April 2022 Energy Update: Quantum Wealth Creation ~ A GOLDEN Age Is Rising, Time For God-Backed Currencies!

April 2022 Energy Update 

Quantum Wealth Creation:

A New GOLDEN Age Is Here,
The Truth Is Setting You Free,
A Great Resurrection Is Here,
& A Great Rising Is Within You

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 4.3.2022



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Rising Energies of Spring, New Birth, & Resurrection Frequencies unfolding in the Quantum Realms in Infinitely Expansive Ways as well as on your planet today at this time.  We are a Sacred Team of Light here to empower you in your Ascension Process, in your death and rebirth process, and thus in the Collective Crucifixion and Divine Resurrection Process.  There is a lot of energy in what we just shared.  And we invite you to take a Deep Divine Breath In with us to feel the Grace of the Timelessness You Are and the Grace of Source Perfection In You and In All Things that has been within you all this time.  No matter how overwhelming things might seem in your lives right now, no matter how confusing or uncertain things might seem in your life right now, one thing is certain.  Source Energy is certain.  The Living Light in Creation is certain.  And Source Energy and the Living Light in You is certain.  So when things feel overwhelming, uncertain, confusing, or unpleasant in some way, remember . . . to Breathe Deep.  Breathe Well.  Breathe Big.  And Breathe Wisely.  The awareness to Consciously Breathe at all IS an expression of Breathing Wisely.  And here we are Breathing Wisely together in this very first connection for the latest transmission from the Arcturian Collective in April 2022.  

We spoke extensively about the Breath in the last transmission.  And we spoke to the energies of Resurrection.  Yes?  We have also highlighted the frequencies of feeling like a Fish Out Of Water in these in between times.  And to reiterate, you are all living in this timeline of the In Between Times.  But not for much longer.  For the New Earth Garden is here.  Already.  The New 5D Consciousness and Rebirth of Mother Earth is here.  Already.  And the New Quantum Consciousness, Quantum Financial System, Quantum Computer, and Quantum Living Light that liberates and empowers all sentient beings as Sovereign, Divinely Blessed, and Divinely Loved is here.  Already.  Everything for the New Birth is here, already.  Much of it is already templated and launching as we speak.  Some of you have the soul sight and heart awareness and consciousness working with your clear soul sight to see and to know these Truths.  Some of you may be reading or listening to this transmission and wonder what we are talking about because you see no evidence at all that the New is here, because from your perspective you see so much of the old on display in your lives and on the world stage.

frequencywriter.com ~ April 2022 Energy Update: Quantum Wealth CreationAs we have said before, both of you would be correct.  Some are only seeing the decaying aspects of the life on earth they have been living.  Resources appear to be dwindling, hence triggering frequencies of scarcity and lack.  Jobs closing out have been happening, under certain leadership in countries around the globe.  Many relationships that have transcended many other layers of the Awakening process are coming to a close and ending in their own ways.  The energy of Health and Well Being seems very scarce in many people worldwide, after the effectiveness of the campaigns of Fear and Confusion took root in those without deeper Soul Vision and deeper Faith.  We get it.  You are a seeing a world crumbling before your eyes.  Literally.  And if you do not have Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed, you might see and believe that what you see . . . is all there is.  And yet, there are many, and many more, rising through the cracks in the fabric of the 3D matrix’s stories of illusions . . . because the Light is getting in those cracks and illuminating a whole new world beyond the borders, beyond the boundaries, and beyond the prison walls of this Earth Star Planet that has been sequestered in separation consciousness for thousands and thousands of years.

And we hope and intend that those reading or listening to our messages for Humanity will indeed be able to connect from wherever it is you stand in your Vibrational Coordinates right now on the earth and in your daily lives.  If you see only the old decaying, dying, crumbling, and perhaps being crucified, we invite you to entertain the idea that this world is ascending into a brand new, exquisite, and much higher consciousness than what you see, hear, feel, taste, touch, and know every day.  And for those who see the new emerging, and feel, see, hear, taste, touch, smell, and know it every day as a New Earth Rising before your very eyes, we are excited for the resurrection, new birth, and quantum nature of the new rising of light and life on your world in truly epic ways.  Wherever you stand, whatever lenses that you perceive through, all are being returned to The God Timeline at this time.  There will soon be no other timeline on planet to inhabit vibrationally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally BUT God’s Timeline.  So prepare to journey in the ways your unique soul signature requires to truly get up to speed in the Quantum Consciousness, the Unified Field of Oneness, and the Unified Grace of Harmony, Wealth, Wellness, Joy, and Peace that is Who You Are Designed and Meant to Be.

