January 2024 Update: Welcome to 2024, The Great Quickening of End, Mid, After & New Beginning Times!

January 2024 Energy Update

Welcome to 2024!

The Great Quickening of “The End Times,” “The Mid-Times,”
& “The After & New Beginning Times!”
Become A Student of the Universe Again & Rise!

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received January 6, 2024


Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, God/Source/Creator, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through Arcturian Blue Frequencies and The Christ Light that indwells all things. Welcome to 2024, dear ones! How is it going so far? Have you felt an acceleration? An amplification? A realization? A Higher or Broader Sense of Clear Soul Sight perhaps? Things that weren’t visible just days ago, may be coming into an increasingly clearer picture. The ways in which you have lived, moved, breathed, and experienced life on Planet Earth are getting upgrades. And upgrades bring exposures. If you were turned upside down, all of the contents of your pockets might fall to the ground, yes? Well 3D Earth is being turned upside down to be turned right side up, and hence all that is mere serpentine veneer in this world is crumbling, cracking, and falling out. More exposures and disclosures are unfolding, yes? Increasing voices are racing to the disclosure party to either distort the Truth coming out, or spin it somehow, or to expose the Truth that has been within all of you all along. Either way, acceleration and amplification are themes of January 2024 and the next few months indeed. Those wearing garments and higher consciousness filled with light will fare better through the disclosure storms surfacing on your world as we speak.

January 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comSo let us first take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In. Let us immerse ourselves with the Living Light of Source Energy, and breathe in the Breath of God/Source/Creator to fill ourselves with Timeless Prana, Timeless Knowing, and the Awareness of All Time Being Now. It’s NOW. Nothing can distort the Truth, in any real and lasting way. Yes, in 3D linear time, it can take time for illusions to fall. But Truth stands in the Light of Source Eternally. That is why all souls on this world have only needed to SEEK the Truth, and there it would be. Because Truth wasn’t exiled. It was merely covered up. As we breathe these Divine Sacred Breaths together today, we are summoning and seeking the Light of All Time, All Awareness, All Higher Consciousness to fill your lungs, your cells, your inner being, and every aspect and particle of you so that Divine Remembrance is All There Is. And such that Divine Knowing of Divine Truth is All There Is. Breathe your light’s capacity to fill and refuel with God/Source/Creator’s Living Light awake and aware inside you. And you will be filled with the most marvelous Life Force ever to grace this Earth, and ever to protect, lead, and guide the sacred souls who have incarnated here over vast cycles of time. You are the Breather, the Rememberer, the Unifier, and the Light Leader you have sought all this time. The Savior many seek is YOU. The Savior many desire to know again lives within YOU. The power is not outside you. The Prana and Power of Source lives in YOU. In YOUR Christed Temple. You are the Christed Essence you have been looking for. So breathe into that Living Light inside you and know yourself as an Awakened Soul and Star Seed who has come to set yourself free, and the Light of Source free on a planet awakening from a deep, deep slumber, and from a deep, deep spiritual astigmatism whose time has come to heal. Breathe with us and with Source now and Know . . . you are the Light of God/Source here now to usher in the Greatest Emancipation of a Planet and Planetary Body ever to unfold. Yes! You are the Christed Lights here in this moment and on the planet at this time to set sentient life free and to assist the re-acclimation process where all life re-unites and re-aligns with the Heart of Source in every breath, every intention, and every action going forward.

January 2024 may have been rung in with fireworks around the globe. But it has its own galactic fireworks so to speak. Contained within its energetic coding, is the Power and Light of Truth, erupting and emerging everywhere the Light touches. And that means, that Only Light will pour forth from here on out, into the hearts of humanity, to reform and reorient this world back to the Light of Source. As all that is Light is freed up, so too is all that is still vibrating at the level of darkness and dimness in the old 3D world. So everyone receiving this message would be wise to buckle up, ground in the roots of Mother Earth through the trees and life force around you in nature, and breathe more deeply each and every day, as swirls of intel, more misinformation, more disinformation, and more Truth expands for the world to see on the world stage.  Only Truth can withstand the Scrutiny of billions of simultaneous seekers. Only Truth will remain after the quests of billions of simultaneous seekers have journeyed back to Source, in their hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. 

For many of you listening to this message, you are aware of tips of icebergs that must now melt into the awareness of this world. And many of you listening to a message like this would already have your rafts, your prepper items, and your spiritual preparedness ready and aligned to go. And while much focus has been on the “before times,” or in other words the pre-disclosure and revelations phase of The Great Awakening, how many are focused on the “during times” or the “endings and new beginnings times?”

