September-October 2021+: The Fires, Floods, & Alchemy of Change, Red October, Quantum Accelerations, God’s Love

September-October 2021+
The Fires, Floods, & Alchemy of Change:
Red October, Quantum Accelerations,
The Human Ego, The Stillness of Spirit,
& The Enduring Love of Source

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 9.18.2021



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Living, Expansive, and Eternal Light of Christ Consciousness, which is often embodied by many of you as The Presence of Unity Consciousness in All Things and thus in All That Is.  We invite you to join us in this stream of The Living Christ Consciousness, the stream of Unity Consciousness, and the stream of the Living Light and Enduring Love of the Godheart, from which you all came and to which you shall all return as the Ascension Process continues to unfold and The Great Awakening continues to emerge as a lived experience now in your timeline and daily life.  Let us breathe a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In together, and invite this Living Breath, this Living Prana that comes straight from Source Energy, to bathe all of your cells, all of your energy bodies, and all of your conscious awareness with God’s Enduring Love and God’s Eternal Blessings for All of Creation.  Breathe this Living Light and Prana and allow your soul presence to receive these vital divine nutrients and this Knowing of the Miracles of Faith and Fortitude in all of your lives.  Conscious Breathing as we have shared many times before IS First Preparation.  It is literally The Breath of Life.  And in these times of epic and intense change on your world, you are these Living Divine Children of Mother/Father God and Mother Earth seeking new breath, new life, and new light.  So Breathe In Deeply and Appreciatively what is given so Freely to you from Source, from Creator, from Creation . . . and notice the contrast in the symptoms on your world of what limits the breath and perhaps begin even an internal inquiry or curiosity, about why Breathing Freely is being so limited. - September October 2021 - Conscious BreathingWe will talk more about that today as we begin to seed the Energies of October 2021 into your conscious awareness and into your participation as a powerful soul and creator being on your world at this time.  But for now, it is important to draw our attention back to the Breath, back to Conscious Breathing, and back to the Freedom TO Breathe in your world, in your life, in your home, and in conversations and connections with others.  For where the Breath of Life is, God Is.  And hence we may have answered our very own question about the Breath above . . . why is it being limited?  Obstructed?  Attacked?  Minimized?  Devalued?  And even mandated out of your lives?  With global masking practices and global fear campaigns to seed a Fear of The Breath?  In a spiritual battle that has been unfolding for centuries and millennia, with deeper soul vision and clearer soul sight, one can see the Energy of the Serpent censoring, attacking, and attempting to cease altogether The Breath of God in God’s Children, and thus access to True and Vital Life Force, Inspiration, Sovereignty, and Freedom.  And the Time to Breathe Deeply and Freely has never been more keen and more poignant than it is right now, today, in September and October 2021.  You need your Conscious Breathing now more than ever before.  And we delight in Breathing This Divine Prana in consciously with you, to all of the aspects inside you that need and desire it the most.  These are Showerings of Prana that all of you could stand to receive a little more frequently than you have been experiencing.  But all of that is changing.  Prana and Divine Breath not only are First Preparation . . . they are First Ascension steps.  They are the vital nutrients that are given to you for your most miraculous journeys to this New Land, this New Life, and this New Earth.  

September 2021 is quickly becoming October 2021, isn’t it?  Have you noticed and felt The Great Quickening happening?  Have you experienced your own quantum accelerations?  Perhaps they have come in the form of quicker manifestations of your thoughts into actions or thoughts becoming things?  Perhaps you witness the turmoil in your world gaining momentum and becoming more robust in recent months over the course of the experience of the global pandemic?  Things are happening faster, which some of you may be noticing.  For the 3D matrix’s grip on and management of the slowness of time is slipping.  And quantum frequencies that move more in speeds of light are flowing more freely and unbridled-ly once more.  Can you see it?  Can you feel it?  Can you sense it?  Something is in the air.  Quite literally.  And that “something” is God.  That something is Higher Frequencies of Light. That something is the Living Light of Creation returning to a world that was so steeped in serpentine manipulations that it was almost literally out of Breath.  It was almost literally out of Breath.  Out of Hope.  Out of Love and Compassion.  Out of Health.  Out of Wealth.  And Out of Time.   

