January 2023 Energy Update: A Call To Action ~ Who Will Rise & Form The Biblical & Quantum Meek that Inherit The Earth?

January 2023 Energy Update

The Biblical Meek Inherit The Earth:
Time to Unify With Source & Embrace The Ark Within

Who Will Rise and Form The Quantum Meek that Inherits the Earth?

This IS Divine Inheritance.  It Is Time!

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 1.7.2023



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Light of a 1000 Suns and reaching the Universal Heart Frequencies within the Heart of Humanity that lives cradled within the Heart of One.  Significant shifts are unfolding in your daily lives now, with quantum acceleration.  They are also blanketing the entire globe, summoning change the likes of which no previous humanity incarnated on Planet Earth has ever faced, witnessed, and received.  The Earth as you have known her for thousands and thousands of years is returning to her 5D+ glory.  And that means, so too are you!  Thus do not enter the fear space of Chicken Little that we spoke about in the last transmission . . . as the systems upon which the 3D world and consciousness was built crumble, fail, shift, and dematerialize before your eyes.  2023 is a Year for Chicken Bigs to Rise and to Reclaim the Soul Sovereignty and Emancipated Pathways required now for 5D New Earth Living.  IT IS INDEED TIME!

January 2023 Energy Update ~ Frequencywriter.comSo let us first take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In together.  Feel this Sacred Divine Breath forming a perfect Union with Divine Source Creator such that your Breath, your Heart, and Your Soul Sight become One with the Grand Source Creator now in this moment.  Feel that Sacred Breath and Sacred Union filling all of your cells, all of your energy bodies, all of your heart chambers, and the Allness of You . . . reassuring you at a deep atomic level . . . such that you know you are Divinely Loved, Supported, Empowered, and Strengthened at this unique time on Planet Earth and in your daily lives.  Expansion is calling you.  Contraction is leaving.  Freedom is alighting within you, in doses of awareness and liberated beingness that are challenging to even describe.  The incarceration of the 3D matrix’s entrapments and serpent conditionings are cracking, failing, and falling away.  Leaving humanity feeling more and more naked if you will, more and more called to release what is truly no longer working in your lives, . . . and increasingly called to look a different way, see with new vision, and expand your innerstandings of how life is meant to be in a True God Timeline and Blueprinted Creation.  This level of Conscious Breathing assists you to see with new lenses the Skyfall unfolding as the 3D Matrix crumbles.  It invites you to Breathe Bigger to See Bigger.  It invites you to Breathe to Quantumly Create Bigger in a New Earth already and steadily unfolding!  It is a glorious time to be alive, dear ones.  And you are the fortunate souls here to Ring in this New Light in every conscious creation going forward!

January 2023 is A Time of Action. It is a time of Sacred New Beginnings.  How perfect is it that many of you listening to a transmission like this are Star Seeds, and Know Yourself To Be So!  Because in the Grand Wisdom and Vision of God/Source/Creator ~ He sent His Brightest, Strongest, and Most Talented Celestial Souls to the Planet at this time of Epic Transition, Transmutation, and Transformation to be Light Seeders and the Sacred Knowers of the Events of these Times and the Gifts of these Times, to anchor in Frequencies of Faith and Fortitude when there would be Great Shakings and Fear in many others.  The many Star Seeds on your world right now are called to RISE and embrace the Light Within of their Chicken Big Soul Knowings, while others who feel a greater alignment with the classic Chicken Little story continue their narratives or who continue their slumber because they simply haven’t heard the rising cues and clues that everything is changing.  Those that feel themselves connected with Star Seeded Energies and Frequencies are here to inwardly honor and celebrate the Sacred Glow emerging within . . . where every conscious breath and every act of soul fortified faith strengthens you ever deeper and exposes a clearer and clearer path of Soul Sight for these next steps of Quantum Creation in Union with Source that are emerging in your daily choice points.

