January 2023 Marks A Major Departure From The 3D Matrix, Chicken LITTLE Fear To Chicken BIG Faith

January 2023 Energy Update

2023 Marks A Major Departure From The 3D Matrix
The Invitation & Opportunity Is Here
To Trust God’s Sky Fall & God’s Blueprint
To Re-Seed A More Perfect Union With Source

It Is A Joyous Time.  It Is A Quaking Time.  Indeed It Is Both!

Time To Alchemize Chicken LITTLE Fear
into Chicken BIG Faith & Fortitude

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 12.24.2022



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Light and Joy of the Holiday Season.  Christ Consciousness is filling every soul incarnated at this time on your world, regardless of faith, religion, awakeness, alertness, skin color, sexual orientation, and more.  Anything that would divide you ultimately unites you.  Remember this.  Remember this.  In the Polarity of a 3D Serpent Manipulated Matrix and Earth Realm, there is Great Unity.  And The Unity Star is here to call you into this Oneness and this Wholeness inside yourself.  We invited you to be Christ Lit from the inside out in the last transmission, and we summon you now to take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In, and feel that Unity Star-Lit Christ Light Within as you enjoy time in the celebratory energies of Christmas, Hanukkah, and other Faith Filled Experiences.  For you here are now listening to a transmission like this to Remember The Ultimate Faith and Your Ultimate Union with Source that allows the blessings of Source to flow freely through you in harmony and in partnership with All That Is.  And we invite you to bathe in Pure Golden White Crystalline Light that is flowing to all of you as you listen to our words, as you feel the frequencies, and as you partake in Higher Dimensional Co-Creation, which is what listening to Higher Vibrational Messages like this is all about.

January 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comWe are the Weavers of this Grand New Earth Rising.  Those in Spirit and thus in nonphysical form are joining with those in the Greater Galactic Realms in physical form to empower and to inspire a deeper and more soulful reunion process with you and your beloved Mother Earth Star Planet, than has ever manifested before in all realms of time.  So let us together Breathe in a Sacred Divine Breath, and feel that Light of the Unity Star blessing our connections, our collective inspirations, our quantum co-creations, and our Divine Reunion in this transmission and at this time on planet Earth, that celebrates and fortifies Sacred Union in Oneness Consciousness in very expansive ways.  You are here to make manifest your Glorious Reunion with Source, and in doing so, you are here to make manifest your Glorious Reunion with Unity Consciousness.  How does one on a planet so deeply divided, so deeply discordant and experiencing great cognitive dissonance about the state of the world ~ given the Serpent’s Ultimate Narcissistic Mechanisms that were all created To Divide, To Create Discord, To Perpetuate Wars, Separation, and Suffering . . . how does that world find Unity, Peace, Harmony, Abundance, and Well-Being again?  With so many wounds accumulated over time covering up the Truth of God’s Grand Creation and Garden of Eden and further validating or affirming the Serpent’s Den or Eden that lives outside of Unity Consciousness Frequencies and living Christ Luminosity within? You first breathe.  You consciously breathe to Weave Truth back into your Life Breath, your Heart Centers Within, your most wounded and exhausted inner places, and your special God-Given DNA and Divine Blueprint that knows how to “undo” any machinations of the Serpent’s Manipulations within your very own body temples.  How do you unify with Source and the Well-Being of Cosmic Unity?  You Breathe.  You Breathe to Weave.  You Consciously Breathe to Weave Union Within, first and foremost with God’s Sacred Heart and Sacred Life Force.  And then you Consciously Breathe to Weave Union Within with the Higher Light of Source You Truly Are. 

