January 2024 Energy Update: 2024 ~ New Structures, New Foundations & New Paths of Healing & Thriving

January 2024 Energy Update


New Structures, New Foundations & New Paths
of Healing & Thriving on Planet Earth

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 12.23.2023



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, God/Source/Creator, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Pristine Light of Quantum Unity and Benevolent Galactic Frequencies in this Universe and within the Heart of All Creation. Christ Consciousness lives in each and all of you. Unity Consciousness lives in all of you. And the Greater Galactic and Quantum Frequencies of Divine Source Creator live within you as well.Humanity is at the Precipice of Epic Change. First your consciousness arrived in this arena of Quantum Creation, as the world approached the Nexus of 2020. As you portaled in to the Decade of 2020 on January 1st, 2020, humanity was invited to expand and clear their soul sight. Many of you heard these messages from this channel. Many of you heard this message from your heart center and from other divine messengers. However you arrived into this vibrational awareness, January 1st, 2020 was a great activation into vibrational expansion where you were invited to experience the greater prana and sight of living in deeper divine union with Source and with Creation itself.

January 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comAnd as the years 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 rolled out, you have become epic learners of the nature of expansion and surrendering to what your heart centers know, even if your mental or linear minds must play a bit of “catch up” to get up to speed with what your soul essence and presence on the planet already knows. These past few years in the 2020s especially have greatly and quantumly accelerated your capacity for knowledge, for awareness, and for divine creation itself. And while it has been extraordinary to see and feel these upgrades unfolding within you so consciously, it has not been without challenges in your lives as well. Relationships, jobs, attachments, dynamics, and so much more have come into the scrutiny of the Living Light at work in your life. For with every expansion into Quantum Freedom and Greatness you have experienced, you have also experienced a Quantum Clearing or Releasing of that which binds you to this 3D material plane and matrix that is filled with illusion and pain.

It has been an incredible ride to arrive here at the Precipice of Experiencing New and Realized Change on every level of your being. And we will say that 2025-2030 will bring expansions that most can only yet vibrationally access in their dreams or dream states. The mind cannot comprehend the vastness of Quantum Physics, Quantum Reality, and the True God Timeline. The mind is not designed to comprehend it. It is truly the Heart that has the ability to transcend worlds, and to access other-worldly frequencies that we are spotlighting today. Which is why we have said, as many others have said before as well . . . you must lose your mind to access the all-knowing, infinitely capable, and timeless radiant essence of your Heart Center. 2024 will lead those ready and willing to rise in that higher vibrational energy into the worlds of your dreams.

So all of that preparation work, from January 2020 through 2024 and into January 2025 is all about releasing the realm of 3D illusions and rising into the Truth of your Divine Design and your Quantum and Galactic Divine Nature!

So with that said, let us now take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In together. Feel this Sacred Breath touching all of the places inside you that are ready to receive God/Source/Creator’s Activations this holiday season and this divine rising into the Portal of 2024, where more expansions will be divinely activated, accelerated, and illuminated for your own Divine Ascension.Breathe freely and fully all of the colors and light that Source is gifting to you this Christmas and this month of December 2023, and really feel the most dormant parts of you awakening to the calls of Conscious Breathing, to wake up, rise up, light up, and feel the love vibrations that permeate all realms of Creation. You are awakening to higher and higher realms of Divine Prana and interconnectedness. And as you wake into Higher Realms of Divine Prana and Light, you simultaneously are releasing any tethers to the illusions of the 3D Paradigm and Matrix. You are literally breathing yourselves free, dear ones. So allow yourselves to feel this fully in another breath now together. And allow yourselves to feel this frequency of Divine Freedom, Emancipation, and Creation in the depth of your be-ing any time you need a quantum boost from the galactic realms, to nurture your spirit and assist you in the releasing process of all that has limited you previously. You are an Infinite Child of God. Remember this. Remember this. 

