Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene: A Call to Spiritual Warriors

Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and
Many in the Magdalene Sisterhood of Light:
A Call to All Spiritual Warriors

With Special Support from El Morya, Mother Earth,
and the Arcturian High Council

via Channel Marie Mohler ©2017
Received November 21, 2017




Dear Ones,

It is Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and many in a Divine Sisterhood of Magdalene Frequencies here today. 

We are the Divine Feminine Aspects of the Community of Essenes, who walked, talked, and shared the messages of Christ Consciousness and Unity Consciousness at another time in human history when things appeared their darkest.  We walked in a time of darkness, to touch down a Greater Essence of Light.   butterfly with pink lotus on water image 

And so, too, are many of you.  Do you feel called to Shine A Light softly into places where deep pain has resided?  Do you feel called to tell *new* stories, of ancient times, when Light Was All There Was?  Do you feel inspired to take action to help heal others struggling and in pain in this world?  If so, you might just carry a Magdalene Frequency, or Essene Essence Within, too

The Spiritual Warrior has spent eons traversing the physical and nonphysical realms . . .   Collecting Clues and Shining A Torch Light of Belief . . . into the Greater Gnosis, Light, and Infinite Nature of Goodness in this Universe and Beyond. 

Spiritual Warriors feel guided by a CODE, a CODE of LIGHT,
woven into their DNA, that they can’t help but to shine. 

They feel compelled to bring their Unique Slice of Gnosis, which is really . . . A Soul’s Knowingness . . . as Light in this World.  Some of that Gnosis, or Knowingness, crosses worlds, dimensions, and consciousnesses. 

Thus, Spiritual Warriors bring a Sense of Time Through Time.  Weaving Light and Insight into the Hearts of those who have forgotten their way. 

We are here to send a Message of Hope to All Spiritual Warriors, to All Able-Hearted and Willing Incarnated Souls, . . . that Your Time is Here.  Now.  To Weave the Light into the Density Around You, Wherever You Are.

Stars in the Cosmos don’t worry about whether they are shining too brightly, or not enough, or not rightly in some way. 

They just do what they do best . . . which is . . . Shine In Their Own Unique Starry Way. To Light a Pathway in the Night Sky . . . Home to the Heavens . . . Inside Each One of Us.

And that is what all Spiritual Warriors of the Light Realms are now invited to do.

Through All Time, we have magically landed ourselves Here, in this Multidimensional Conversation.  Our sentience, pulsing through a Sacred Cross, in our Divine Merkabas, and really our Heart Centers, is calling each one of us Home . . . to Pulse the Light of our Star Origins . . . wherever we are.  woman awakening clock butterfly image

That Rhythmic Pulsing . . . of the Human Heart . . . Working Within All Spiritual Warriors now . . . Unifies in Sacred Creationary Sound . . . as a Collective.  We are Pulsing the Song of Light Again.  We are pulsing it daily, collectively, and heart-centeredly. 

And it’s working.  It is working to Sound the Divine Frequencies embedded in the Sacred Cross and Merkaba Within Each One of You on the Planet. 

All Sentient Beings Have and Hold this Heart Essence.  And all can feel the call now to Surrender the Density, to Release the Darkness, and to Re-Engage the Light Within. 

We, dear ones, are in that Pulse and that Re-Engagement Process, in your Hearts. 

Feel us supporting you to Reach Within for your Greater Light, even when you can’t find a door sometimes yourself, amidst the backdrop of density. 

Light Is Always Shining, no matter the darkness.
There Is Always Light, in All Things, even on the blackest night.

We have lived this to tell about it to you today.

There will be more messages coming through this channel about Heart, Hope, Health, Happiness, and above all, Heart Light Integration. 

For the First Step to Recovering the Soul Maps inside you, to Freedom, Sentience, and Sovereignty, is to Re-Gain your Organic Lantern.  Your Natural Light.  Your Soul’s Brightness. 

And that Light is needed now on this planet, to turn on a New Frequency and Code of Light Worldwide.

The New Earth needs Wayshowers and Spiritual Warriors to Light the Path Forward.

Will you be One of the Wayshowers?  Can you engage and allow your Light Codes to Lead, as a Spiritual Warrior who Remembers ~ the Grace of the Divine Feminine?  The Cross of the Sacred Heart?  The Pure Essence of the Godheart with the Merkaba ~ or Divine Energy Field that you know ~ as your entire auric field?

Its way more more than a Field of Energy.  It is a Vortex of Cosmic Energy that knows how to Travel Light Beams Through Time.

Your chariots await dear ones.  All Spiritual Warriors feeling the Call to be of Service to the Light, as Channels and Chalices of the Light, . . . Welcome Back to your Heart Centers.

red candlelight with blue celestial stars image

Instructions for your missions are embedded within your Heart’s Codes.  So, open, allow, and listen to your Unique Pulse of Light. Calling you this way, or that way.  Right, now left.  All the way to your perfect coordinates inside, . . . which will ultimately coordinate your outer experiences in the physical realms and planes as well.


Its all connected.

And so are you.

We welcome you back to your Heart Centers today. 

This will be our meeting place.

Call on us, from the awakened and aware feelings in your sacred heart space.

Step by step, the Light of Grace is Re-Emerging to Guide us All Home to the Greater Heart of One that the Magdalene’s Always Know To Be, . . . Sacred Oneness, Divine Wholeness, and Soul Gnosis once more.   

We love you and are with each Light Warrior, Awakening the Light of Source Consciousness now, in every breath, and in every moment now. 

red and green hearts image

All Our Love. 

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