May 2022 Energy Update: The Unity Star & Radical Revelations ~ Radical Endings, Vulnerabilities, Transparencies, & New Beginnings Are Here

May 2022 Energy Update

The Unity Star & Radical Revelations:
Radical Endings, Vulnerabilities, Transparencies,
Humility, & New Beginnings Are Here

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 5.15.2022



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Infinite Light of the Sacred Heart of Oneness, and thus the Unified Field.  We bring with us today the Light of the Unity Star, that was otherwise known and honored as the Star of Bethlehem, that guided travelers long ago seeking their own Christ Child Within, and their Inner Christ, to birth into their Conscious Awareness.  And here you are today ~ bathing in the Light of the Unity Star’s Radiance ~ to be born anew in your own Christed Light and Christed Consciousness again.  In a world that seems quite utterly divided, in the ways that Serpentine or Luciferian Frequencies intended them to be at this time, what is most extraordinary to us as mentors and guides of The Great Awakening and The Great Ascension Process, is The Great Un-Doing of the Separation Experiment and Agendas . . . when each one of you makes and takes the time to breathe a Single Conscious Breath, unifying your Timeless and Infinite Eternal Light with the Timeless and Infinite Eternal Light of Source, therefore making the machinations and manipulations of the Serpent’s Agendas and Minions . . . Null and Void.  This is part of the Zero-ing out of Karmic Enslavements, dear ones.  And is it not extraordinary that while it has taken the Serpent, or Lucifer’s amassed army, thousands and thousands of years to achieve the chaos, destruction, and division it desires, Source merely invites a single conscious breath in each of His children when they are ready to completely, utterly, and holistically return to Perfect Divine Union . . . in an instant, in the sacred timelessless of no time, and in the Eternal Divine Essence within you, nullifying all of the ego-led decisions you have made and others have made while trying to survive in a 3D matrix?  Is it not extraordinary that a Single Conscious Breath can breathe you anywhere in the Cosmic Field of Oneness that you wish to journey and to make manifest your greatest desires and dreams, if you will simply allow it in and if you will simply allow the experience of your weightlessness, timelessness, wealth-fullness, health-fulness, and limitlessness in that Breath?  We think so. ~ A Critical Mass Is RisingAnd so of course, we wish to invite you to take a Deep Divine Breath In with us, as we anchor in this transmission today about the Energies of May and June 2022 . . . the Breath and Light of Unity Consciousness.  Let us Breathe a Conscious Breath In, in harmony and connection with the Unity Star, and let us Breathe in Sacred Union with Source, Gaia, and the Benevolence of All Sentient Life that shines and embraces Harmony, Unity, Grace, Balance, Peace, and Prosperity for All.  You, as Conscious Breathers, are the Living Manifesters of the Living Manifestation of Unity Consciousness again on your world.  By simply being a willing conduit and channel of the Life Force Giving Prana of Source and the Unity Star’s Radiance and Timeless Blessings, you contribute your Light and your Faith into the Unified Field of One, that truly knows only Union, only Cohesiveness, and only Sacred Sovereignty for the One and the Whole, simultaneously.  

Thus the Duality Games played upon humanity all this time, and quite literally through humanity all this time, are coming to a radical end.  For the game board itself is breaking apart.  And the game board’s shaking, shattering, and crumbling is awakening more and more of the pawns in that elaborate chess game to rise and remember Who They Really Are.  Those pawns . . . are those still sleeping to date.  But awake ~ they will be ~ in the days and weeks to come.  For the Unity Star’s Light is too bright now to be lost on those still seemingly trapped in the Duality Game’s false reality.  And so is the Living Life Force too bright and too expansive to not be seeded within the oxygen each person breathes within and without every day.  