When you emanate Who You Are through the Breath, CO2 is not the only energy and frequency you emit in an outbreath.  You literally breathe Prana and God’s Divine Life Force and Unifying Frequencies back into the planet.  And you become a Conduit of Alchemy Through The Breath, or Breath Alchemy.  You breathe in All That Is Good from Divine Source, and in the Union of your Breath and Sacred Heart Intentions to Feel Good, to Breathe Goodness, to Abide in the Living Light of your Sacred Beloved Source, . . . and you simultaneously dematerialize the denser smog and haze of the 3D Spell of Serpent Illusions that are not who you are.  They are a serpent story of you, that is a version of you that will never have enough, be enough, be loved enough, feel at peace enough, and be connected with your soulful brothers and sisters enough.  For the Serpent’s Den (let’s no longer call it Eden or e-Den) . . . is mired with lower vibrational dualities, polarities, and egoic contracts that don’t serve you or the greater whole.  They solely serve the Serpent itself.  And that is the way the Serpent likes it.  Service to Self, but more importantly, Service to the Serpent.  And that is why there is never “enough” in the quest for “enoughness” and “peace” and “well-being” and “wealth”.  Because the serpent drained this world of that level of Grace in the Fall of Adam and Eve’s Consciousness, and their descendent offspring, starting with Cain and Abel.

Who must bring the Grace back to this world?  The Rising Adams and Eves who are reincarnating as their original divinely blueprinted and soul and Source aligned selves once more!  And we want you to know in this transmission that more destruction of the “old guard” is taking place in every breath and in every moment on your world right now.  Chicken Little was a prophetic representation of the Times of Revelations.  Chicken Little proclaimed the Sky Is Falling, the Sky Is Falling to anyone who would listen.  The Truth Is, that Sky Fall?  Has already happened.  The Fall From Grace already happened.  The Separation Cycle’s activation already happened.  Chicken Little is thus not only having a latent hellish fear response to what has already occurred on your world, the fear of total destruction, apocalyptic living, and grave separation from the Heart of Unity, Peace, and Oneness resulting in chronic pain, fear, suffering, and disease.  But it is also forecasting and spellcasting if you will through the mechanisms of the Serpent . . . more prophesies that only more chaos and destruction will continue to unfold.  So whose prophesies are we listening to?  What is their source? In the Chicken Little Story, a narrative is told in a “whisper down the lane” scenario . . . until in the panic and chaos of all of that fear mongering that the serpent loves so much . . . leads the story characters into a Fox’s Den (which sounds very much like the Serpent’s Den) . . . where very likely they are gobbled up by that very Fox who slyly joins them in the narrative and pursuit of “going to tell the king about the sky that is falling.” The Fox was the sky in that story that fell upon that little Chicken Little and his friends.  And the Serpent is that Fox of the 3D matrix, joining in the fear narratives that it spell-cast in the first place.  For that Serpent initiated and co-authored if you will Chicken Little’s Escalating Fears which it knew at the get-go was the Bigger Sky Fall that Chicken Little and his friends never saw, until it was too late.

January 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comHere at the precipice of January 2023 ~ as you experience and engage this Faith Filled Season, you have an opportunity and a choice. You can continue to unconsciously and unawakenedly join the Serpent’s Narratives about the Sky that is Falling ~ utilizing events like the nut falling on Chicken Little’s Head to be the justification for the widespread panic Chicken Little then runs about to spread ~ or you can be a witness of the unexpecteds, the serpent’s invitations to enter the Den of Fears inside yourselves, and the Illusion of Painful Events and Suffering ~ and rise beyond it by aligning in your Breath with Source at the Precipice of Quantum Creation and Co-Creation with Epic Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed (or bigger) . . . that Creates Worlds.  That Creates Joy.  That Seeds Abundance Touching All Sentient Life Forms and Bringing Blessings to Everyone and Everything the Light Touches.

