June 2019 Energy Forecast:
Nakedness and Vulnerability in the New Light

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received May 19, 2019

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here today, streaming through a Message of Light for all of Humanity and all Sentient Life on your world, as we continue to ride out the energy waves of May and as we welcome in the new frequencies flowing forth in June 2019. 

If May 2019 has been about excavation in order to make way for the rediscovery of your expansive light energy within, June 2019 is about vulnerability in the newness, rawness, and divinely seeded potential that lives within your core chakra system, your sacred heart center’s wisdom, and the Divine Essence you all truly are.  There are many gifts awaiting you in that sacred vulnerability.  And by vulnerability, we are speaking about Spiritual Vulnerability . . . which to us . . . means being willing to be naked within yourselves, being willing to peel back the old layers to see the original materials and core aspects of you that have been there all this time ~ underneath what you may have believed yourselves to be in the false or illusionary energies of the 3D matrix, and being willing to look at yourselves with compassionate and loving eyes . . . at the real you . . . perhaps who is still hiding under feelings of inadequacy, wounds, anger, bitterness, resentment, inflated self importance, struggle, dis-ease, imbalance, low self esteem, addiction, lostness, and more.  You have each and all traveled into a vast dimension of creationary experience in the last 3D world age and cycle, and found yourselves in all kinds of pretzeled situations that required some spiritual ingenuity and courage to journey through.  Therefore, of course you have gathered many many “pounds” of clay to cover up your organic golden light, and your sacred chakra system, and your understanding of yourselves as energetic light beings who are perfect, whole, infinite, and love in its purest form.  

This is why we have connected with this channel over the years, to be a voice of the soul in each and all of you.  To remind you of Who You Really Are, underneath the clay disguises you each and all have worn.  For those just joining our conversation for the first time, please visit this channel’s website and go back to review the “something big is coming” transmission we shared about the Golden Buddha unearthing in all of you and the Sacred Chakra system that we spoke about in the most recent transmission.  All of our messages are designed to do one thing ~ to help set you free from yourselves ~ by steadily and continuously shining a bright light on Your Innate and Sacred Divine Inner Light.  That is why we are here.  And that is why we will continue to spotlight the light that you are, despite any outer appearances in your personal world or in the global collective experience on your world.

There was a time when you were all Pure Light and where you shined that Light in nonphysical form in the Highest of Realms, that lived in the Center of the Godheart.  The All That Is.  And when one soul, and then another, and then another, began to desire a greater experience of expansion, a dream was dreamed, on a collective level, where you create worlds to have physical experiences in, to more deeply and experientially be able to feel and embody different aspects of your divinity, and the contrasts to that divinity, so you could know yourselves more completely.  And so, worlds were created, and souls began to first visit these physical spaces in nonphysical form, until a way was eventually manifested to inhabit physical bodies and physical forms, in order to have these desired experiences.  That was the soul to human experience and transition through the ethers of time, where you began to know yourselves as more human and/or physical than soul or spirit.  We are now deeply in the Great Re-Turn Process, in which you are spinning and weaving yourselves back into Light, back into Gold, back into your Soulful Divinity, that is Light and that is Gold.  Its your Divine Birthright.  Its your Sacred Abundance and Prosperity.  Its your Heart’s Most Precious Joy ~ to be What You Truly Are ~ Again!

And so you are in the process of moving once more from Human back to Soul, in your Conscious Awareness.  And in this way, the Clay represents your Human Nature.  And the Golden Buddha or Golden Light within of course represents your Perfect Original Divinely Blueprinted Sacred Pure Infinite Essence.  