What do your “mid times” or “during times” look and feel like? If there are power outages, how are you personally choosing to ride out the disclosure and the ascension storms? Do you have candles ready? Alternative sources of heat? Or temperature balancing? Do you have journals to record your thoughts and feelings as you ride these new and more quantum levels of change? Do you have card games or puzzles or things that operate without electricity and battery packs, to pass some of the time with? Do you have a sense about where your family will gather in the togetherness of these Times of Revelations? Who will be there? Your young children? Your adult children? Your parents? Their parents? Neighbors? Family Friends? Who is gathering in your Sacred Space while The Great Revelations unfold? And lastly, how do you feel as you gather together? Are you able to activate your spiritual tools and cosmic toolboxes when amongst people learning more of the Truth of the illusions now in these times? Remember you can always return to the awareness of 1-2-3 Quantum Creation Protocols for Breathing and Quantum Manifestation in any moment!

January 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comHow about the “after times” or the “new beginnings times” that will emerge with greater gusto and verve, once more of the most potent and bleakest reveals have taken place, and people realize that much of what held their lives together WAS a great state and sequence of illusions. How do you see yourself breathing and living in those windows of time? Are you accepting of the great reveals of illusions? Are you resistant to what you have been shown? Are you able and willing to dream and even write down or say out loud to some supportive people in your life . . . the dreams you have always wanted to live and experience, but were all too often tied up in working a job on the clock to make money for the taxes and all of the 3D illusion’s surcharges just to live here?On the earth?

If you have felt entangled in the 3D matrix for far too long, and if you feel a bit lost as to how to live as a sovereign soul on a liberated earth, listen for where joy is emerging around you. Listen for where people are happy. Listen for where new creations are being talked about. Listen for where the new systems that will support life on planet earth and in the stars are rising. Become a student of the universe again. Leave the dogma of many of the world’s religions and allow yourself time and space to immerse yourself in the greatness and grace of Nature again.

If you didn’t have to toil away day after day to put food on the table, and to pay your 3D taxes, and to inhabit the illusionary story of being a proud worker for the matrix, what would you do with your time? With your gifts? With your imagination?What have you always wanted to do, since you were a kid, before parents or teachers etc. told you that that was an impossibility given your station, resources, beliefs, etc in life? What makes your heart sing? There. Right there. That’s the feeling. That’s the essence. When you have all the money and resources you need, and your needs are fully provided for again by Source, including the Power and Prana of The Breath, what makes your soul rise and shine at the mere thought of it! Are you working and innovating, at all? Are you desiring to be a world traveler instead? Or a cosmic traveler? Or a multidimensional traveler? Will you have more animals? Will you enjoy creating spaces for animals to run free as the wind the way the Creator intended them to? What lights you up in this time of The Great Emancipation and The Great Activation?

All of you brought gifts to this world in soul satchels that you will find inside your chakra systems. Inside your Higher Self’s awareness as well. What are your most treasured galactic and earthly memories? Of how life can be? How life will be? And how life is quickly becoming in this decade of rapid changes? Remember this. Remember this.

Because more nuggets and boulders of Truth are increasingly rising into your news cycles. Can you imagine trying to plug up or stop an avalanche? Nothing can stop the Truth that is coming. And so expect more crumblings of illusions. Expect more revelations of darkness and dark deeds that occurred during this very slowed down cycle of 3D living. Those stories will not be comfortable for any sentient being on the planet. They won’t feel good to anyone. They will however disturb the status quo of those who remained deeply asleep and blind to the corruption all this time. It’s time for all sleepers and all those awakening to rise into the Truth of the Light and the Universe that simply is All There Is. All sides and facets of duality and separation will find their way back into harmony and higher respect for the divinity of all life now.

January 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comJanuary 2024 kicks this off with a robust fervor and steady and increasing strangeness perhaps, as illusion timelines and Truth Timelines merge into the Limelight of the Consciousness of the Whole World.

The question will be . . . where will your consciousness be as more Floods of Truth and Revelations flow into the Mass Awareness? Where will your consciousness be, as details begin to swirl in the Collective Consciousness? How do you ground? How do you breathe?And how do you allow in the Light of Source, while many of the news cycles feel like the world is drowning in crazy information and unfathomable grief and disbelief?

We would say . . . find a Focal Point of the Quantum Future becoming your now. We would say find a Focal Feeling or Vibration that you can turn inward to, in partnership with your conscious breathing, that literally gives you a feeling of transcending or traversing timelines into a brand new God-Aligned Timeline.We are not suggesting full on escapism. No. All will need to see the darkest of deeds that are being revealed to the public. And yet, we invite you to be able to WITNESS THE DARKNESS, and EMPOWER THE LIGHT.

What is that Light? That Light in these times is the Power to Dream. The Power to See Beyond the Dimness and Darkness of an Illusory World crumbling in every facet of your lives. And thus the Power to Feel Your Future Experiences in very real ways NOW. Your Future and your New Earth is a feeling. So cultivate that.Discover that. Spend time summoning and seeking that vibration inside yourself. Have that ready, in your awareness, as much as you have candles and matches prepared just in case your community or area were to lose power for a period of time.