May 2022 will usher in some profound events that create a kind of Cosmic Snowball if you will, an Epic Biblical Flood if you will, of cascading events that will usher in The Light of Truth and the Light of Emancipation and the Light of Inverting all that was Hidden to now make it known in the Heart’s of the Sentient Collective on your world.  Thus the flooding already occurring, and more forthcoming, is not only the Truth of the Shadow that has insidiously manifested on your world since the beginning of Known Time, but also the Truth of Source/God/Creator/Living Divine Energy and Frequencies of Pure Light and Prana will rise to the surface of your daily consciousnesses, and your daily lives.  Radical Endings bring Radical New Beginnings.  And so you are living in the Time of the Biblical Revelations, long ago foretold.  And so shall you also reap the blessings of Revelations Ultimate Divine Reflections, which are God’s Wealth, God’s Blessings, Source’s Grace and Unconditional Love, and Divine Empowerment for each and all to Rise Up, Step Up, and Live and Breathe your Sacred Gifts and Talents.  

May 2022 is a Tipping Point.  It is the Cracking or Shattering Point where all that has been hidden can no longer be contained under the Veils of Illusion and the Separation Spells cast by the Dark, Evil, or Shadowy Forces in the Underworld of Creation.  And the question we have for you is . . . how will you meet this new emergence of Time and Sacred Manifestation and Revelation in your life?  How will you consciously breathe to integrate the Two Wolves holding their pillars, holding their Guideposts, to mentor you in finding the Truest Path to Ascension and Alignment with your Soul’s Deepest Codes and Blueprints in these times?  When the Luminous Light of the Unity Star shines its Light into humanity and upon each individual soul, it at first can be uncomfortable.  For that which was hidden to you, or that your ego thought it had successfully covered up without a trace, or that the serpent itself thought it could hide in plain sight but that you would never actually have the awareness to see it, is being made known to you and to each of you again.  Nothing can be hidden in the Face of Such A Light.  And while at first you may wish those Truths would just go back in their closet where they had long lived before, or that those Truths would just scurry back under the rug where they tucked away before, you will actually in time find healing in their Revelations.  You will in time find liberation in their Revelations.  And where heaviness and density within your energy fields once masqueraded as a comfort, a strength, a buffer to live in this 3D world, you each and all will find a calling, a craving, a desire to connect with the Lighter Aspects of Truth and Transparency like never before. ~ May 2022 Energy Update ~ Unity Star & Radical RevelationsIt seems impossible, yes?  With so much pain, malaise, and discomfort underlying the human condition for so long?  Density has become a steady companion in the journey, hasn’t it?  Even for those who feel themselves awakened?  There is a sense that the ego is a comfort to you.  A Guide to and for you.  And a map for the journey.  And yet, it is in the exposure of density and the removal of all of the 3D structural supports where you will find your greatest Ease.  Your Greatest Joy.  Your Greatest Lived Experience of the Light.

And what was Foreign to you will become Familiar again.  The Light will become your Home again, where you will dwell within and create from its Wisdom and Grace.  And the old ways of hiding from Self, from Fear, from Truth, and from Transparency will become the Foreigner in your incarnational experiences.  For when the Light flows and floods in to cleanse away illusion, the only receptors left in your vibrational fields will be to that which is like itself:  The Light.  

Freedom is what is returning to you in this epic time of Revelations.  Knowing Self is what is returning to you in this epic time of Divine Reunion.  Neither will ultimately rise up within you until more of the illusion of 3D separation and blunted or muted consciousness is released.  May and June 2022 are powerful stimulators of this Great Upturning.  This Great Inverting.  This Great Resurrection.  And this Epicly Great Awakening.  

Many of you hear these transmissions and wonder, how?  How will this transformation on such a global scale occur?  And even more poignant, how will these revelations and transformations unfold in my life?  In my experiences?  Biblical events dear ones when orchestrated by the Light of Source, the Heart of Creation, and under the Powerful Luminosity of The Unity Star, are swift, decisive, and precise.  And this Return to the God Timeline time that you are living in will be no exception.

When Noah shared his messages with you and summoned you too to prepare, there is an earnestness in his voice, in his heart, and in his soul.  Those prepared . . . will integrate the potency of the Great Tipping and Resurrecting with more Joy. With Greater Ease.  With Deeper Faith.  And with Greater Resolve, Peace, and  Allowing.  Those who resist, will feel more of the fiery fingers of the Unity Star’s Light reaching into their lives, their emotions, their fears, their wounds, and their daily experiences.  The end result?  Will be the Holistic Integration of All That You All Are, and that which makes you Uniquely a Sacred Spark of the Godheart.  But the pathway to arriving in that place of Grace and Unity Consciousness?  Will present differently and uniquely for each of you.

