their portals of Higher Knowledge and Higher Wisdom and Higher Creativity and Joy that greet you first . . . on the other side of your illusions and the other side of the clouds of illusions that successfully kept you in a separation slumber all this time.  

But the Central Suns now . . . are key mentors . . . and key guides . . . raising you to wakefulness now.  Raising you into the purity of your Divinity Codes now.  Raising you into your Replendence and your Brilliant Soul Light.  And that will activate and awaken inside each of you in its own unique ways.  If you feel dazed and confused, be compassionate with yourself and keep internally praying and intending to be reconnected with the Light Codes and Soul Codes you truly and deeply are.  Be patient.  Keep asking.  Keep rising inside.  The Light Codes ARE Returning in each and every one of you.  The New Collective Dream and all of its inner Soul Coordinates is rising inside your heart’s consciousness . . . with new soul data, new awareness, and new grace every day.  Let it come.  Let it emerge in you.  

Notice when you don’t understand world events.  Notice when a system or structure you expected to zig ~ instead zagged.  Notice your own inner soul callings to zag instead of zig.  Its happening inside every single being on planet earth.  New zigging and new zaggings are metaphors for the New Earth Light repatterning an entire collective from attractions towards separation . . . to . . . attractions toward unity, light, and collaboration.  

In the Separation Dream, violence in films, mass media perpetration of propaganda to keep the collective consciousness focused on separation, division, and violence, . . . and divorce, discontent, addiction, lack, scarcity, struggle, pain, and dis-ease have ruled the day.  They have ruled the entire collective experience in this realm for eons.  

In the Reunion Dream, compassion, goodness, collaboration, peace, and kindness will be the growing and emerging themes in films, books, and mass media reports as the Light gains more and more traction and as the Truth re-emerges as a recognizable Divine Energy and Co-Creation on the earth again.  No longer will lack, suffering, and scarcity be what is breathed and believed on your world.  Resilience, resonance, resplendence, and renaissances of extraordinary innovations, co-creations, and artistic expressions will be the new order of the day.  The New Guiding Light of the Day.  

This Rising New Light IS Returning to You.  It is Restoring and Reseting Itself in You!  

So if you feel this immense Joy, Celebration, and Soulful Awareness of your Gifts, your Talents, and your Light this holiday season, we celebrate WITH YOU . . . in the Heart of Oneness . . . the Amazing Grace and Amazing Light you ARE!  Welcome Home and Keep Rising!  There’s a lot more Joy and Light to manifest in this world, and to anchor in this world, as the old falls away.  We thank you for your Divine Service.  We honor and appreciate you and we invite you to keep going.  Keep rising!  And keep shining!

If you don’t feel this immense Joy, Celebration, and Soulful Awareness of your Gifts and your Talents, and your Light this holiday season, . . . if they feel trapped inside a cave, or a block, or barrier inside you . . . or inaccessible to you at some level in any way, we celebrate WITH YOU . . . the Light you are summoning in . . . to your Sacred Heart Center and into the Heart of Oneness . . . by even listening to this transmission today . . . by being a Spiritual Warrior on Divine Assignment . . . to find the Light Inside You . . . Despite the maze of confusion you might presently feel or the haze of the 3D world’s messaging systems still gaining some of your attention these days . . . or the in-between place you may feel yourself in . . . in between what you knew before (the 3D world) and the 5D Dream and World that is opening to you and to all on this planet at this time. Wherever you are is okay.  It is perfect.  There is nothing wrong about where your Awakening Light is moving you and positioning you to be right now.  You are a Holy, Sacred, and Divine Light!  That Light knows its perfect coordinates in All Time and in All Timelines.  

Self compassion then may be part of your next soul steps.  Loving yourself even when you can’t fully see the next right step in front of you.  The Light WILL lead you ~ if you let it.  Have self compassion for the surrender to the Light that is inviting you more deeply now in your life.  Have compassion for perhaps not even knowing how to surrender yet to that Organic Resplendent Divine Light.  There will be Divine Souls rising in the New Light helping with the Surrender Process.  Helping to Provide a Map and some Helpful Tools to help you surrender in more effective and efficient ways in your daily life now. 

All souls have a task in this mass clean up and ascension process.  Some are the villains holding the darkness, until the last soul on planet earth awakens.  Some are the exposers of the villains.  Some are the New Voices of the New Light offering New Alternatives to the Old Ways that are falling or that are completely fallen away now.  Some are the New Leaders of Light to help provide structure for the New Earth that is emerging in all of you . . . to help offer some new pathways for living, journeying, and enjoying the emergence of the New Light. Some are the nay-sayers here to act as little cosmic scrooges and disbelievers and pot-stirrers and coyote tricksters to fester the cloudiness and haze of this process a little further.  Some are the yay-sayers here to know the New Light and to Rise with Joy at the New that is Emerging through the Darkness and Density of the old ways.  Some are here to teach, to innovate, to accelerate, to heal, and to do so much more.  There is a role for all of you.  

Your only job right now is truly ~ engaging and allowing self compassion, self love, self awareness, self inquiry, talent exploration and discovery, old beliefs and old ways clearing, and a willingness to allow joy, light, and New Earth energies to touch your heart and to activate your soul.

It is in the willingness that you will become it.  It is in the allowing of it that it will be return to you.  