January 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comAs you can see from our initial greeting to you today, we are paving the way for More Quantum Frequencies and More Light in your lives, dear ones. We are ushering in the vibrational awareness that you are Children of the One True Divine Source Creator. And as such, you are in an essential period in all time cycles and biblical cycles of energies in the cosmos of being upgraded and ushered into the Greatness and Gloriousness of God’s True Creation and the Experience of Gaia’s True Eden on Planet Earth. This is the Time of the Great Turning. And 2024 will be no exception in that Great Turning Story and Manifestation on Planet Earth.

More serpentine structures will fail. They are already teetering now. The Living Light’s work on the planet has made the false strength and structures of the Serpent’s Foundations and Templates on the Earth into mere Sawdust, for the Serpentine Termites of this world have only been able to attempt to hollow out the True Creation, but not eradicate it. Now their termite-ian tunnels and tunnelings will be shown to the world, in the developments, discoveries, and revelations forthcoming in the new year, as increasing layers of the darkness get exposed and as increasing potencies and expansions of Divine Light permeate this earth once more. Nothing can stop the Light that is coming. Nothing can stop the Divine Building, Innovation, and New Construction unfolding. As Darkness Falls, the Truth and Light of Source Prevails. Remember this. Remember this.

As we stated in the previous transmission, 2024 is a Year of Building New Foundations for God’s Creation to Re-Seed again on Planet Earth and in the whole of Quantum and Cosmic Creation. All that exists with the Dustiness of Serpentine and Termite-Minioned Darkness is falling away, and thus revealing the Great Shine of God’s True Divine Timeline once more. Veneers have a way of breaking off or falling away, to reveal the Truth of what is underneath. The Blessings and The Good News for those receiving these messages today is that the Veneer you have dwelled in for thousands of years, thinking this was truly God’s Creation was merely a Stolen Identity of Source for a time, all while the Serpent’s Wicked Agendas played out under cover of the perception that this was God’s Will for Creation. Nothing could be further from the Truth. Nothing.

God’s Divine Creation and Timeline is alive, well, and thriving as the Eternal Essence that it truly is. All that is False is being cleared away. And first to be cleared away, it must see the Light of Day. For that is how Darkness Gets Cleared Away in the purest, cleanest, and most permanent of ways. Darkness must see the Living Light to know the Truth, The Way, and the Life again. And this is happening on your world, now in December 2023 as this message flows through and in 2024 and onward through the remainder of this Decade.

January 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.com20/20 Clear Soul Sight is inevitable for all souls to remain on Planet Earth. The Awakening Process is not just for some, but for All. How each soul arrives into the vibrational state of Divine Union with Source, 20/20 Clear Soul Sight, and Quantum Creation through 2020 Clear Soul Sight . . . is as individual as your fingerprint or soulprint is on the Earth. Feel ~ when we refer 20/20 ~ like 20/20 Vision . . . as a Decade of Soul Sight Clearing and Activation. Each will find their way to True and Complete Sacred Union this Decade. Each of you will leave 3D Separation and the Fractured Sight that has created distortions, suffering, pain, and imbalances for thousands and thousands of years . . . behind.

It is no wonder that many are suffering and struggling now on your world. They are in this Epic Cleansing and Divine Wash Cycle, where all that is false is being cleared away. And all that is True is ushering in to their lives, as a New Way of Being . . . while they ultimately recover Divine Soul Memory that this is All That Is and Ever Was. The New Way of Being and Living is the Eternal Way of Living and Being. And all on planet earth are simply remembering this Natural State. This Organic State. This Divine State of Being and Living in physical form in Creation.

Suffering and struggling are the offspring of illusions well seeded, planted, and propagandized for millennia. That is your Serpentine Inheritance from the False Father if you will of the 3D Matrix and this 3D Illusionary Realm.

Liberation, Emancipation, Epic Quantum Creation, Abundance, Prosperity, Health and Well Being for you and every other sentient soul on the Earth and in the Cosmos is your DIVINE Inheritance from your Divine and Heavenly Father. Your Divine Creator Source.

