Mother Mary – December 8, 2016: Holographic Frequencies of Light

“Holographic Frequencies of Light”
December 8, 2016
Mother Mary, via channel Marie Mohler

Dear Ones,

I am here with a Message of Light from the Arcturian High Council. 

You are a holographic insert on your world.  All of you actually are.  It’s complicated but that is something you may be able to visualize.

Now . . . while you are a holographic insert, the frequencies you feel, live, breathe, engage, and do . . . effect your opacity.  So the darker your choices, thoughts, and feeling states are, the denser your physical state becomes.  The lighter your choices and feeling states are, the lighter and more transparent your physical form becomes, or is.


Those in the realms of the great darkness, and negative creationary agendas, have become so solid, dense, and heavy in their vibrations that they cannot perceive themselves as a frequency in form.  They only know the weight and perceived wielding of their personas and power.

They will pass at the end of this lifetime, having gleaned a lot of experiential knowledge, but stricken with remorse from the way their actions have effected worlds.  Not just this one.

This experiment has been allowed to play out on the earth, as an example to all of the price that is paid for such deep separation from Source.  It is an example in the cosmos, for many other planets and beings. who are just as separated as well. 

Earth is the model and the mirror of the totality of this experience.


So when we say you are holographic dear ones, we mean that you are more “hollow”, more “frequency”, or more “light” than you presently understand.  Any dis-ease you experience for instance is a kind of vapor . . . that has water elements in it.  By working with the water elements in your body, you can literally extract the diseased water particles in your body, and insert a new field or frequency to replace it.

While that might not make sense to you now, it may.  And it likely will, later.

What I mean to say to you . . . is that that same “vapor” instruction or analogy is like your karma as well.  All things are mere frequency.  And frequency is living life force.  Or Living Light.


So, if you wish to transcend karma, or disease, or suffering, you literally can become a water healer.  Because you can visualize at least from your particular perspective now, the dark vapor particles being drawn out and outside of the body . . . by a cosmic gravitational pull now . . . and into the ethers of Source Light for cleansing and transmutation.  Back into Source Light.  And then you can call in New Light Frequencies in the exact vibrational match to the healing needed, to then psychically-surgically replace new light-filled water vapor codes into the space where darkness had just resided.

We are all just particles moving together . . . living, breathing, and pulsing together.

So this darkness pulsing on your world has simply been an anomaly to the normal perfection that a frequency-based universe operates in. 

All Darkness is a form of Light that has become corroded or corrupted in some way.  And it requires Streams of Light to reset it’s codes.

The shifts taking place are holographic in nature, but soon will be more tangible, in the perceptual field of “physicality.”

The darkness is being titrated out and the new light codes are being holographically inserted into every matrix and DNA structure on the planet.

Therefore, you may see some individuals literally dematerialize on your world . . . if there isn’t enough light within to hold their physical structure during the titration occurring.  And the transferring of codes.

The Light is absorbing the Darkness.  This is True.


And those beings on the receiving end of dark efforts still unfolding — either have bigger water molecules in their holograph to absorb and transmute the darkness with Light – or they will choose to simply leave.

Some are heros.  Some are soul travelers having a big experience that they may, or may not, be understanding in the bigger picture.

All are learning however.  About the range of light and darkness in this holographic experiment. Where both are infinite.

And where All Is Infinite.  Of this, there is no doubt. 

Now intervention is coming.  So that mass trauma does not need to be experienced again, like Atlantis.  And Lemuria.  And other end times experienced.

The fear ratcheting up is in response to old DNA and “Water Vapor Records”, holding traumatic memory of previous end times.

All of you are remembering this.  At some level.

And so, soon, you will have conscious assistance to heal, and to reset those fears.  In the ways I am describing.

For now, you can visualize this healing, even if simply as a vision or prayer.  It will go a long way in helping this transition to be a positive one. 

For those still creating in the realms of darkness, it is a soul’s choice to know this level of density.  And many make that choice. They know their soul can always return to the Light.  For there is no time.  And there is no space.  So they desire experiences to give their soul experiences in the infiniteness.  Karma then puts them in “timelines”.  It “traps” them and “contains their experiences”.  So that they can get perspective on the evolvement continuum.

When a soul’s journey on the continuum is complete, they remember that frequency is light and they can ride Light Beams back to Source.

All will, eventually. 

Right now, your journey is on that return ship.  On that Light Beam to Source.

All are contained in the One.  No one is ever really separate.  But all are not joined really either.  Just different octaves sounding on the same thread of experience, at times, simply undetectable to the other. 

Let it be.

Those receiving energies of darkness or having a negative experience, remember, are having an experience on the karmic continuum, in a holographic universe, that ultimately is the frequency of vapor. 

Some day, even that experience will vapor-ize . . . or dematerialize.

And you do not need to entwine yourself any longer with an old or negative story that only serves darkness now. 

Your job, if you will, is to focus on being a Frequency of Light.  As such, you vibrate on an octave that denser frequencies cannot see, feel, or find. 

So be a Frequency of Light dear ones


Vibrate in the higher octaves. 

Listen for the Light Beams to Source, here in ever increasing amounts, to guide you Home.

Home is just a Feeling, or Breath, or Attunement to the Light . . . away from where you are now, to where your soul is next meant to be.

We are with you in the Light of the Infinite Source Energy, guiding all in the cosmos now, to greater remembrance and alignment with the Divine.

All my love.


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