And with that said, we wish to focus in on the Vibration of Wealth.  And we want to further specify our vibrational focus on Harmonic Wealth, or wealth in every area of your lives.  Once again, you might ask us, how?  How are the many people on this world going to join, align, experience, and receive these frequencies of Harmonic Wealth or Simply Put DIVINE WEALTH like we describe if you see so many people still swimming in circles in their fish bowls of limited sight and limited consciousness, believing that little fish bowl is the only “pond” of life there is.  What is going to awaken them, you might ask?  And if you identify with that little fish in the fish bowl in some aspects of your lives, we invite you to listen to the frequencies in our words, and see if they can activate in you the vibrational understanding (not hte mental understanding) of worlds and quantum worlds at that, of daily experiences, in a magnitude of change your mental minds cannot conceive.  But that your Heart Vision already knows, loves, and thrives in.  

What if you are the fish in your own heart centers, seeking to connect and integrate in the pools of your higher consciousness?  You are after all made of 60-70% water.  So you are already a “fish” in water so to speak for that is your physical make up and your physical chemistry.  So let’s continue with our fish in water in the fishbowl of your lives as a metaphor for the general human consciousness at this moment.  And let’s also continue with the awareness that some of you are rising beyond those illusory waters and the trap of the fishbowl’s “koolaid” or “spiritual amnesia and astigmatism,” knowing it is not your True Home, it is not your True Consciousness, and that it is not the True Nature of a God Timeline and God Creation at all.  You are those fish floating in the waters of your very beingness.  And the Truth is . . . what energy do you really wish to swim in?

Those rising into the Energies and Age of Aquarius are beginning to feel more and more palpably that change is here.  That New Breath is here.  That New Light is here.  And that God’s Life Force is back.  Something is streaming a Higher Consciousness in the world you live in, and you can feel it.  You can sense it.  And you see it showing up by the day in your interactions, in your perceptions, in your sense of peace and calm in the storm, and your sense of rising in the changes that serve as your catapults and your bridges for quantum leapings, versus the destruction that so many others are perceiving and that so many others are even at times ignoring.  

frequencywriter.com ~ April 2022 Energy Update: Quantum Wealth CreationStay the Course, Rising Fish and Rising Aquarians of the New Era and Age of Golden Energies of Light, Prosperity, and Peace.  Feel God’s Waters in you raising you up as Conductors of the New Frequencies for the Templates of this New Living and Loving Earth!  Allow yourself to be filled, anointed even, with God’s Sacred Waters Within that are ushering in the new Quantum Light and Expression of Unity Consciousness you are divinely designed to be and to breathe now.  And allow yourself to be filled, anointed even, with God’s Sacred Breath, with the Air of Aquarius, that Knows Who You Are, and Who You Are Awakening . . . to Remember . . . and to Become.  For you, it is simply a matter of spiritual discipline to continue to align with your breath, your heart wisdom, and your sacred awareness and inner guidance system in order to keep aligning with the True Divine or God Timeline that you are bit by bit realizing you never left.  Rather you are seeing the distortions of the skewed perceptions you have been living in the fishbowl and myopia of a 3D planet lived from such a small lens of perception.  How could you see and feel the ocean in a drop in you from such a limited sight?  And from such a skewed, small lens of perceiving your life and your world?  Those feeling the palpable frequencies of the New Earth Rising everywhere and in everyone . . . keep rising.  Keep attuning to that higher sight.  Allow time for deeper integration in your day.  Allow time for deeper integration in your soul sight and what you are remembering that you did once know and that you are becoming again.  

Your higher 5D energies are coming in to collect and merge with the lower 3D energies you have believed to define you all this time.  In that way, you might say . . . you are feeling a bit flooded with new and more powerful energies than the more egoic lenses, habits, patterns, and life experiences you more typically have lived and experienced for a long time, and that you believed to be you, and who you are.  You are actually and quite literally being flooded with fields of light in your energy centers, which are flooding up and out any of the distortions you have carried for millennia in your karmic fishbowl of experience in this 3D earth matrix and planetary experience.  

However you are experiencing them, either through perceptions of pain, confusion, judgement, and overwhelm, or through perceptions of welcome higher vibrations, new birth and new life, the Truth is you ARE all experiencing them.  And this is An Epic Flood of Truth and Living Life Force that you have not accessed for many, many eons of time. And we would say, get used to flooding.  Get used to an outpouring of Divine Frequencies that you will experience as an inpouring of lived perception, calls to integration, and requirements of Real Time Ascension.