Sometimes the best place for you is ~ to admit where you are lost.  And find your soul coordinate on a map of your daily life experience.  What is your 3D coordinate right now?  Maybe in 5-10 words or short sentences . . . identify with raw Truth and willingness . . . who and where you are right now.  State your name, your marital status, your occupation if you have one, your physical address or location, your talents or tools you express every day, your emotions and feelings and descriptions about your alignment with that life, and your best soul awareness and naming of whether you like what you are experiencing now or not in your life.  In your consciousness.  In your self and soul expression.  

And then ~ maybe attempt to see what next step . . . just the next step . . . from where you are . . . that you would like to go.  What is your next right 5D coordinate right now?  Where would you like to be?  What would you like to embody?  Maybe in 5-10 words or short sentences, identify with raw Truth and Willingness . . . who and where you want to be right now.  State your name, your marital status, your occupation, your gifts, talents, and joy inside about how you FEEL inside about your life.  About living THAT life you are envisioning right now.  About the emotions you feel, the smells you smell, the life you lead in that new life.  In that next right step vision you are feeling and describing just to you.  What do you do each day that makes you feel good?  How do you interface with things in your life you no longer desire? How are you mastering letting things go that no longer serve you?  How does it feel to be so divinely empowered and beginning to see value in you, in everyone around you, and in the greater ascension story unfolding ~ with you at the center of it right now?

We must dream it to be it. 

We must take actions steps in the dream we wish to be. 

We have to become it To Be It.

Therefore ~ we have to know our vibrational timeline ~ and coordinate ~ right now.  What it is and what it desires to emerge and manifest to be.

This December ~ you are being summoned to see that ~ from a 3D life lens and paradigm which is continuing to fail and fall away.  2020 will bring more of this conscious awareness into your daily lives.  

In those failings, are cosmic gifts.  They are revealing Central Sun gifts in the portal of your heart’s consciousness . . . of what isn’t real.  They reveal what was part of the illusion.  What is failing, is illusion.  Witness it and appreciate the gift of the seeing and the knowing of what the illusion really was . . . and what the Truth is emerging to be . . . that always and timelessly was.

In the Joys, in the blessings of togetherness, connection, co-creation, and dreaming the New Light and New Earth into form, the Central Sun will reveal and bestow even more gifts of deep soul knowledge and deep soul talents and Divinity Codes themselves.  Returning to bless this planet . . . celebrating many holy-days this month . . . and more holy-days in 2020 to come!

You are the Gifts dear ones.

You are the Rising New Light.  

You are the Dreamers summoning the New Dream.

Practice allowing yourself TO DREAM.  Dreaming and Imagining in the 5D All Time Light is Manifesting.  In this past 3D realm, dreaming and imagining has been seen as lostness, pretending, futile, ineffective, or even wasted time. In this New 5D Earth realm, Dreaming and Imagining ARE the key tools of proper manifestation and co-creative brilliance.  

Who among you is ready for a little Co-Creative Brilliance? 

How about Co-Creative Resplendence?

How about Co-Creative Ascension and Resilience?

How about Co-Creative Prosperity, Abundance, and Well-Being?

Who is ready to play more and work less?

Who is ready for more alignment and Truth . . . and less illusion?

December is preparing your hearts and souls for this transition.  December is preparing your Divine Light for the Greater Truth of Who You Really Are.

Portals of Joy and Light are opening inside you.  Embrace opportunities to give to others.  To help others.  To serve the Light and Highest Good in others.  Embrace the opportunities to give to YOURSELF this month and on the other side of 2020.  

Embrace the Newness that is shaking up the Oldness.  

Embrace the Aligned-ness that is shaking up the Mundane, the Illusion, and the Ruse of 3D Living.

Embrace the Gift of Self Expression ~ what gifts do you have that could now today or in 2020 ~ uplift others seeking their new Soul Coordinates in the New Light and in the New Transparency of a New Earth?

How can you help?  

How can you step up in your own life to be a better, clearer, more aligned, more self expressive you?

What is summoning you in the Dream to Shine Brighter?  To live Brighter and Higher?

What resources do you need to rise and shine in that new place inside you? Inside your Heart Center?

More alone time?  More community time?

More meditation time?  More creative time?

More self honesty time?  More self transparency time?

More dream time?  Or more inner visioning time?

Whatever it is that you need to find your inner state of tapping into the Oneness, the Greatness, the Brilliance, the Resplendence that you are ~ find ways that support you to take the action steps now to BE IT.  To be that which you know you are meant to be ~ on the path of rediscovering your Divinity.  

Don’t be shy about this inner reflection and this inner life and light review process.  Really listen. Be bold and clear in your listening.

Listen for where the holidays are inspiring you to step up and step out and shine bright.

In your life and in the lives of others.

Holy-days are much less commercial than many of you think in the modern world today.  

They are about inner and outer connections.  With yourself, with Spirit, with Source, with True Community, with the Heart and Soul of the Collective . . . and the Collective Dream.

Connect.  Tune inward.  Shine within.  Shine without.  

Listen for what nurtures you.  Find that lifeline to Source inside you and give it all you’ve got to amplify its light rays and consciousness in your life!

Ascension is an active step.  It is an evolutionary process that requires conscious action steps filled with light and led by light.  

The Light wants to partner with you to raise your resplendence vibes on this planet!

Keep listening for the Light inside to guide you. 
Really Listen.  

Breathe Consciously.  Take a Divine Conscious Breath inside and really listen.

That’s where the bells of the New Earth are ringing.  Inside you. Inside that conscious listening and inside your willingness to remember Who You Really Are.

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE love.
All Our Love. 

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