And yet, this Ultimate Creator, this Ultimate Baker as we referenced in the last transmission, and this Ultimate Source of Unity, Enduring Love, and Miracle Making is here right on time.  To help heal the planet in these times.  And to help you to heal and rise and take your proper place in All of Divine Creation, as the old one crumbles away.  Source is bringing the Prana that your planet needs the most.  God is bringing the Living Light and the Language of your Living Light back to the people when they are crying out the most.  The Cycle of Separation is complete.  And now the Cycle of Source Supported and Empowered Divine Union is here to stay.  

So . . . you might be asking yourself . . . What Does It Take TO RISE In This Way?  How does one ascend, or how does an entire collective ascend, from such a depth of darkness and nearly life-force-less-ness due to the methods and conditionings of Separation Consciousness that have been perpetrated, acquiesced, and accommodated for so long?  Faith.  Fortitude.  A Willingness to Align. To Change.  To Surrender the old world’s ways of separation and to incorporate and integrate the New Earth’s ways of union and living according to Divine Will, Natural Law, and really The Law of One.

The Ultimate Baker knows the Ultimate Recipe for An Entire Collective Consciousness steeped in the dense, lack-filled, confusion and depletion of separation consciousness to rise in its Organic Divine and Risen Light and Christ Consciousness, in these times.  And this is what you are seeing playing out with perfection and precision.  To the day.  To the hour. To the minute.  Even if through your lenses and filters, this does not appear so.  God’s Cycles of Time and Miracle Makings are bigger than yours.  More enduring than yours.  And also more acute and keen than yours.  

How many times in human history did you see a person, a soul traveler, a hero in the making, or a group of people face epic or herculean challenges?  Only to at times, rise beyond the limitations of those circumstances, and into a God Timeline once more?  It hasn’t been all the time, of course, in a 3D matrix with many complex vibrational inner workings and gears that conspire to create the opposite of free will, sovereignty, and abundance and well-being for all.  But it happens a profound amount of the time when the person, soul traveler, hero in the making, or group of people stood their ground in faith, with God, on the side of God, and through the Breath of God.  

September and October 2021 will be months of this year . . . as well as of this epic period of time known as The Shift of the Ages . . . that will summon all TO RISE.  Events will unfold that test your very breath.  The pandemic was simply a warm up to the ultimate events emerging now in your human experiences in these coming weeks.  October will serve as the Oven for this Ultimate Baking experience back into something whole, unified, and exquisitely and other-worldly sensory . . . that weaves Oneness back into the epidemic of depleted heart centers, life force centers, and the breath in all of Humanity right now.  

So October is going to be Hot with many unfoldments that are baking away old karmic contracts, old pathways of thinking and believing, and alchemizing fear into faith.  To alchemize, there is an element of heat, yes?  To truly burn away that which is extra or that which is not belonging in the new vibrational experiences one desires, there has to be an enduring heat that ultimately catalyzes the ultimate enduring love .  . . which is a Return to Source.  It is a Return to the Ultimate Love.  And this is a Return to Union with the One Heart again, or the Christ Consciousness again.