You all know Chicken Little characters in your own 3D stories.  You may even know yourself as a version of Chicken Little when your greatest wounds are triggered, and collective narratives speak of a world divided in end times, experiencing the great destruction and demolition of systems, governments, and the “way things are or are supposed to be.”  If Chicken Little Frequencies represent the contracted human ego that is mind and fear controlled in this realm to serve the serpent’s games, tricks, and manipulations, what if Chicken Big Frequencies represent your Ascension Process? How do you turn that frown upside down from experiencing the pain and upside-down-ness of the Serpent’s Den into the Light of Christ Consciousness, Eternal Light and Life, and Cosmic Unity?  You consciously breathe your Soul Light into Union with Source, to see the world through Source Eyes and Source Vision as much as you can, and especially when you are triggered by the very fear that’s being harped on and propagandized to put you back in your role as a Chicken Little of this planet, that is contracted to serve the serpent.  What a crazy-making existential merry-go-round!

This is a Spiritual Crisis on your world today.  In the Collective Consciousness, there are a vast number of Chicken Littles running around riddled with fear and serpent programming who have forgotten they are Chicken Bigs.  And the easiest pathway to leaving that serpent matrix that wants you on the wheel of karma, that loves trapping you in the mires of enslavement programming, that creates global events that trigger and catalyze reminders of scarcity consciousness etc . . . is to Breathe in Union with Source ~ Bigger Picture Vision.  Source Vision.  Holistic Vision.  For myopia is a highly controllable condition of the 3D matrix.  But Clear Soul Sight?  Deep Conscious Breathing?  Quantum Creation?  They restore your Organic Expansion, Divine Elevation, Sacred Inspiration, and Source Fortified Respiration of Divine Prana, that removes all illusion and resets your own Soul Knowing of Infinite and Limitless Possibilities, Prosperities, and Sacred Joy, Love, and Light that are the natural byproduct or “offspring” creations of a Heart that Lives and Breathes and Faiths in Union with Source.

This precipice and threshold crossing for many of you . . . is way more than the shifting from 2022 to 2023.  This is not just the ending of one year of time on planet earth and the beginning of a new year, in the flat or myopic way the 3D matrix wants you to see your lives and your more monotonous entrapments in this 3D matrix.  Where even if you succeed there are limits for all of you to that success and fulfillment.

This precipice and threshold crossing for many of you is about leaving the entire 3D consciousness riddled with fear, serpent programming, complex manipulations, and polarized systems of instilling ever expanding ways that human and sentient suffering can manifest into that realm.  You are leaving it behind.  Many of you.  For you know that whatever in your life might be “crumbling” in the “sky is falling” prophesy scenario hidden inside the Chicken Little children’s tale . . . must crumble.  Must fall.  For to remedy or cure the Fall from Grace that occurred a very long time ago in Human and Earth History, you now must Fall from Separation into a Reunion with Union and Unity once more!

January 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comIn higher levels of mathematics, a negative plus a negative can equal a positive.  It’s called an Additive Inverse, when dealing with Signed Numbers.  In this way, the metaphor of the Chicken Little story is leading you back to the True God-Given and God-Seeded Garden of Eden.  The Original Fall From Grace might then equal in our equation here today . . . 1 . . . One Fall from Grace.  Now in this timeline of the Ascension Process . . . you are invited to Fall from Separation . . . which is another seemingly subtractive experience.  This Fall From Separation (the invitation to leave the Cycle of Separation and the 3D Serpent Matrix) is subtracting or minus [-] a minus 1 or -1 experience.  1 – -1 actually ends up becoming a 0 or a Zero Point Portal of Ascension and Neutrality.  And this is how the invitation to Fall into Fear can alchemize into Falling into Faith, and assist you in entering a Zero Point in your Soul Presence and a Zero Point in Quantum Co-Creation with Source . . . by your Divine Awareness and Epic Choice to Do So.