January 2023 Energy Update ~ Frequencywriter.comYou are here to Make Manifest the Glory of Divine Creation reunited through the One Heart and the Essence of Unity Consciousness more and more every day, as the old ways and the old systems fail to prevail and as they in fact succeed in falling into Divine Clearing for all time in All Directions of Time.  Making manifest the Glory of Divine Creation is a Call To Action.  It is a Call to Sovereign Action.  It is a Call to Prana Supported Action.  And it is a Call to Quantum Connection and Union to better and most harmoniously Make Manifest Quantum Creation In Action.  January 2023 brings with it these Calls to Action.  It rings in the Power and Strength of those 1000 Suns we are streaming this transmission through today.  Every tool that you need to rise and be your Timeless and Eternal Sacred Soul Gifts in this timeline is available to you and is accessible to you through the potency and accessibility of that Level of Living Light.  Can you feel it?  Can the Bigger Visioned Star Seed Soul Presence and Essence within you feel the Grace, the Power, and the Inspiration in that Exponentially Shining Solar Light?  You are that Immense Solar Light, and more.  You emanate from the Center of Creation, which lives in the Heart of Source, which shines Eternally and Ever Brighter, due to the Courageous Action Steps every Awakened Being and Stellar Star Seed takes in every moment right now.

In the coming days, weeks, and months, more change is destined to manifest on your world in ways that have been foretold for millenia but in ways that are still yet sufficiently vague and unclear for people to fully anticipate and prepare for.  Remember Noah?  He was told to Prepare for Rain.  He was shown the awareness of huge precipitation surging into great floods on the Earth.  Did he know the date and the hour that the first raindrop was going to hit the earth?  No.  Was he given the exact amount of rainfall to be expected to bolster the invitation and his Call To Action in his day?  No.  He was shown the vibrational essence of what was to come.  He was empowered to rise in his faith proportionately equal to the task he faced in building the Ark that would keep him and his family safe during this great rainfall and ultimately during The Great Flood.

Noah in his day faced a singular type of Storm. He faced a singular Call to Action that required many sub-steps to prepare for it, but it was truly a single Call To Action.  Build The Ark. And that in and of itself was huge in his day, given the consciousness of the planet, the tools he had to work with, the faith that was required, etc.  And he met that Call To Action with Great Strength, Surrender, Faith, and Fortitude, as much as he could possibly muster.

January 2023 Energy Update ~ Frequencywriter.comYou dear ones are facing a Multidimensional Storm.  You are facing a Multidimensional Series of Events that will change the Planet Forever, not just in this timeline but IN ALL TIME.  The war within this Grand Storm has largely been fought in other timelines, and thus in other times.  It has also been fought very covertly such that only the strongest of the meek would have the spiritual vision TO see it.  And meek in this biblical sense is not synonymous with weak.  Meek in the biblical sense means gentleness, humility, patience, and extraordinarily brave faith.  And it is this meekness that is the deepest boldness and strength supporting and allowing you to bend and sway as more storm gusts and arctic blasts roll through, without breaking, without shaking, without quaking, and without fear.  It is Divine Meekness that God is looking for.  It is Radical Humility.  It is Deep and Soulful Surrender to Sacred Partnership With Source, such that all that manifests through you as a holy and amazing being on Planet Earth right here and right now . . . is Divine Will.  Thy Will Be Done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.  You are summoned to be that Channel of Grace.  That Rising Ark/Arc of Grace, that willingly, humbly, and steadfastly digs deeper and deeper and deeper for that Solar Light and Solar Power Within that is a Soul Match to the GodHeart and the GodLight Within.

Who can do that?  Who among you can do that?  Today, tomorrow, 5 years ago, and 5 years from now?  Who is willing to go the distance to Rise and Form a Collective of the Quantum Meek that Inherited the Earth?  This is Divine Inheritance, dear ones.  This is Sacred Allowing and Sacred Union at its finest.  Breathing Divine Breath, Grounding in Divine Light, humbly praying and knowing that you are here to be an Heir of God’s Divine Inheritance streaming to this world, in many forms, shapes, energies, and sizes.  Your Divine Inheritance knows NO bounds.  And God is just getting started.