There is still a great deal of energy with the Fall Equinox catalyzing great change.  This change is more of a Revolution, with a Great Renaissance coming after this Revolution and the Transformational, Transmutational, and Transfigurational Changes required for the Great Ascension through this Epic Alchemy underway. - September October 2021 - Cooling Alchemical HeatSo we invite you to get used to some of this Alchemical Heat.  What cools your neurological overwhelm, your emotional stress, your physical exhaustion, and your pervasive multi-system responses to the triggers of fear, disbelief, shock, grief, and more?  Conscious Breathing.  The Breath of Life is critical to your every moment’s inner rising now.  Critical.  Learn how to take deep, long, soothing, belly filling breaths.  First simply breathe slowly and consciously in this way.  And when you get into a rhythm with that Beautiful Full Belly Breathing, you will then want to add an intention or a prayer or a knowing and sensing that God/Source/Creator is literally Breathing You.  And in that partnership in the breath, God/Source/Creator is also replenishing, refueling, and renewing you with a Sacred Divine Prana that is a Divine Medicine to transcend the lower energetic vibrations and experiences in these times.

You are here to be Living Conscious Breathers of Ascensional and Ascensionary Heat.  The more of you who can breathe The Breath of God in this time, the more a greater majority of you will rise more easily into what is new, with fewer look backs to your own personal attachments to the “old”, and fewer look backs to the collective’s attachments to the “old”.  

Do you remember Noah?  Sailing very new seas on the flood waters that his biblical timeline manifested?  And having to surrender to Source Vision and to unify with Source, to breathe life and life force within his holy vessel and within his family, in that journey?  Without that faith, and that alignment with the Breath and with the Living Life Force of Source, those stormy waters could have flooded out their very life force, at any time.  But they didn’t.  Noah’s Ark surfed those waves, buoyant on those waves of change in his timeline, because he faithed.  Because he united in the breath.  Because he listened to the messages of Source coming from within, and he honored each and every guidance, no matter what his ego might have tried to misinterpret, or create a narrative about, or wanted to even rant about in terms of its fears of security and safety in that time.  

This is what it looks like to put your life in the hands of God/Source/Creator again.  There comes a time in all soul’s journeys when they leave the thinking and the limits of thinking in alignment with all that they have learned, and they begin to Trust Something Much Bigger, Much Deeper, Much Richer, and Much Wiser than they have ever consciously known before.  The Human Ego wants to outsmart, outwit, outrun, out-strategize etc. the human experience of fearful situations, thinking and hoping it can.  But the Divine Soul Essence, the Living Life Force and Powerful Soul Presence you eterally are and came to be and shine in this timeline, knows the Limitations of the Ego’s sight . . . and just how short-sighted it is.  It knows the pitfalls of human experiences that the Ego often creates, all the while still justifying to itself that it is creating a way out of the very mess it is in. It’s a dog chasing its tail, to higher dimensional soul sight.  And the Soul Presence Within at some point begins to recognize this endless battle with the ego and the ego’s limitations within.  

And there is a point . . . On The Precipice . . . where the two wolves . . . that have been wrestling within for lifetimes . . . and that the serpent has funded, fueled, bribed, empowered, and pushed for eons in some way or another . . . comes to a STILLPOINT.  And that STILLPOINT invites the Soul Presence within to Surrender the Ego’s Games and Exhausting Wrestling Match within itself and within you . . . and it simply opens another previously unforeseen door within . . . to a Whole New Light.  A Whole New Life.  And it knows the wisdom in the Surrender and the Allowing of that much Higher Light and that Much Higher Life, even if there is some heat to go through.  Even if there is some discord or dissonance to go through, in more human aspects of the journey.  The Soul knows there is even value in that.  There’s the old expression that’s grist for the mill which relates to the value of the marrow gleaned and gained in walking through the “fire” of change, walking through the “alchemical” aspects of personal change and soulful transformation, and using the journey as nutrients and broader gifts for the Higher Journey you just put yourself on, in the willingness to overcome the baiting, calling, and relentless summoning of your ego to play in the serpent’s sandbox, the 3D matrix any more.

You are these New Earth Noahs.  You are these Sailors of Tumultuous Global Seas now in The Great Awakening and The Epic Planetary Ascension.  There are floods happening in many parts of the world right now.  There are also floods of fire as well.  There are inner floods and fires to match what is externally manifesting on the surface of your world.  

