A Heart Integration Exercise: Report No. 10 ~ Mother Earth Chronicles

Report No. 10 ~ Mother Earth:  A Heart Integration Exercise

The Mother Earth Chronicles
A Twice Monthly Channeling About The Sentience of Things

With Special Support from Mother Mary, El Morya,
and the Arcturian High Council

via Channel Marie Mohler ©2017
Received November 18, 2017





Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth here today, shining with all of you, and bringing a message from the Heart of One that connects us All.

purple diamond photo

In my Heart of Hearts, there is a Diamond Light, a Crystalline Diamond Light Frequency of Multidimensional Light from the Higher Realms.  It beats and pulses Frequencies of the Core Light that We All Truly Are. 

When we open to the Frequencies in our own Sacred Heart Centers, we unify more consciously with the Sacred Heart of One . . . that beats within the Core of My Heart, and thus the Core of my Body Temple, that mirrors the Frequencies of Light in the Godheart.  The Heart of the All That Is.

So, today, I ask you . . . to listen to the Frequencies offered through Source Energy to this channel, in what is called . . . The Heart Integration Exercise.

4 chambered colorful heart imageIt is a Powerful Tool to reconnect the Higher Consciousness that lives within the 4 Chambers of your Physical Beating Heart.

The Musical Rhythm of the Sacred Heart’s Beat . . .
Pulses Frequencies of Light to Every Single Cell In Your Body.

Light Is Energy.

Frequency Is Energy.

Love Is Energy.

And All are Fuel for the Electrical Operating System
that Sentient Beings were Designed With. 

They are our Battery Source . . .  

Our Critical Engine and Battery for the work that must be done now
in every human heart and every being on the planet at this time

When we use Conscious Vibrational Tools like the Heart Integration Exercise, we help to unify these discordant planetary energies that keep us separated and divided.

The Heart’s Core Essence is Love. 

And thus, . . . Your Core Essence . . . Is Love.

I invite you to engage and to work with the Heart Integration Exercise’s Light, Truth, and Wisdom to reconnect your own Unique Candle, Power, and Purpose with the Greater Heart of One, that unifies All of Us in All Time.

gold peace heart imagePeace can only be achieved when we begin to unify our hearts to consciously be peace.  When hearts beat discordantly, they beat a drum of division, anger, wounds, greed, and more.

Listen now . . . for the Heart’s Harmonious Light . . . humming now . . . in your Perfect Sacred Heart Center . . . Built for All Time . . . and Built for THIS TIME . . . to bring us Home Now . . . to the Creator’s Original Divine Blueprint For Us All . . . 

To BE A Living Collective Heartbeat, pulsing Frequecies of Light in Unity, and Rippling Unity Consciousness throughout the Gridlines of this Planet.

For in the Heart, we KNOW our Origins as One.

In the Heart, we KNOW its Time has Come.

In the Heart, we ARE the Light of ALL TIME . . . and we KNOW collectively the Power of Pulsing Unity Consciousness together, as Musical Instruments, Sounding the Welcome Song of this Brand New Earth Together.

We Are Its Heartbeat.

We Are Its Light.

We Are Its Song.

Thank you, for joining me in this Sacred Heart Work and Clearing.

Together ~ We Are Building This Brand New Earth.

Together ~ It Is Rising Through The Sacred Heart’s Flame of Love and Oneness Consciousness.

All My Love.


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