So of course as each of you would begin to more steadily chip away the Clay and the Stone Layers of Lives lived here in many realms, but certainly in this Earth Realm, there may be feelings of discomfort, exposure, heat, hurt, confusion, tension, sorrow, disorientation, and an assortment of challenging or uncomfortable feelings at this time.  Because these layers in your own personal aura and auric atmosphere that have traveled as companions in the journey throughout a great deal of time with you . . . are now being exposed for the spiritual untruths they are and really for the disguises they have truly been, to offer to you what you most desired at one point in time, which was to not know yourselves as master light beings, in order to play in a world of polarity and spiritual amnesia for this unique window of time.  No professional actor could play a part in a film, play, etc. without finding a way to really believe themselves to be the part or role they are playing for that show, that episode, or presentation.  Nor could you play your part in 3D living without really engaging this valiant effort a long time ago to pretend to forget who you are.  You became so good at it, over many eons of time, that now, as we do our part to remind you, you cannot even recall a hint of the Truth in our story for you today and every day, in your own memory banks.  Because the sands and hands of time have nearly washed that Truth away.

Again, that is why we are here, along with many other star nations of light, and many other ascended master beings, and many other kingdoms and realms of higher frequencies and divine remembrance, to help you remember!  We are waking a Sleeping Humanity who has engaged the Theatre of 3D Living so well, so completely, and so believably . . . that it cannot remember itself as anything else but 3D and but separate and divided.  

So this brings us to our theme and energy forecast for June 2019.  May 2019 activated the excavation with a greater and clearer decisiveness than ever before.  This in turn created cracks in the clay or stone of your external realities.  And your outer worlds.  And your daily lives.  We imagine that many of you have felt tested or test-y at some point over the course of this month.  And at the time of this transmission, there is much more energy still to release this month.  There are many more cracks in the narrative of the illusion of 3D life on earth to unfold yet.  But the grand excavation has been cosmically blessed and catalyzed through the ethers of this universal field of energy.  And so we invite you to continue to be conscious of this, and to find ways to observe the cracks in the 3D illusion and theatre, without reacting so much to them.  They are actually divinely orchestrated excavations, so that a much more brilliant light and Truth can shine through.  Your planet thus NEEDS the cracks. Humanity NEEDS the exposures.  This world NEEDS that level of ACTIVATION IN ORDER TO AWAKEN.  

June 2019 is a month of grand and global vulnerability.  Vulnerabilty in the financial markets.  Vulnerability in governments and systems.  Vulnerability in all kinds of organizational structures.  The very ground that these old structures and systems were founded on are trembling, and physically now beginning to crumble.  For people are beginning to stir in their own “clay” disguises . . . and desiring to move, to reawaken, to reactivate their perfect inner and free light again.  Its only fun to be “buried in the sand” at the beach for a time.  Being buried is only part of the fun. 

But the greatest exhilaration comes at the end ~ when a child or parent or whoever gets to BREAK OUT of the sand burial if you will, and race back to the water, to rinse, and cleanse, and celebrate what it feels like to be FREE, JOYFUL, UNBOUND, and INFINITE again.  Human beings have been so committed to their descent into density and heavy bondage and enslavement and contrast that they have willingly stepped into box after box after box, and disguise upon disguise upon disguise.  Why?  Why have you chosen this experience?  Time and time again?  So that you could physically at some point in time, in some lifetime or another, experience yourselves SETTING YOURSELVES FREE AGAIN.  You incarcerate yourselves so you can liberate yourselves. It sounds a little unbelievable.  It seems to make no logical sense from the perspective of the mind, and the mental body inside you, that is largely ruled and governed by the ego in this 3D realm and adventure.  Because the ego is terrified of being boxed in.  And enslaved.  And mistreated.  And experiencing lack.  And yet, time and again, the human collective has desired to experience exactly that.  You have created conditions of limits, limitations, suffering, challenge, struggle, dis-ease, and more . . . to be your clay.  Your sand burials.  Your enslavements.  Your incarcerations.  Literally.  In physical form.  Whether you call that a prison sentence.  Or a mortgage.  Or state and national government taxation.  Disease.  Student debt.  Debt of any kind.  And more.  Your world at the present moment reflects the final evidence of a once collective dream to be so incarcerated.  So limited.  So dense.  And so separated.