We are big fans of the Power of Conscious Breathing.  Because no matter the heat of any conditions or experiences in your life as you go through more birthing pains to liberate this incredible 5D New Earth, Life of Soulful Sovereignty, and Planetary Life Force, you can neutralize your own heat through the Power of the Living Breath.  And that opens each of you to become a Sacred Receiver of the Kind of Grace you each need to embody the Zero Point Portal Frequencies.  Where you are in this world, but not of this world.  Where you are allowing the unfoldments, without attachments to what must unfold.  This State of Divine Grace that May and June 2022 will also be ushering in in these times is here for any and all who can receive it, to focus within on the breath more than the crumbling and crushing impacts of a 3D illusion dematerializing a great deal of what was never True in the first place.

May and June 2022 are months that call in a sense of Attunement to Lifelines.  Attunements to Conscious Breathing.  Attunements to Faith.  And Attunements to Freedom.  The contrasting experience for many who have not yet cultivated these skills may include Energies of Fear, Disorientation, Dissonance, Duality in very stark and peak ways, Disbelief, and yet Undeniable Transparency.  Radical Vulnerabilities will be exposed.  Radical Transparencies are emerging.  Radical Humility is being called in.  And Radical Revelations will be the Teachers and the Catalysts of these Biblical Tipping Points. ~ May 2022 Energy Update ~ Unity Star & Conscious BreathingThe Return to the Breath can be as Radical as the Crumbling of the Old Matrix will continue to be.  The more structures crumble, and trusted figures are exposed, the more the Return to Conscious Breathing or at the very least Deep Breathing will rise as its own Harbinger of Faith and Fortitude that is needed in these times.  The more people feel the rugs being pulled out from underneath themselves, the more Conscious Breathing will reinstate God’s Timeline and Source’s Renewed and Resurrected Garden of Eden beneath their feet!  The more people feel the breath or wind has gotten knocked out of them, the more Conscious or Deep Breathing they will seek.  

What is the Remedy for Revelations, Epic Transparency, and All Energies Surrounding Darkness and Light coming to Light on a world that has been sleeping for centuries and millenias of time?  Conscious Breathing.  It is your best Lived Expression of Faith that you can muster.  It is the Living Reflection through Physical Empowerment and Embodiment of The Mustard Seed of Divine and Sacred Faith In Action.  

Conscious Breathing is a Sacred Act of Divine Faith in Loving and Living Action, chosen in Union and with Union with Source Creator.  When it appears as though the Life Force, Life Breath, and Life Blood of Country Economies, Global Economies, World Religions, Educational Systems, Systems of Medicine, and more is running dry and running out, Source and the Higher Realms will be (and already are) infusing this world with Higher Dimensional Prana, Light Code Activations, and the Living Light of the Unity Star, to ease the shock and burdens many may be feeling.

The Floods are on your shores.  Radical Revelations are already unfolding.  False Gods not reporting them doesn’t make them less True.  False Gods not reporting them is simply part of the Radical Revelations designed for Planet Earth in these times.  Witness these Revelations.  Witness the efforts on the part of some Serpent Servants to Silence the Truth and the Light’s Imminent Return.  Witness what is being silenced.  And know, to Breathe through it all.  Know to Breathe through the Revelations.  And the efforts to Block these Revelations.  Whether you breathe, or believe any of this is happening in real time or not, will not make God’s Timeline, Source’s Omnipresence, and this time of Radical Revelations any less True.  It will simply make challenging biblical events and global events even more challenging.

So we invite you to be aware of your own abilities to Transcend or Trance-End these times.  We invite you to tune in and ask yourself, where do you Breathe Faith?  Where do you Breathe Truth?  Where do you live and seed the Vibrations of Light around you and in all you do?  And if you are not seeing those energies alive and awake in your life, where can you begin?  When in your day can you practice taking in a Deep and Divine Conscious Breath, and really feel it supporting you and guiding you?  Where and when in your life can you orient your vibrational focus and attention to partnering with Source no matter what is going on in your life that may look like discomfort, discord, division, crumbling, and shock or disbelief?  This is soul care.  This is self care.  This is Noah Care.  This is Your Ark, dear ones.  

