Minerva Meditation

Minerva Meditation 

via channel Marie Mohler

Occasionally, when I have been through a particularly challenging or robust experience, or sometimes when I am simply in need of a pause or stillpoint in my life, my guides will do a healing with me during our channeling time or bring through a special guest.

One particularly beautiful experience like this occurred in my life in 2008.

The Goddess Minerva visited me one evening, and gave me this powerful meditation to soothe and re-orient every cell in my body.  Attuning each one to the Light, my Soul Path, and the Truth of my presence and purpose on the planet in this critical window of higher ascension and essential earth shifts. 

Minerva’s presence was powerful, wise, and strong, and yet fluid, warm, and soft . . . like nothing I’d ever experienced.

I relished her warm invitation to join her in her waters.  I soaked in the energy of the sacred space she was creating for me.  And with me.  I relaxed into this mystical opportunity to return to the Earth Mother’s womb.  To immerse myself in the nurturing waters of the Divine Feminine.  To be loved.  Embraced.  Comforted.  Remembered.  And revitalized. 

My weariness from my journey needed it.  My consciousness desired it.  And my sentience welcomed it. 

There are really no words to describe the healing hands and guiding heart of Spirit . . . when they enter our lives and our deepest consciousness to revive us in our earth journeys and to light a spark from our inner embers . . . that can ignite a pathway Home to our higher selves, our expansive family in Spirit, and Divine Creator/Source Energy.

It is something we must experience to know and to understand.

But I can say that Minerva and I connected that evening in a deep, profound, and metaphysical way. 

And I knew then that this meditation was also designed to be shared with others. 

It was passed through me to share with the world.   A world also deeply in need of this divine space of refreshment, replenishment, remembrance, reconnection, and re-orientation to this sacred inner life.  This sanctuary of hope, healing, inspiration, integration, meaning, and belonging. 

And so, share it, I did.  I included it in the appendix when I published my book entitled Cosmic Wealth:  A Guide to Living the Prosperity of a Rich Inner Life in 2009.  

And I share it again today in this new video, so that more people can experience it and return to it as a touchstone whenever needed, to hear Minerva sounding this heart song through the birthing waters that are re-awakening in us all.

Ultimately, this heart song is the essence of the Earth Mother calling her children Home to this Timeless, Infinite, and Accessible Soul Grace that is our Innate Interconnectedness, Safety, Hope, Wholeness, Light, Peace, Purpose, and Joy. 

It is Time now on the planet to begin to return to this inner womb space in us all. 

It is Time now to remember how to reconnect with this very precious part of who we are and why we came.

Our souls, our higher selves, are sending us cues daily that whisper the invitation to come home inside, to return to this inner life, that is so pregnant and so potent with divine life force, goodness, wholesomeness, and love – that we can already feel the gifts of the great turning now, or the great re-turning, to our feminine soul aspects.

These feminine aspects have been cast aside, in many of us,
regardless of our gender identity today. 

It is a conscious re-connection process now that we are invited to engage, in order to re-align and re-balance the divine masculine and divine feminine within us. 

It is a willingness to hear the whisperings of the soul that can lead us into higher frequencied experiences with Goddesses like Minerva, conversations with Light Beings and Wisdom Keepers like Mother Mary, or extraordinary healings and connections with the Earth Mother.

What is the key to having such experiences be accessible now in our busy lives?  Or in an outer world that continues to increase it’s speed, noise, drama, and distractions?

The key is to become willing.

The invitation is to become willing to listen for the calls from our spirit, to slow down, to find a quiet space in our day, and to hear messages just like this one, from Minerva (or your own special team of guides), who wish to flow love, support, comfort, and inspiration, just like you can see and feel in this meditation today.  The capacity to connect in this soulful way lives in all of us. 

We simply have to remember. And to open to this greater goodness emerging in and through us once more.

For now, you can tune into this sanctuary space, created for all of us, and offered by a Goddess of Water and Lunar Cycles, any time you wish to bathe in greater frequencies of Light, to rejuvenate your energy bodies (the physical, the emotional, the spiritual, and the mental), and to restore your faith in your own creative soul power, purpose, and birthing waters. 

Minerva invites you to visit any time you desire.  She, and many other brilliant, loving, ascended master beings in 5th dimensional frequencies and higher, are here to support your journey Home to Sentience, Source Light, and Universal Love. 


In Love and Luminous Light,


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