Throughout the remainder of 2019 and into 2020, you will see the collective begin to burst out of its own sand burials.  It will rise out of its own clay or stone buddha.  It will stop at nothing to create a collective experience of limitless freedom!  Because that is what you have all eagerly awaited for centuries and centuries of time . . . you now collectively are dreaming the Great Excavation!  The Great Liberation!  The Great Unearthing!  And the Great Expansion of Human to Soul . . . returning to its Organic Divinity and Infinite Nature . . . as One Collective Soul Experience . . . across a Hugely Vast Planet and Extraordinary Mother Earth Being . . . who time has come to be excavated and set free as well!

With excavation, and with exposure, comes a period of surreal rawness.  A segment or phase of being naked in your own lives, in your own skin, in your own illusion.  There is no illusion to reach toward that can pull the covers back over your eyes again.  There is no costume or disguise that you can reach for now, that can hide the illusion of you that you helped co-create in the collective, so that you could experience illusion in the collective.  Nothing can hide the Truth of Who You Are now.  Nothing.  The New Earth Light Codes are pouring down, they are pouring in, and they are pouring through your extraordinary divine matrixes, and activating what always was, and what always will be . . . which is your Eternal Light!

So dear ones, remember to access the soul skills you have to breathe through the exposures.  To embrace the excavations and activations unfolding.  To allow the release of aspects of you from 3D living that no longer serve the original you, the Divine You, the Higher Self you, that you have always and divinely been.  

The rules for living here on Earth have changed.  The governing codes have completely been upgraded and are being restored to an expanded version of their highest and best state!  It is no wonder that everything that you understood to be true in this world is getting turned upside down.  Because the illusion always WAS upside down.  It was an inversion of the Truth.  How far away can you get from Absolute Oneness and Unity but Total Separation, Division, and Competition?  As the Upside Down world exposes its true colors for the illusion that it is, all systems connected and oriented to upside down living are crumbling because they can’t keep up with the new frequencies of light (and the original frequencies of light) that the planet organically is.  

As we have said before, the Grand Theatre is over.  The show is complete.  The actors contracts are up.  And you ARE the actors!  

What will replace the Grand Theatre?  And the costumes?  And the fake fanfare?

Truth.  Love.  Light.  Bliss.  Well-Being.  Unity.  Harmony.  Peace.  And Grace once more.

How long will it take to excavate a Collective Clay Buddha and billions of invididaul ones?  That is up to the greater collective and the greater whole to determine.  

We will say Quantum Physics and Quantum Energies are at play here.  

So while it took 26,000+++ years to tunnel in to this 3D world of vast density and illusion, it will NOT take the same 26,000+++ years to unwind or to release that experience.  

Quantum Manifestations, Evolutions, Excavations, and Activations are happening every day.  EVERY DAY!

And the more you can engage your Soul Skills that we have mentioned, the more you can access support in the ways your higher guidance leads you to find, the more you can be open to witnessing the excavation and dematerialization of the old without attachment, and the more you can open to the vulnerability of your new light coded chakra system and quantum operating system once more . . . as you try on your new and original divine light and “soul skin” or soul presence again, . . . the more you can do that?  The more joy and light and ease and peace you will feel on a daily basis, no matter the demolitions.  No matter the dematerializations.  No matter the nakedness, that needs to be exposed.  For Humanity and all Sentient Life to begin to move forward in its new frequency and form together.  With Joy.   

So meditate or tune in even just for 5 minutes a day on what will feel good to you, on what can support you, as you feel your increasing vulnerability and your increasing awareness of the nakedness happening all around you.  Like the fable “The Emperor’s New Clothes” on your world, change is happening.  You can pretend its not.  You can invite others to believe that change at this level is a farce.  You can summon people around you to stay in the illusion and to grab the covers or the costumes you can find to cover your eyes and not see the naked truth in front of you.  And the naked truth within you.  But you are quickly and quantumly becoming That Naked Truth.  