Those struggling to see, to breathe, to discern Truth from lies, caught up in the seas of vibrational soup they live in, in the microcosm of inner fish bowl type living, will have the glass of separation consciousness shattered to the winds, and new life will flood in and is flooding in, as we speak.  Human beings were not meant to live in fish bowls.  Nor were fish for that matter.  A time will come where technologies will be made available to assist humanity with these massive leaps in consciousness required now, so that technology can be more spiritual and integrative in your lives, instead of destructive and controlling in your lives, as it has been for a very long time.

Everything is inverting dear ones.  What was dark, is returning to the Light.  What was painful is moving into new expressions and opportunities for joy.  What was hidden will be made known.  What was lacking and scarce is returning to humanity in great abundance.  Everything that has been “wrong” in this world is being made right.  Right now. In your Lifetime. And in your lives.  

If you feel a little nauseas or seasick from time to time, it is because the waters flowing within you are required to rise.  Ascension is occurring through the waters, in you.  Watch the water.  Witness the floods in the world happening in these times of revelations.  Witness the ascensionary floods happening in you as the requirement to become frequency specific to the harmony of the New Earth is now impacting you at a frequency level.  Discordant frequencies are being transformed into HARMONIC tones and frequencies in all things.

What was once a very feared (by some) 5G technology that was created perhaps as a bioweapon type technology to wound, weaken, or destroy a great deal of this planet, can also be used for the benevolent benefit of all sentient-kind.  This divine restructuring, alchemy, and resurrection is happening.  The Ultimate Conductor is guiding it all.  Soon, your devices you use on a regular basis will affirm your essence as a spiritual being having human experiences, and they will affirm your place in the unity consciousness that everything in creation ultimately is.  This will become more and more self evident as the quantum crumbling of the old accelerates the emergence of the quantum rising of the new light and new perfection in God’s Perfect Creation.  And as it does become more self evident, the easier it will be for every day people who have not been doing much spiritual work to accept.  To integrate.  To know again as well.

frequencywriter.com ~ April 2022 Energy Update: Quantum Wealth Creation

So let’s return again to this concept of Vibrations of Wealth.  You have mastered the Scarcity Consciousness in this 3D timeline of Separation Consciousness, yes?  You have mastered the Practice of Fear Consciousness, in this timeline of 3D Separation Consciousness, yes?  You have mastered enabling and engaging patterns of reactive creation based on fear and separation, yes?  Well, its Graduation Time.  It is Graduation Time, into God’s Timeline, because you have mastered Separation So Fully and Completely that a New Age is actually appealing to many of you.  Some of you, some, will still insist they are staying with the old, and that they are not going to embrace God’s Ways and they are not going to embrace God’s Money Systems to Store Wealth, and to Embrace Wealth, and that they are not going to embrace the Sovereignty of Living in a New 5D Earth.  It sounds pretty crazy to think that some would REFUSE the Garden of Eden’s Return.  And yet, this is still happening.  Many are still refusing to see and believe that God is already here and new systems to support God’s Kingdom, God’s Creation, and God’s Living Light on Earth are here.  When we say these are biblical times, these ARE biblical times!  

In contrast, those who insist they will not turn to God, to Source, to the Living Light that powers all worlds, we say, okay.  Give that a try.  The New Energies are powerful teachers as well.  And they will assist those refusing to wake up, in this time of Ascension, as they continue to see the patterns of erroneous thinking and their addiction to familiarity even if their old lives themselves are kicking them out the door and into the ascension process.  There are guides and support systems for everyone.  

The Earth is pulsing her higher 5D frequencies now.  We must rise and align in ways that integrate this higher consciousness, for every aspect of our lives going forward.  It doesn’t have to be something your mental minds master and decode and “figure out”. It is something that is happening biologically, cosmically, vibrationally, and spiritually.  And eventually, your minds will get in line with the higher guidance of all of those other realms.  

For those feeling these changes, and maybe feeling uncertain from time to time what is happening, when will The Event(s) long anticipated happen, and how your life will look like going forward, we would say . . . ground, take heart, and find peace in your Ascensionary Wealth Creation Process.  The Garden of Eden, the original Garden of Eden was abundant.  There was no lack.  Everything was provided!  Well that is happening NOW.  So listen to where you listen to your information.  And where you get your news.  Pay attention to where people are talking about new ways of preparation, like the New Earth Noahs you are and came to be at this time.  Only on a bigger scale.  So if you think that Noah’s Ark was a huge story and epic change on earth, can you really grasp what is happening on a quantum scale right now in your lives, while most still sleep?  

