December 2017 Wrap Up and January 2018 Energies

December 2017 Wrap Up and January 2018 Energies
Vibrational Detoxing and Light Expansion

A Message from El Morya, Mother Earth,
Mother Mary, and the Arcturian High Council:

via Channel Marie Mohler
Received December 7, 2017





Dear Ones,

It is El Morya, and the Golden Flame, . . . here with Mother Mary, Mother Earth, and the Arcturian High Council.  golden candles with golden flames photo

December is a Time of Holiday Celebrations, or Holy Day Celebrations, for many of you on your world.  And we bring a Gifting of Extra Golden Flame Energy and Light Consciousness to each and every one you.  May it dance, play, and awaken all of the sleepiest parts of each of you, so that in the New Year, you will be more open and welcoming of the Golden Flame’s Light Codes that will be here to usher in more Frequencies of New Earth Light, Love, and Peace on this planet.  

December will be an energetic culmination for many of you, in which you bundle the last vestiges of karmic contracts and karmic holds against your Divine Happiness, Prosperity, Sovereignty, Bliss, and Freedom. 

And thus it may bring tensions, disagreements, tangles, miscommunications, or an overall sense of dysphoric irritability these next few weeks. 

people disagreeing or in conflict imageIf you know the Greater Vibrational Purpose if you will in the greater cleansing of a vast amount of karmic debris . . . then riding the waves of emotional ups and downs and ins and outs will somehow seem a bit easier.  Resisting it only clogs up the release process, that cosmically is ultimately designed to help you.  So as much as you can remain aware and allowing of these denser energies to move through, without claiming an attachment to you, do so with the highest embracing of the New Light Codes within you as you can.

These are not easy times.  Yet.  But letting go an entire world cycle and age of karmic debris is quite a soulular undertaking.  And it will be your Higher Selves that will help guide your conscious discipline and discernment as you ride the waves of deep release and cleansing for all time.

Come January, as the clock strikes the 12th gong, on the morning of the 1/1/2018 . . . an 11:11 portal will open . . . for January is a “1” month, the 1st is a “1” day, and 2018 adds to 11 as well (2+0+1+8).  So the 1/1 is an 11 and the 2018 is an 11.  11:11 is an Ancient and Timeless Awakening and Activation Code.  And Humanity will enter a New and Vast Season of Awakening and Activations on this day and beyond.  rainbow fireworks 2018 image

Awakenings can be positive, uplifting, and wonderful.  They can also be jarring, uncomfortable, and wrought with uncertainty. 

During the 11:11 Portal Activations, the mind is required to simply move into a role of witness, while the Heart’s Vast and Timeless Consciousness steps forward to Lead With Light once more.

The 11:11 then is a “Mind-Pause” Activation Code, where the All Knowing, All One, All Loving Heart is Free to be its Organic Divinity once more . . .

So if we offer a brief recap, this December will bring a Period of Deep Cleansing Culminations, Karmic Bundlings and Releasings, and Karmic Closeouts on a mass scale and a heightened individual one.

It is a Necessary Review and Release Time for Humanity.  Whether it occurs consciously or unconsciously. All will clean house so to speak to allow their “Divine House,” their Sacred Heart Center and Core Operating Engine, to Power Up these New Earth Light Codes promptly on the 1/1/2018 ~ which will lead to steady unfoldments of mass awakenings and activations within all sentient beings of this planet. 

We recommend working with this channel’s Heart Integration Exercise given by Source Energy to help support the Frequencies of these Times and to help support your frequencies in these times.

It is offered to each and all as a Vibrational Detox Tool, to help clean and clear out old negative debris.  And to help Attune each Heart Chamber and Etheric Body to the Frequencies of Light now flooding your world.  Bathe in the Light as much as you can.  Choose activities, people, or experiences that are Filled with Light.  Discern activities that seem embedded in drama, and Ask the Light to release you energetically from any and all attractions to drama. 

Drama is merely Karmic Debris, that lives in the cells of one individual, magnetically attracting and seeking to commune with and engage the cells of other people’s karmic debris.   [Upon transcribing this, I noticed the words drama and karma share all the same letters and sounds ~ except for the initial “d” and the “k”.  Interesting.]

karmic debris imageSo notice when karmic “lint” is calling you to engage.  Notice it.  And then, when you can, invite your Heart Center’s Light to come out and Lead in the Light.  Ask your Heart Center to clear your Karmic Debris in that moment.  See a Cosmic Vacuum Cleaner swiftly sucking up all of the negative debris in you that desires to match up with a certain negative debris in others.  Let the Light do a Deep Clearing of All Debris, and thus all Magnetizing Negative Energy.  And see the situation neutralized and alchemized in the Light of Source Light in that moment and in the “always” now in your experience.

December may have some drama in store.  It is simply an invitation to witness All of That Debris Being Cleared Out with Conscious Awareness and the Conscious Summoning of Divine White Source Light . . . to clean and clear anything less than the Bliss and Light that All are Divinely Designed to BE and to Experience.   

January will offer a powerful 11:11 Gateway and a Pathway into Heart Centered Consciousness.  Exposures of that which is “Not Light Energy” will continue.  And Invitations TO Greater and Greater Light Energies will continue to ensue.

You are loved deeply and dearly, dear ones. 

All in the Galaxy have their eyes on Earth at this time.  For you are their little Sister.  And they are loving you as you go through these Quantum Growth Spurts right now, to get up to speed with the Light Flowering and Flourishing in the Rest of the Cosmos in the Higher Realms.

Feel all Star Nations in your Soul’s Consciousness that your Heart Knows is your True Soul Family.  And allow the Love of Light Consciousness to fill your Body Temple, your Dreams, your Spirit, and your Heart’s Deepest Desires this Holiday Season.

golden light cascading over star heart flame image

Our Gift to You is a reminding of the Golden Flame’s Light as an Organic and All Time Light in Each of You. You are this Light.  You have always been this Light.  And you will Consciously Know this Light as a Grand Collective in very near time. 

All Our Love.

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