We would suggest . . . find the soul tools and the soul skills . . . and the spiritual resources really . . . that can support you in these times.  Reach out for a life coach.  Ask your Guides to help you with Conscious Breathing.  Seek a Soul Reading if that feels as though it would be informative and helpful to you in this time period.  Allow yourself to emerge a deeper belief, a higher knowing, a clearer remembrance of what this time on the planet really is.  

Is it about getting that job?  Is it about the school acceptance?  Is it about this have-to or that have-to?  Is it about continuing the “race” of 3D living?  Or is time, space, and forces of cosmic energy reorganizing what is even required to remain here in this realm?

Do you know what is required?  The Only Thing Required of you at this time, right there, and right now, is a Conscious Willingness to Lay Down your Costumes, to Expose what is a Fake and False Reality and Narrative on your world that has nothing to do with the Truth of Who You Really Are and Why You Are Really Here now, and to Embrace as best you can your Living, Organic, Divine, and Infinite Light again.  

There are countless ways to engage that willingness.  There is no one way or one path home to wholeness.  But will you all get there?  Yes, in one way, shape, or another.  For you all are being summoned home, to that light and that bliss.  And that Truth of the Core of Your Being.

June 2019 will bring uncertainty.  More structures will tremble.  And crack.  More Truths will be revealed.  More costumes of characters will be spotlighted for the roles played in the old illusion.  More drama will ensue.  Before the final act and the conclusion of 3D in full in physicality is embraced by the Greater Collective.  But crumblings and dematerializations and excavations are assured.  It is what must be, to unearth what infinitely and timelessly truly IS.  The Light lives and leads all things.  We have said this before through this channel, and we will continue to share this message.  

Tune in to our frequencies.  Tune in to the Universal Light we bring through to you in these transmissions through the voice of a multidimensional channel and light being, known here as Frequency Writer.  For you too are a multidimensional channel and light being, in some phase and stage of your Great Re-Turn, to your Organic and Infinite Light.  And we too are multidimensional channels and light beings as well.  Because we all come from the same One True Source.  

And that One True Source is the Ultimate Nakedness and Vulnerability and Openness and Wholeness that we are all invited to come Home to, today and every day. 

In this sense of Wholeness, Bliss, Integration, Well-Being, and more, being vulnerable again to allow that level of Light in is the Grace and Gift and Cherry on Top of the Whole Soul to Human and Now Human To Soul Journey . . . that is coming around the bend to the Full Circle Experience of True Light in Form once more!  

Let yourselves open to a new strong soulful vulnerability that translates into words like openness, allowance, embracing, willingness, receiving, witnessing, observing, learning, growing, and being with what is being shown, in an effort to rise and reset what always and eternally IS . . . which is . . . LIGHT!  LIGHT IS WHAT ALWAYS AND ETERNALLY IS.  And you dear ones, are that Light.

We welcome you into the nakedness of your Extraordinary Eternal Light.  

We welcome you in June further into your allowance, acceptance, openness, willingness, and receptivity to experience more Light.  And more of Who You Really Are.  And less of who you are NOT.  

We welcome you to witness old costumes of your own, and of others, falling away.  

We welcome you to witness the theatres that are crumbling, worldwide.  And we welcome you to listen inside for where you are more actively being summoned to focus on, to engage, to play with, to create with.  

For if the old structures of illusion are leaving, it is you, and the entire collective on earth now, who must summon forth the new structures of light that will guide and lead many generations of light forward.  

You are the Dreamers of the New Earth.

You are her Musicians.  

You are her Artisans.

You are her Sons and Daughters.

You are her Light Beings and Light Workers and Light Shiners.

Welcome Home to the Nakedness of your Light!

Embrace your “New Clothes”.  Your New Garments of Light.  Embrace your New Self Gnosis, your new Self Knowings and your Rememberings of All That You Truly and Purely Are.  

Witness the false world falling away.

And find ways through your soul skills, spiritual resources, and conscious mediums of support to embrace the New Light and the New Joy and the Renewed Unity that you truly are!

You are loved dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.