Part of your Harmonic Wealth in your new life that is emerging . . . is literal wealth creation.  And wealth at this level includes resources.  Some resources include food, water, shelter, clothing.  Right?  Many of you have access to these resources even now.  Unfortunately, many do not.  God is already orchestrating the leveling of that playing field.  God is clearing the 3d pattern and timeline of “the haves and the have-nots”.  Its already happening.  So we ask you, where and how do you create your wealth?  Where and how do you store and utilize your divine resources?  

What if there are new resources that are God-backed?  Gold-backed?  Silver-backed?  Metals-backed?  Resources-backed?  Truth-backed?  Transparency-backed?  We will say, there are.  And they are already here.  

Let us ask you . . . about your sense of wealth. Your perceptions of wealth.  Your connections with the inner-standings of what Divine Wealth is.  Do you feel wealthy?  Do you, right now in your life, feel wealthy?  And if so, is that wealth, are those resources, is that divine flow in your life based in God-backed, God-Connected, God-fortified Light, Sight, Transparency, and Truth?  If not, that wealth is a transient wealth.  It is a deceptive wealth.  And it might even be based in more serpentine foundational structures, at some point in those aspects of wealth creation and maintenance.

If you know some of those resources to be God-backed, God-Connected, God-fortified Light, Sight, Transparency, and Truth already, we are celebrating.  Because you already know what you Know, and that you and many others are coming to KNOW again.  Knowing it as already so is a critical piece to the Divine Manifestation of it in your lives.  And we are inviting you to play with your inner awareness of your Divine Wealth Creation, Sustainment, and Humanitarian Creatorship and Divine Participation in the New Earth as well.  

So to be more specific, what is God’s Money?  In terms of currencies, what is God’s Money?  Is it the US dollar?  Is it the Peso?  Is it the Canadian dollar?  Think of your world currencies?  What backs those currencies?  What collateralizes those currencies?  Do you know?  We invite you to think about it.  Much of the time, it is only public confidence nowadays, because many fiat currencies were literally separated from the ages old collateral for those paper monies.  What is that ages-old collateral?  Gold.  Gold is God’s Money.  Gold is the Golden Standard of Monetary Systems throughout the ages.  When paper assets that many people believe today is a store of their wealth are questioned, or shaken, what is the shaking all about?  The shaking summons transparency.  Are those paper assets worth the ink that is printed on them?  Are they really?  

What happens if you shake an ounce of gold?  What happens if you shake God’s money, which is gold?  What do you see?  Gold stands in its own Energy, as a Force of Truth in any realm in the cosmos.  Thus gold never tarnishes.  Gold is an excellent conductor of electricity.  And thus it is an excellent conductor of energy.  You might say that Gold is the original source of the concept of Monergy . . . or Money/Wealth Energy in form.  God has many, many properties and possibilities that can be seen with higher and higher consciousness.  But for the purpose of this transmission today, we can say that Gold has been known throughout the centuries to be a Store of Wealth.   

What are you entering as a Global Collective?  A New Golden Age.  Does it make sense then the currencies of your world will be shaken?  Is it possible in the shaking of those fiat currencies, and at this point false frequencies of currencies not backed by God’s Money and God’s Energies and God’s Living Light in this realm, that the confidence in those fiat currencies will be shaken?  We think so.  And when there is no confidence in currencies and assets that are not backed by God, by Source Energy itself, those currencies will struggle to maintain their value quite rapidly.  If not in a defining event or crash of some kind.  

frequencywriter.com ~ April 2022 Energy Update: Quantum Wealth CreationSo dear ones, we invite you to begin thinking about . . . what are you stores of wealth?  What are your stores of resources?  Can you feel a Divine Energy or God Energy in them?  Can you pray over them and invite them to be filled with Divine Living Energy?  Do you need to learn more about gold and silver as a currency of alchemy in your world in these times, and the alchemization of one metal into another?  The alchemization of one asset or resource into another?  And the alchemization of one energy and awareness or belief into another?  

All of these seeds of looking deeper into your lives, of the fish leaving the fishbowl of spiritual astigmatism and spiritual amnesia, and rising into greater and greater transparency are inviting you dear ones.  And just like you assess your current assets, resources, and stores of wealth . . . and begin to search for additional or different assets that ARE God-backed and Asset-backed in some way . . . we invite you to continue to review your beliefs and your belief systems in the same way.  Is the belief you just thought . . . a a God-Backed Thought?  A God-Known, God-Fortified, and God-Aligned Thought?  Would Source/God/Creator collateralize that thought with 1 ounce of Gold?  Or 1 oz. Of Silver?  For silver is God’s Money too.  Remember God made these metals.  Unlike fiat currencies, which were man-made.  Think about it.  It might give a whole new meaning to Your Word Is Your Wand.  Your Words Are Investments in the Life You Want to Live and the Life You Are Currently Living.