Every single soul on your world will be summoned to get right with Source within, and to find their way into some version or another of Conscious Breathing with Source. Remember, Breath Is Creation, dear ones. And all on the planet at this time are here to be Conscious Creators.Unconscious creation is a symptom and effect of the 3D matrix. But awakened souls, higher dimensional souls, are aware that they are creating in every moment. In every breath. So know what you are creating. And attune your inner pathways of creation.

If you don’t like your own personal grooves and neural pathways and heart frequencied pathways for what you create, change your course. Shift your approach. Find ways of playing, listening, laughing more, and engaging the inner child in you that remembers how to dream, before many of you became so “adult.”

Do you know that the literal world “adulterated” means ~ weakened or lessened in purity by the addition of a foreign or inferior substance or element. The adult-ness inside you is often precisely what prevents many from seeing the world and the creation as it is. And from seeing how marvelous it really is. Children know. And then the systems and conditions of a 3D matrix adulterate that sense of magic and knowing and creativity. And the inborn quantum creator who knows how to breathe and create with Source begins to be choked or stifled out in some way, as children learn to care more about what teachers, parents, and peers think about them, than what their inner guidance and light is showing them.

Become more childlike again. Play more. Laugh more. Connect more.

Humanity will be given time to feel their feelings about the revelations unfolding and forthcoming. Darkness will fall on what most people think is what life is all about. Darkness will crumble on what many think a well lived life looks like, in a 3D illusion. It has to. For corruption and darkness MUST fall away now. It cannot even exist in the new realm of the New Earth.

Yet humanity will be given time to feel their dreams again too. Remember this, as more darkness and storms blow through your lives and the main stream narratives now.

Dreams are the way showers to the New Earth and the new Multidimensional Experience of Life. Playfulness, Joy, Exploring and Naming your favorite things in life to do and be, are all part of rediscovering the Multidimensional You that you are.

Remember our focus on the word and essence of SIMULTANEOUSLY? Crumbling and Emancipation will be occurring simultaneously now. Be prepared to BREATHE your way into the Living Light that sustains you as more of the ashes and flames of darkness show up simultaneously in humanity’s experience.

Maintain a grounded presence inside your own heart of how you will witness darkness and empower the Light. That insight is not just a cosmic bread crumb given, with no foundation in reality.

Humanity will indeed witness a great darkness coming from many directions, while it simultaneously will be summoned to empower, know, and dream the light again into this world.

You are here to do great things. You are here to transcend your own personal darknesses and dark deeds. And to embrace the gifts of the Light that you brought through time in your vibrational soul satchel. You have gifts that are coded to emerge in precisely this time period of human and planetary history.

January 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comEach of you has known this time would come. Whether you just woke up yesterday, or you wake up 3 weeks or months from now. You have light codes. You have skill sets. You have it all. And you know this. Deep inside, you know this.

So know it with us today too. Call your ability to stand within the storms of revelations and be the light to the surface of your heart’s awareness. Ask to breathe and receive God’s Sacred Breath and God’s Sacred Vision for your life now, in these transition times and in these New Beginning Times, in co-creation with Source.

Allow yourself to not know what you cannot integrate fully. And yet, allow your soul self the room and latitude to know all of that “moreness” now for you. Your 3D human self will catch up with your 5D and higher dimensional selfs awareness in time.

For now you are mastering the “during times” of The Great Awakening. You are in it. You are in the Center of It. And you are here listening to a message like this, to be reminded of just how awake, how aware, and how tuned in to God/Source/Creator/Creation you are.

YOU are the Light of the World. You are the Christ that is awakening from the spell and temptations of darkness. You are the Dreamer and the God Spark that holds codes for precisely the unique creations you came to launch or be a part of.

Allow yourself the freedom and flexibility to witness the darkness emerging increasingly so by the day . . . that is here to awaken the heart and soul vision of the collective consciousness now . . . while you personally choose to spend time each day . . . for at least minutes or parts of your day . . . visioning new ways the world might exist in a whole new reality based in love, harmony, mutual respect, and honoring the Law of One. You are here to vision how YOU are living in God’s Great Eden again and who is journeying, partnering, playing, and creating with you.

God/Source/Creator is at the top of your Co-Creation List!

You are made for these times. You came for these times. You are stronger than you think to weather the storms of these times. And you are here to transcend these times and create a better world and universe for all sentient life in Creation.

You came to do your part. And we invite you to embrace it.

Rise up and embrace the 2024 Builder and Dreamer of Light you truly are!

No darkness can limit your light codes, unless you choose to do that yourself.

The Truth about you is . . . that you were divinely designed to shine.

So shine in 2024, and in January, even as some of the news cycles get darker and heavier and more twisted each day. Shine your light in the darkness, and make this world a more Truthful, Light-Lit, and Christ-Lit place to be.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, January 13th, 2024 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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