Quite a contrast, yes?

Suffering will end as Truth, Light, and Soul Sight return to your world. And are accepted by each sentient soul here in this realm. Ascension is a requirement now, to remain on this planet. Yet it is also a choice. It must be chosen. Embraced. Allowed.

January 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comGod is seeking Seekers. God is seeking Awakeners. God is summoning to itself that which is like itself. God IS Light. And the Living Light, which is God Energy In Form in All Realms, is on the move and summoning to itself that which is like itself. It is summoning to itself that which it created to be like itself.

In your suffering, in your challenges, in your turmoil or stress and overwhelm in the New Year of 2024, turn your attention to the Truth, The Way, and The Life. This means turn your vibrational awareness, attention, and allowing to God, the Living Light.Turn and seek Divine Source, when more of the old serpentine foundations crumble, around you and in your personal or daily life. God Is Your Source. Not the Serpentine Foundations. God Is Your Source. Not the Illusions you have believed were your foundations. God Is Your Source. Not the separation running rampant on your world. God Is Your Source. Not the devices and deceptions that the 3D Realm has convinced you to be your Source.

When you become a seeker of The Living Light, of God, of Truth, and of Divine Union, you enter the Path of The Truth, The Way, and the Life. You enter the Timeline of the Great Return. You enter the Light of the Great Ascension.

When you enter this Path, that which falls away, through your emerging and expanding 20/20 Clear Soul Sight, is known so clearly to be an aspect of the illusion that was part of your fractured and distorted sight in the lower 3D Realm. Allow the fracturing to fail. Allow the fracturing to fall. Allow the distortions to be exposed. And Allow the Light of Source to show you a New 5D Earth that is the rising foundation of the Eternal and True God Timeline and Garden of Eden known to some as myth, to others as the Creation Story, and to yet others as something only as fantasy.

Let the Garden of Eden birth in your Soul Sight again. Allow the Light of True Divine Creation led by the Living Light of Divine Source Creator to birth in your Heart Center again.

Allow the dismantling of any serpentine illusions to fail and fall away. Even if you were just moments before entangled in them. When they fail and as they fall away, you are being emancipated from what was never True, Light, and Life in the first place.

Get comfortable with that which must be cleansed and cleared. And expand your capacity to put your full faith, fortitude, and soul sight in the hands and heart of Source.

Everything will change. You are changing and rising. The Earth is changing and rising. All structures of this world will be changed, and raised up solely into the Living Light of Divine Source and the Frequencies of Light consistent with the Abundance, Unity, Prosperity, and Divine Design of Source. No serpentine structures will ultimately remain. Only Light will prevail.

So prepare to be en-light-ened in 2024. And prepare to be activated with the Living Light to become the Builder of New Light Structures in 2024. Starting with your own body temples. Prepare to be vibrationally upgraded in your physical body temples. To hold that new and quantum level of the Living Light in you!

How can illness, separateness, suffering, and pain survive in a world being filled and showered and cleansed in that much Pure Source Infused Living Light? We think you know the answer. Nothing can stop the Living Light from filling every vessel, molecule, heart center, cell, and atom on the planet. Light Is All There Is!And this shall be again!

So embrace the Grace of the Living Light pouring forth in 2024, to empower New Structures and Paths of Healing and Thriving on your world. All is being restored to its Original Shine!And that includes you, your family, your loved ones, and all that you hold dear.

Allow the cleansing that must occur, to clear away all illusions on every level of life. So that the eternal Golden Light of God and your Divine Inheritance and Well Being can thrive and shine again.

Welcome to 2024, dear ones! A Shining Light emerging to birth this New Earth in Real God Time, and in this epic decades long Season of the One True Source Creator. You are loved eternally. And you will see more glimpses in 2024 of just how loved you Truly Are!

Breathe and Allow This Living Light to be your Soul Sight and your Life Experience in 2024!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, December 30th, 2023 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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