Those that desire to deny, deny, and deny again the Truth that is right in front of them seem to be postponing the inevitable . . . . And what is the inevitable?  The Alchemical Process of the Great Rising.  The Great Awakening.  And The Great Return to Union with Source and with the All once more.

Heat on many levels will find the human experience this month and beyond.  There is no where to run to hide from, deny, mock, devalue, and dismiss this Truth in your lives.  Because it is coming to your shores.  It is coming to your Heart Center.  It is coming to your Conscious Awareness.  As One Humanity.  Seeing, Knowing, Witnessing, and Facing The Same Things.  

The Ultimate Baker has assembled The Ultimate Ingredients for the Ultimate Timeline of the End Times and the New Times, The Shift of Ages, happening on your world, right now.

Trust that what is unfolding, in this epic war, also has God’s Ingredients for Alchemy and Epic Transformative and Transfigurative Change within it.  Yes, some events may be catalyzed by the Serpent . . . stoking fire to achieve its ends.  And your inner light, your inner sight, your higher awareness is being summoned to activate and begin to partner with you once more.  So you can see where and how you are to be while this epic battle plays out to bring Separation Consciousness on Planet Earth to a CLOSE.  And yet, if you can muster faith the size of a mustard seed to see deeper, to call in God deeper, to ask for a deeper and braver faith than the one you are tapped into in that moment that is having doubts, you will be fortified with an even greater strength than you knew you could ever have or muster before. - September October 2021 - Sun Rays Bringing Truth and RevelationEverything that is illusion is coming to the surface.  Every secret and darkness and nefarious alliance and creation is being made known.  In the face of that overwhelming Truth and Revelation, people will shed their illusions.  People will shed their false allegiances to false “gods” and false puppet masters doing the bidding of the serpent.  And people will go through a myriad of emotions, reactions, materializations of their own worst fears, anger, grief, etc in that process.  But what will rise?  Is the Light Within that was always the True Source in them.  Through the Darkness, they will alchemize their own Living Light and Set It Free.

The external will mirror the internal and vice versa.  What you see swirling in fiery heat in Red October 2021 through disclosures and revelations . . . will mirror the fiery heat that is being experienced internally by those especially who chose to sleep the longest and now who must embrace the Great Quickening of their own Spiritual Acceleration and Ascension Process.  

What is one of the best ways to ride out these storms of 2021?  And particularly the Fall of 2021 in the northern hemisphere and the spring in the southern hemisphere?  It is Best to Be Prepared.  A storm of epic proportions is on the planet’s shores.  That’s not just on your neighbor’s shores.  Or your friend across the ocean’s shores.  Or your own personal shores.  It’s on the Collective’s Shores.  Because it is on the Planet as a Whole’s Shores.  Those unprepared will feel the heat of September-October’s unfoldments the most intensely.  Those prepared will still undergo some heat.  But with more Prana than most.  And Prana is your Life Preserver in times of Fire Storms and Epic Floods.

These are biblical times.  Those that prepared in other timelines for their biblical times fared better than those who didn’t.  What were their first preparations?  Conscious Breathing, Faith, and Fortitude, and allowing Union with Source, as best as they could muster.  These first preparations have no earthly pricetag.  It does’t cost millions of dollars to “afford” first preparations on this list.  These are practices, intentions, and willingnesses that you cultivate, nurture, and nourish from within.  And that process . . . is summoned in Now.  In this transmission.  In previous weeks, months, and even years.  But even today and going forward!  These are ever-expansive and ever-expanding tools for these times.  Use them.  Use them well.  Use them wisely.

And we will also say that Noah did not survive the Great Flood on faith alone.  Noah built a ship.  Noah built an ark.  That was a physical manifestation of the Faith he carried within to step up and step out, and honor his guidance that came from within.  Did Noah face an alchemical fire long before the floods ever came?  With people’s judgement?  Mocking?  And likely all kinds of crazy accusations and jeers? From the public?  And then from friends and family members?  Likely so.  Did that stop Noah’s resolve to listen to the guidance God was giving him, from within?  No.  