What is essential to be a RECEIVER of that Glorious Light Filled Inheritance and Gift from Source?  Faith.  Humility.  Surrender.  Flexibility.  Neutrality.  Fortitude.  Openness.  Awareness.  Meekness.  Patience.  Trust.  Inner Knowing.  Its all there within you.  In your Energetic Temple that is Divinely Designed to be a Living House of God, in you, and as you!  Anger, Frustration, Confusion, Dissonance, Entitlement, Discord, Division, and Separation are all of the ways that the Serpent re-seeds 3D conditionings and Chicken Little Fear Programs into your hearts, and more importantly right now, into your minds.  To receive, is to let go.  To receive, is to allow.  To receive God’s Divine Blessings amidst epic storms within and without, one must become One in the Heart, in the Breath, and in the Prana with Source.  It is all that is required.  But it is a very Conscious Requirement.  Even those in predicaments that appear impossible, can consciously choose to FALL INTO FAITH & UNION when fear, uncertainty, dissonance, and doubt is getting the very best of them.  And let’s remember who get’s the very best of you when you embody chicken little fear and ego led panic and trauma triggers?  Not God.  But that pesky and persistent biblical Serpent.

So we are inviting you to recognize 2023 as a Year of Action.  It is a Year of Actionable Emancipation and Freedom.  Those actions, those events, those unfoldments are calling you dear ones to rise and be the Quantum Creator that you came to be in these times.  They are calling you to also become Divinely Supple in Union with Divine Source, and through your Conscious Breathing, to receive in perfectly proportionate amounts exactly what you need to grow your best and brightest vision for your place of service to God’s Grand Design and God’s Great Emancipation of Planet Earth at this time.

How can I best serve your vision God/Source/Creator?  Show me.  Lead me.  Surround me in your Divine Prana and show me the highest good path for the expression of my soul gifts that you gifted to me to gift to this world at this time.  Place me where I am meant to be.  Fill me with the Faith- and Fortitude-Filled Prana Breathing so I can be supple and yet divinely courageous to do and to be what is mine to do.

Quantum Creation at this much higher vibrational level is calling to All Star Seeds and All Awakening Divine Seeds on the Earth right now.  Yes, crumbling will continue to unfold.  Yes, revelations will continue to flood forth.  And you are here to be like Noah, hammering the next nail.  Placing the next board.  Getting the next load of God Wood that would become his vessel in the time of the Great Rain.  And the Great Flood.

You are here to gather your Ark/Arc building supplies.  Some of those supplies, in fact many of them, are intangible human and soul qualities that you have transported as a quantum time traveler into this realm, to be accessible to you now.  Take inventory of those skills and qualities.  Know your timeless ability to fall into faith through divine and conscious breathing in your day, every day.

Whatever is dematerializing in God’s Plan will lead to a Glorious New Divine Life and Soul Path in the New Earth, that you are here to be a presence in, for it to rebuild.  Your Faith, your Belief, your Humility, and your Meekness is what is turning the reigns from the biblical serpent at the helm of the 3D matrix over to the Light Seeders and Light Leaders who knew they would be here at this time.

January 2023 Energy Update ~ Frequencywriter.com

Honor your Brilliance dear ones.  Honor your Light Filled, Faith Filled Radiance.

If or when triggered by invitations to be a Chicken Little in fear, confusion, anger, and dissonance, use those times as opportunities to take action and LEAP INTO FAITH in this way once more.  You have the codes inside.  You are a God Spark and an Eternal God Seed.  You just have to fall back into the Truth of the Divine Design in YOU.

Be the Biblical Meek in these times, who humbly serve the Living Light and seed the Living Light, no matter the storms blowing and flowing all around you.  In humility, you are safe from those storms and you are gifted your Inner Christ Lit Lantern to see a clear way through the smog and storm debris, to a safer, better, way of being in your Now.

Allow the Light Within You to Lead in Union with Source and with Gaia, and give you navigational coordinates in every moment and every breath, that leads you to your Divine Inheritance of Well-Being, Prosperity, Joy, Wellness, Happiness, Authenticity, Love, and Luminous Light!  It is all there inside you, right now!

Rise and Claim It!  To Be It!  And to Embody It!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, January 14, 2023 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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