That nut that fell on Chicken Little’s Head that led him to fearfully and ego-ically create the Self Fulfilling Prophesy of his own demise . . . a story, illusion, and fabrication that  was ultimately seeded and co-authored with the Serpent through these deep ego contracts with the Serpent . . . was simultaneously an invitation from God/Source/Creator to Look Up and to Look Within.  If Chicken Little had simply explored what fell on his head, what was striking or getting the attention of his fear-based ego mind, he might have actually seen God’s Seed of Revelations and Emancipation summoning him to Return to Union, Peace, Divinity, and Grace.  Instead, the Serpent’s programming activated in Chicken Little that very same fear-based “littleness” that serves the Serpent’s agendas and matrix, which then ultimately perpetuates even more fear in others down the lane, as the message gets told, and re-told, and re-told again.  Until Lies Become Truth in the eyes of the Chicken Little’s running from fear and yet back into what they fear most . . . again and again and again.

Yet right now, at the precipice of 2023, the invitation is here now . . . for every sentient soul on planet earth to feel the nuts hitting them on the head to use this metaphor, attempting to crack the “nut” of the ego . . . and ultimately re-seed the Light of Unity Consciousness, Heart Breathed Union with Source, and Infinite Quantum Creation as you all move forward and ever deeper into the 2020s Decade of Emancipation and Divine Ascension.  For those that feel the nuts tapping or pelting their heads, you too can view this now from either the Chicken Little perspective of serpent seeded fear and propaganda that the world is ending and inhabit that fear yourself in contract with the Serpent’s Agendas, or you can rise to be a Clear Soul Sighted “Chicken BIG” . . . who transmutes the inner Chicken Little that has deeply been part of the human incarnational experience and you can hear the Call of God within you to pause, get still, and take in a Conscious Breath . . . where you in that moment leave the confines, games, and traps of Linear Time . . . and you can inwardly see a path before you of a Grand and Divine Zero Point of Light . . . where Divine Prana re-seeds your heart’s awareness . . . that you are WAY bigger than the Serpent’s Chicken Little Stories about you . . . and where you see with deeper soul vision that you are here to make manifest the Glory of your Greatest Dreams, Passions, Projects, and Joys on Planet Earth in this Grand Shift of the Ages. 

2023 marks a major departure for Planet Earth from the 3D Matrix, in real time.  2023 marks a major departure for many of you from unconsciously or unawakenedly feeding the Serpent’s visions and versions for and of you any more.  The old ego stories of your contracted nature, and fearful nature, and disempowered nature are such a farce.  They are such an illusion.  When you no longer give your power away to the serpent’s tale or version of you, you naturally and organically rise to more fully embody WHO YOU ARE.

Removing your Life Force and Life Breath from the Serpent’s Visions of you and of humanity . . . simultaneously breathes that Life Force and that Life Breath into God’s Greatest Visions and Empowerment of You.  The Polarity is ultimately unified in One Breath.  Where you were breathing fear, doubt, pain, suffering, disease, etc. in union at some level with the serpent before, you can now shift your vibrational direction of your powerful creative abilities into breathing Light, Life, Joy, Ease, Peace, Unity, and Union with Source.

This is how a whole planet is re-seeding DARKNESS WITH LIVING LIGHT.  And as more people Breathe, Speak, Sing, Value, Share, and Quantumly Begin to see the Seeds of Positive Energies growing in their lives, simply by choosing to soulfully see God’s BIG Picture and Truth of Creation versus the serpent’s small picture of manipulated and distorted illusions . . . the more New Earth will be shining and growing within your personal experiences and the Collective Experience.

Will this upending . . . this UP ^ Ending . . . this turning things right-side UP by ENDING the serpent’s games cause some shakings, rattlings, and disruptions in the “normal” flow of 3D life?  Yes. For sure.  These will be cues to those unawakened and those uninitiated in The Way and Wave of Ascension now unfolding.  Those who know these energies of Chicken Little and Chicken Big as a metaphor can choose BIGNESS over ego contraction in every moment, trusting God’s Skyfall and God’s Nut to re-seed what is necessary to Form a More Perfect Union with Source and a Soulful Life filled with Sacred Meaning, Joy, and Divine Purpose once more.