And the word current has many meanings.  It is interesting, isn’t it, that it forms the basis for the word, Currency.  In the God-backed Garden of Eden, the Currency is Love.  It is Light.  It is Divine Life Force.  And from which, all blessings flow.  

For those not feeling this flow, it may be time to assess and review . . . where have I gotten so separated from Source . . . that I didn’t pay attention to the wealth I have and the Source of its foundations.  Where have I gotten so separated from Source . . . that I simply haven’t followed this item to its Source Creator and Source Creation?  Where did these things come from?  Where does money come from?  Where does wealth come from?  Where does my food come from?  Where does my income come from?  Where does my joy come from?  What’s the Root?  What BACKS the actual experiences I live every day? 

These are good questions, aren’t they?  This is Alchemy, dear ones.  

Its time to spend a little time digging deeper into alchemy and what it may mean for you right now in your ascension process.

Everyone is going through this alchemical process right now.

The Ultimate Alchemy?  On your world right now?  

We should phrase it as a question: 

What is Truth and What is Illusion or Deception?  

God is The Ultimate Alchemist.  

You are students of His Divine Alchemy.  Learning to be Alchemists yourselves.  Many of you see the invitations to DIVINE ALCHEMY, not just making money.  But living a more spiritual life that puts you on the path of seeding, experiencing, and growing Divine Wealth in your life . . . and sharing the fruits of that Divine Wealth in the world . . . through your gifts, visions, and talents for a better world.  

Do you see how in God’s Kingdom . . . all of the dots connect?

Do you see how in the Serpent’s Illusion and Deceptions . . . none of the dots connect in any True and Transparent Way, until the lies are exposed?  And until the lies reveal the foundation-less-ness of the whole serpent scheme in the first place?

How does an old world and 3D paradigm of separation consciousness crumble?

You shine a light on it.  You expose it.  You expose its ROOT.  And the deceptions piled around it, to make the original lies supporting it transparent to the believers in it.  The Truth alchemizes all darkness in the end.  And the once thriving deception crumbles unto itself.

Will fiat currency crumble?  The version of fiat you know today that might be baseless in the grander pictures of time and unity consciousness, possibly.  

Are you returning to a Garden of Eden where everything will be God-Energy and God-Blessings and God-Truth backed?  Yes.  

What must crumble, must come down.  

What is God’s Original Light and Template for Creation?  Must Rise!

These are the times of a Great Crucifixion of Illusion and Serpent Schemes.  

And these are the Times of God’s Greatest Resurrection of all time.

You came for these times.

Listen with alchemical ears.

See with alchemical vision.   

No wonder your inner fish from the piscean age is ready to leave that fishbowl. Whether he or she consciously knows this or not.  The soul essence inside your inner piscean energy knows that he or she is ready to take flight into this New Golden Age of Light.

And there are decisions to be made, to align with Divine Wealth, Divine Vision, Divine Perception, and Divine Discernment to lead you into the Experience of that Glorious New Garden, that Glorious State of Living in Harmonic Wealth on all levels of your life and your being, and that Glorious State of Unity with All Things in this Divinely Sentient Creation.

You are wealthy, indeed.  By birthright.

If you seek Harmonic Wealth at this higher level, you are invited to look for where God is at the root of your assets.  At the root of your foundations.  To alchemize what needs clearing.  And to raise what is Source or Divine Energy into a whole new height!  A whole new expression!  And a whole new abundance that you just couldn’t see when you were living aligned the serpent’s trickery. 

The Truth Shall Set You Free.  

A Great Resurrection Is Here.  A Great Rising Is Upon and Within You.

Its Time to Rise!  Golden Frequencies of New 5D Experiences await, on the other side of today’s revelations, crucifixions, and resurrections.

The Christ Consciousness in you Knows The Way to that place of Deep Divine Grace and Ease.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, April 9th, 2022 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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  • George Nasse
    2 years ago

    Thank you for this clear message which provides us deeper knowledge of what our planet and it’s inhabitants are going through with understanding and progressive awakening and acknowledging the truth and light of this experience, as it is being revealed.

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      Hello, happy new year. Thank you. Hello, ok, thank you.

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  • Thank you George for your thoughtful reflections and awareness of the potent nature of the shifts occurring on many levels in our lives. Blessings to you!

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    Thank You Mother Earth,Thank You Mother Mary,Thank You EI Morya,Thank You Arcturian High Council,Thank You Marie Mohler,Thank You.

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