What you Breathe in these times, you create.  Breath IS Creation.  So as we have said before, Breathe Well, dear ones.  Breathe Big, dear ones.  And Breathe Wisely, dear ones.

Conscious Breath can fill your inner sails and empower you to better navigate these times of turning one big false world upside down and on its end for all to see.  AND it can fill your inner sails and empower you to better navigate these times of turning Darkness into Light.  Conscious Breathing is a vital part of Alchemy.  And you are alchemists, dear ones.  

All of the stories we have referenced, biblical and otherwise, are coming into your conscious experiences more and more in these times.  The Emporer’s New Clothes?  Its already here.  The Princess and The Pea?  Already here.  Horton Hears A Who?  Already here.  Dragonfly?  Already here.  Noah’s Ark?  Already here.  Adam and Eve? Already here.  Moses and The Red Sea?  David and Goliath?  Jesus’ Teachings and Temptations by the Serpent?  And Crucification and Resurrection?  Already here.  Look around you.  Look at your mythologies.  Look at your heroes in the most beloved stories through time.  Look at your biblical mentors, guides, and heroes that have always been showing you The Way.  They are all here showing you now the pathways ahead and the pathways within . . . that only you can create through Conscious Breathing, Faith, Fortitude, Mustard Seed Level of Faith and Union and Trust in Source!, and the Power within You to move mountains, to manifest peace in a discordant and separated world, and to rise up and beyond the flames and fingers of Revelations Fires and Storms that are here now . . . IN YOUR TIME. ~ May 2022 Energy Update ~ Preparation Is FreedomPreparation is Freedom.  Conscious Breathing is Faith and Alchemy.  Union with Source is Sovereignty, Divine Strength, and Pure and Perfect Guidance.  Spiritual Amnesia, Blindness, Astigmatism, Denial, Resistance, and Verdigo all combine to serve one thing . . . this old 3D realm and spell of Illusion and Distortion.  Conscious Breathing, Divine Faithing, Truth Seeking, and Passionate Ascension are here to guide you up and through this False World filled with Karmic Entanglements and Entrapments and into the Zero Point of Divine Grace, Spiritual Liberation, and Divine Abundance of Every Kind.

Open your eyes and see what May and June 2022 are here to reveal to you and to this world.  While some events and unfoldments might trigger a personal or collective fear, remember they are also here to set you free.  They are here to shatter old allegiances and attachments to false gods, false sovereignty, false freedom, false empowerment, false wealth, and false structures of any kind.  

God Is Truth.  

God Is Light.  

God Is Freedom.

God Is Sovereignty.

God Is Abundance.

God Is Wellness and Wholeness.

And God Is Life.  

These are epic times turning now ever clearer and ever deeper onto the Path of Radical Revelations, Radical Tipping Points and Turning Tides, and Biblical Storms that will shake and shatter the false foundations of 3D corruption, division, and distortions.  

Consciously now . . . remember to Breathe Big, Breathe Deep, Breathe Daily, and Breathe Wisely.

For in the Breath, you have every wisdom, resource, guidance, mentor, divine love, strength, faith, and fortitude you need to fly beyond the 3D entanglements, traumas, and tragedies, and to unify with Source, with Gaia, and with your 5D Consciousness that are ready to lead you into a New 5D Earth and Realm of Unity Consciousness and Living Light, led by the Unity Star, or the Star of Bethlehem, that guided many cosmic and soulful travelers through their times of fear triggers, weariness, and limited sight and into the God Timeline where the Garden of Eden has always, always, always lived.  

Let’s Breathe a Unity Breath Together now, dear ones.  Good.  Let’s Consciously Breathe One More Unity Breath for the Entire Sentient Collective.  And Let’s Know that Divine Source, Divine Grace, Divine Light, and Divine Unity are already so, here on this beloved Earth Star Planet.  

And so it is.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, May 21st, 2022 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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