You are leaving the old matrix, dear ones.  The ego is a tough nut to crack, because it has been subjected to the games of the 3D Serpent’s Matrix for a very, very long time.  But as that nut cracks, as the ego is shattered or shaken if you will, what lives within you underneath all of that complex neuro-enslavement programming . . . is Pure Joy.  Pure Freedom. Pure Enlightenment.  Pure Prosperity.  Pure Health.  Pure Wealth.  And Pure Well-Being.  Those latter vibrational essences all flow from Sacred Divine Union in Partnership through the Breath with God, the Ultimate Source from Whom All Blessings Flow.

January 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comAnd in God’s Eternal Flow, within you, are all the seeds that wish to flower your best and brightest visions for you and your life in this New Earth . . . that you could ever need.  The Blueprint of God has been within you this whole time.  Breathe your Light Everlasting this holiday season.  Breathe your Christ Consciousness Soul Shine this holiday season.  And Breathe your Big Picture Visions for you and a world emancipating itself into God’s Harmony, Peace, Love, and Joy for all time in all directions of time once more.

You are the Breathers of Sacred Union, dear ones.

You are the Breathers of All That Is Free in 2023, in the Soul, in the Heart, and in your Living Life Force and Light.

You are here to set yourselves and each other free.

Witness the Chicken Little energy within you and/or around you.  Don’t inhabit it.

And then choose your Deep Conscious Breathing to Unify with Source, and restore more of the God Blueprint and Divine Design for Planet Earth in all of her 5D+ Glory once more.

Keep rising.  Keep shining.  Keep breathing. Keep faithing.

The New Earth you are so excited to experience lives already in you.

God’s Seed and God’s Divine Blueprint has been within you the whole time.

That is why he now sends you this Seed of Awareness in our Transmission today as if to say . . . do not fear the Nut that triggers the Sky Is Falling narrative and perhaps experience on planet earth.  Those Seeds are here to actually set the world free.

Open your Soul Sight and Begin to See More Deeply the Divine Blueprint that is re-emerging and unfolding again for all to see.

It is a Joyous Time.  It is a Quaking Time too.  Yes.  Indeed it is both.  Joyous and magnificent as well as shaky and quaky too.  Keep your eye on God’s Heart, God’s Vision, and your own Soul Vision, and you will do well in this continued rising process, as the Earth and all life upon her burst out of the haze and daze of the 3D matrix and reclaim Pure Unity Consciousness and Christ Consciousness again as its anchor, its foundation, and its compass going forward.

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and Blessings to All!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, December 31st, 2022 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

One Response to “January 2023 Marks A Major Departure From The 3D Matrix, Chicken LITTLE Fear To Chicken BIG Faith

  • Dear Marie

    I am sorry but this is a very redundant and convoluted message, like most of the previous ones. You could have reduced this message to a few lines.

    The higher realms are in the first place the expression of succinct clarity and immaculate logic as presented in human language. None of this is a feature of your messages and you should ask yourself the key question on the cusp of ascension: What is the real value of such messages for you and humanity? – In my opinion, none.

    We have received hundreds of messages of much better quality over the years from the Elohim and other sources as you can read on my website but in the end, they were of little value to my intellectual and spiritual evolution and to my LBP leading to ascension. I am the most intensively channeled person on this planet and this directly from the source that transmitted to me the new Science and Gnosis of the Universal Law, which is also the Science of Ascension, and all this knowledge was transmitted under the full control of my mind and I alone decided consciously what the message of the Source to humanity should be.

    How much does your mind control the content of your messages. If you control all the content, then you have a problem, if you do not control the content of your messages at all, then you have an even bigger problem. And this I say with my best intentions as I want everyone who is awakened to ascend but most lightworkers and channelers will not as they have not done their homework.

    And the homework leading to ascension is to learn to think logically and axiomatically. Visit my website and read the 18 books and more than 3,500 articles on science, ascension, and about any aspect of human life if you want the jump over the ascension bar. I will be on the other side and welcome you.

    With love and light
    Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, MD