Rising Collective Phoenix ~ Be IN This World But Not OF It

Rising Collective Phoenix:
Be IN This World But Not OF It

Earth Chronicles ~ Report No. 13
A Message from Mother Earth

via channel Marie Mohler 
Received February 6, 2018





Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth here today.  I relish in the opportunity to connect with each of you in this conscious and interconenctive way. 

We began these Earth Chronicles to share regular messages, from my heart to yours, about the status of the New Earth Unfolding.  And there is no greater joy for me to do just that, through this channel today, than to connect with you about our process and progress in forming this Brand New Earth. 

eye with colorful earth iris imageMany of us have the Spiritual Eyes to see . . . to consciously witness . . . the dematerialization of the Old 3D Structures and Codes from the past World Cycle.  My Phoenix is deep in the death-rebirth-and-renewing cycle.

More structures will fail and fall.  And become the ash that is needed, and required, for a New Phoenix to birth through.

It is essential that we all continue to Consciously Breathe . . . and to invite the New Earth Light INTO Our Breath . . . especially as the old rears up on its way to full disclosure and dematerialization.  The Old is taking its last gasping breaths . . . and we must remember it is the Old and the New that actually are the Same One.  The Same Whole.  The Same Soul.

They are the Light and the Dark of the Godheart.  The Greater Oversoul.  Experiencing Itself in all of us.  Now releasing its darker aspects to birth again in the New Light Source is expanding to be.

We, dear ones, are billions of Mini Source Phoenixes, rising into a New and Highly Integrated Divine Source Light.

sun beam of light photoThe Old and the New now fly into One Hybridized, Integrated, Ascended Source Light . . . through the old vaporous energy . . . dematerializing with increasing speed . . . to allow our Light Bodies to get up to speed . . . with the Quantum Consciousness of the Greater Galaxy. 

Earth is releasing its density. And rising into the New Light required by our Solar System.  Required by the Greater Cosmos and Universal Timeline’s Alignment.

So, fear not, what we are releasing.  Witness any attachments that rise in your heart centers to any old energies failing and falling away.  Acknowledge them, and then allow them to dematerialize, in your conscious awareness.

All things exposed, that are riddled with density, never served your Greatest Good.  They were merely a teaching tool to illuminate this “Great-Release-NOW-Moment”. 

And then, Consciously Breathe New Light into your Heart Center. 

Breathe this Newly Birthing Phoenix Light that knows how to rise from the ashes of past experience and pain. 

Breathe any particular colors into your Heart Center and Cellular Structures that need specific support in this Ascension Process.  Color Frequencies have Divine Intelligence that can soothe even the weariest and slowest parts of us that still feel unwilling and unprepared for these Quantum Shifts inside us.

Breathe in the Colors your Soul System needs . . . to feel safe . . . to let go.  To let go of an Old World that is dying to itself . . . and to our Collective Consciousness.

And then . . . tune in . . . inside . . . and breathe the New Colors your New Operating System and 5D (and Higher) Cellular Structures need . . . to birth this Newly Risen, Higher Version, Higher and Greater Sentient Version of your Soul Self, now in this New Golden Age of Light. 

In this way, in the Breath, we are literally
Midwifing Ourselves Between the Realms. 

Our Phoenix is birthing through our own Conscious Awareness of the Old’s Release in and through us . . . and the Full and Birthing Embodiment of an entirely New Frequency and Divine Operating System of Light. 

We are all the All of that process. 
And rising together in all of us is this Collective Phoenix Energy

Made possible by a Conscious and Courageous Commitment to let the old energies go.  To release them and our carbon based structures into an etheric ash now. 

And to more fully embrace our 5D and Higher Crystalline Light Coded Operating Systems filled with Joy, Peace, and Unity Consciousness.

the word "we" with inspirational sayings in letters imageWe are the Ones we have been waiting for. 

We are the Phoenixes rising through our Own Ashes, to form this Pristine, Light-Filled Harmonious New World.

Will we be tempted by our attachments to hang on to elements of our former lives, that are still founded and grounded in the “old”?


But will we be offered visions of the New Light that will become easier and easier to see and embrace, as New Light Codes and New Earth Fruitfulness and Joy manifests for all to see?


So look for where the Light wants to Shine through the darkness and the crumblings of density.

Look for where your own Heart Center’s Guidance is showing up for you . . . to let something of the old realm go . . . and the New Light Codes to Seed Further and More Joyfully in your Experience.

We are the Seeds of this New Earth still becoming the New Light she is Divinely Designed to Be.

Dream the New Light with me Dear Ones.  Allow the Wholeness of the Journey to Harmonize now.  The Old Energies know their Destiny is to Return to Ether Now, for cleansing, purification, and rebirth.  The New Energies know the Value of the Rich Alchemized Soil it is birthing up and through.

Invite your Heart Light and Soul Wisdom to see through this more Aerial Cosmic View . . . whenever the crumblings and dematerialization of the “old” frequencies feels to be too much.


paragliders in yellow sunset image

Zooming out helps you to gain perspective
that you are in this world, but not of it.

That You Are the New Light Codes Birthing Out
of the Ashes of the Alchemized Old Ones.

You have New Missions.  Expansive Talents.  And much more
Light and Joyous Creations to Manifest in the New Earth. 

When we release attachments to things “of this world,” we open our
Heart Centers to move outside the Realms of Time . . . and see the Value
of our Timeless Divine Extraordinarily Free Nature. 

We are Infinite. 

We are Whole.

We are Eternal Beings. 

We have risen through outdated energies and ash before. 

And we are doing it incredibly courageously now again.

Breathe in the New Light of our Rising Collective Phoenix.

Breathe in the New Light of the New Timelines you Wish to Be.

Breathe in the Dream of the Greatest Light you see Yourself to Be.

And Allow the Crystalline Energies Flowing Through My Heart Center . . . to Usher You . . . into that New Earth Timeline and Destination and Manifestation of Goodness and Blessings in your Daily Life Experience.

In your NOW.


woman at bright yellow sunset image


As Quantum Beings now, there is less and less delay between what we think and what we feel . . . and what we manifest.

Think the Thoughts and Feel the Feelings of All Blessing-Filled
New Ways
You Desire to Birth Your Light on this Planet. 

We have much to cleanse anew in this New Earth.

And it starts with our willingness to Be and to fully Embody the New Light we are Rising to Be!

All My Love.


For additional upliftment and/or to further ground in the light messages of this blog post, you can tune into 2 Unique New Earth Soul Songs channeled and sung by yours truly, titled “We Are The Ones” and the “New Earth Alignment Song”.  These songs are vibrational tools that are here to help each one of us learn these soul lyrics and to better attune our inner frequencies to the Frequencies of Higher Light that we truly and innately are.  Have a listen.

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