Mother Mary Channeling: Truth, Transparency, and Sentience

Mother Mary ~ Truth, Transparency, and Sentience

Greetings friends,

As the world continues to turn, the planet continues to shift and ascend, and our own consciousness and daily lives call us further into transparency, truth, and greater integration, I personally find it helpful to spend time each day . . . consciously shifting my attention from the unfoldments in the outer world to the insights that come profoundly through my inner world and inner life lens.  These sacred inner pauses help provide an indescribable peace for all of us I think when we are able to take the time to embrace them, despite the unrest that continues to unravel and emerge in our world today.   

Over the past week, in a couple of my own sacred pauses, I connected with Mother Mary, El Morya, and St. Germaine, along with a few other Light Beings and Guides from the Higher Dimensional Realms.  I find comfort in the higher frequencies and perspectives that they share, that speak to the vibrational story that is happening within and around us these days.

As a Frequency Writer, or Scribe for Spirit, I am essentially able to hear their light and stories . . .  and to bring them through via the imagery and energies that they paint for me with vibrations, colors, sounds, and beautiful messages of Light.

It is my hope that this week’s Light/Insight Frequencies that I received . . . may provide comfort, support, and grounding for you too, as you ride the current waves of ascension and these vibrational updates around the globe. 

We are all participants in this much greater story and this powerful divine unfoldment. 

Finding Nourishment in the Light shared through and with others, as well as the Light that is emerging in your own Sacred Heart Center’s Wisdom and Guidance, can help to support all that you are designed to be, to embody, and to do in this perfect moment.

Always use conscious discernment in your listening.  And in your daily practice of Sentience and Soul Nourishment. 

Listen for resonance.  Remember to Keep the best and release the rest.”

Please tune in now to this message received from Mother Mary, this first week in April 2017. 

Luminous Light and Peace to All,


Mother Mary ~ Truth, Transparency, and Sentience
April 4, 2017
Mother Mary via channel Marie Mohler

Dear Ones,

I am here today with a collection of Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters from the Higher Vibrational Realms.

What is occurring in you and in many Awakened Lightworkers and Light Warriors on your world today is that a need or desire for activated tutoring, guidance, or mentoring is being called out.

The energies have shifted.

The old decaying structures look to be very much in place. 

BUT they are really crumbled at this point.

With only ash at their roots

The new little plant shoots and saplings of the New Light’s Growth on the planet are just beginning to awaken and orient to the Power of the Sun to more fully message and encode the New Blueprint Energies for the New Earth. 

The Awakened Lightworkers on the planet sometimes feel like they’re the new, perfect, and green seedlings, root shoots, and saplings . . . divinely imbued with a perfect and powerful blueprint.  But at the same time, they also sometimes feel unclear about what they are growing into . . . spiritually, atmospherically, biologically, climate-wise, etc.

It will be your sentient systems that will guide you into a world that you are wired for, and now encoded with, but that your physical eyes still cannot clearly see. 

You must trust your other worldly senses now more than ever for clarity of sight. 

Inner Sight.  Inner Knowing.  Inner Feeling.  And Inner Prescience.

As the ashes continue to crumble and blow away to other worlds, dimensions, and the Heartlight of Source Energy for cleansing and/or rehabilitation . . . the seedlings will flourish (flower-ish) . . . in the composted soil.

Your sentience will emerge as the flowers on each of your “branches” or “stems”, like little buds, opening to the sun, the Central Sun, and the Great Father of All Suns, the Grand Central Sun, that is the Purest Essence of the Divine Creator Oversoul in Form.

So practice, Dear Ones, your sentient skills. 

Review some of this channel’s earlier messages about the basics of your sentient nature. 

There is a Sentience Activation Exercise on the front page of this web space, that is offered for free to each individual who seeks it, and that is here now, to form a collective energy as more and more embrace this conscious work individually to raise the frequency of the planet. 

Truth energies allow your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to feel safe in this new sentient world. 

Truth, Truthfulness, and Transparency of Self TO self . . . support the building blocks, the genetic DNA structures in your Light Bodies . . . to power up more fully, in order to receive guidance, nourishment, and needed skills — allowing them to more fully emerge. 

You are on the cusp of witnessing the great clearing of the old densities, now vanquished, and left only with ash, as a wind blown element of what they once were. 

All things change.  Grow.  And Evolve through Time, Space, Timelessness, and Spacelessness.

You are witnessing the Time of the Great Garden’s Return.  The Divine Garden.  God’s Garden.  Through the Soil of Sentience that you must now fertilize by Loving Breath, Conscious Attention, and Active Conscious Engagement on a regular basis.

Make time daily to feel its Heartbeat. 

Make time to quiet the noise of the receding ash . . . to hear the Stillness and Breadth of Light and Life . . . that is YOU

Remain aware of the Energies of Truth and the Vibrations of Reality from the Higher Lens and Perspective of the Heart. 

Sentience is here to guide all Sentient Beings HOME . . . to the Divine Master Plan and Blueprint for Source Seeded Divine Living and Prosperity.

It is not a world you will find outside you at first. 

For the ash and smoggy remnants of the old world’s work and energies still create part of the physical atmosphere your physical eyes see.

Instead, turn your attentions inward each day, while still being aware of the outward smog . . . and feel the clean air within.  The Light of the Godheart Within.  The Joy of your True Purpose and Passions on the Earth at this time. 

Breathe that oxygen. 

And remember Minerva’s Meditation offered here on this site as well as on the ColorTheMagic YouTube channel by this channel – to help you.  Breathe these other worldly messages during this time of great transition and the great cleansing.

Insert Minerva Meditation link here.

Commit to practicing daily awareness – of which world is TRULY Real. 

. . . the small, limited, broken, ashy, smoggy world of the last age?

. . . or the infinite world inside you of pure sentient consciousness that transcends time, space, and any perceived limitations and lack?

If you decide that the Infinite World of Pure Consciousness is the Real Light, Truth, and Path ahead . . . begin to nourish a willingness and practice of listening for sentience in your day.

To start, maybe just a few minutes per day will be spent doing this.

Over time, it will become all that you know.  Internally and externally.

This channel is a scribe for us in Spirit from the Higher Realms.  But encoded in her Divine Plan and Blueprint, are the records and the codes of a Living Map.  Of a Soul’s Blueprint through Time.  Of a Soul’s Vibrational Story through Time.   

So we would say – tune in to YOUR Inner Matrix.  Your Inner Sentience.  Your Divine Breath that feeds you with Light and Consciousness Daily.  And see what that Breath Consciousness is awakening and activating in YOU, in YOUR Perceptions, and in YOUR Beliefs and Abilities. 

And stay tuned to this channel as well, who has been writing scrolls, insights, and blueprints received from Spirit for many years now.

Each one of you is an essential bud, a core pioneer, and a perfect blueprint of a special skill and talent that the world needs at this time.

Activated Lightworkers and Divine Sacred Weavers – listen in to your own mentoring and guidance cues coming from within, to bring the next wave of Light Codes, Instructions, and Love Consciousness to your Path and Purpose now. 

All are receiving infusions of Light from the Grand Central Sun, whether consciously or unconsciously now.  It is rewiring your DNA and your cellular structures, certainly at the Light/Etheric levels.

Soon, the physical body will reflect these upgrades.

Trust in Truth. 

Embrace your Expanding Light. 

See with Inner Eyes the Vast Worlds of Goodness and Light opening to you.  And flowering within you. 

The Source of All That Is . . . is Infinite.  And so too are you.

All our love Dear Ones.

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