This is when the Soul Presence steps up to understand that the Divine Essence you are within . . . is who is in communication with Source.  The Ego lives outside of God.  The Ego lives in the world of separation, and thus in the world of Fear.  How is the Ego ever going to hearing the Loving, Eternal, Enduring Voice of God/Source/Creator when it is so busy dealing with its alignment with the 3D matrix and all of the “fires” that that world requires the ego to put out and all of the distractions (good or bad) that the 3D matrix demands?  It’s not.  

Its hearing with Deeper Ears and seeing with Higher Soul Vision that is what can make the difference between your being an Empowered New Earth Noah in this timeline, and in this biblical time, OR sinking, swirling, and crumbling with the heat and the floods of what is emerging to be The Greatest Awakening of All Time.  

All Are Rising.  The Earth Mother Requires Risen Soul Frequencies and Higher Consciousness now for this new Era and Age of Planetary Peace, Spiritual Evolvement, and Christ Consciousness Living and Enlightenment.  

The Ultimate Baker is monitoring, guiding, and facilitating this Epic Ascension.  Wholeness, Reunification, Realignment, and Emancipated Living Light and Life Force are the Gifts of his Baked Goods.  These are God’s Goods.  These are God’s Gifts to Humanity.  And what is the Ultimate Baked Good that God is Gifting to all in these times?  The Return of Union, The Return to Sovereignty, and the Return to Planetary Harmony.

We know it will seem to be an impossibility for the energies of your world to go from this Spiritual Battle and these Profound Divisions across all of humanity . . . in the living duality that appears to be all there is right now.

And yet, the Ultimate Baker is ultimately The Ultimate Creator.  And God/Source/Creator knows how to Alchemize Impossible into Assuredly Possible and Perfectly One and Whole again.  This requires faith.  This requires fortitude.  This requires the soul skills of Noah and other brave souls from timelines past . . . that are here to empower your present . . . with the Knowledge, the Gnosis, that YOU are the Brave Epic New Earth Noah now.  You are the Brave New Earth Moses now.  You are the Brave Epic New Earth Christ now.  God is counting each ingredient for this ultimate alchemy right now.  And you are one of them.  

September and October will be very potent months on the temperature scales of human evolution and spiritual evolvement.  You in this way are invited to be your own Cosmic or Celestial Thermostat as to how hot that oven, how hot that alchemy, and how hot the Great Awakening is for you, while it plays out.  This cosmic thermostat you have doesn’t have the power to turn off the entire story playing out collectively.  But it can regulate it.

What regulates your inner temperature?  Your inner heat?  Your breath.  Your awareness.  Your own spiritual practices.  Your faith.  Your taproot and connection with the Earth Mother.  Your connections with the Cosmic and Celestial Planetary Rising unfolding now.  

Deep breaths, dear ones.  We are with you in each and every one.  God/Source/Creator is with you in each and every one.

Find comfort in the stillness of the breath within you, that knows worlds and knowledge and True Stories of Thriving and Transcendence beyond this world.  

The Ego (and thus most of your messaging systems right now) is trapped and ensnared by the lower 3D matrix most of the time.  We invite you to witness its perceptions, emotions, and experiences, but to fly higher.  To rise higher.  And see from the highest perspective you can find vibrationally within.  Spend time in those higher vibes when you can as a medicinal dose and activator of your Higher Light Codes to transcend these times vibrationally!  And then, listen to the Guidance of your Heart Centers too, to inform your capable minds and thought processes, as to what to DO to prepare and to be grounded in physical form in these times. - September October 2021 - New Earth Noahs Building ArksNoah was guided to build an ark.  What are you guided to have?  To acquire?  To build?  To position?  To consider?  As part of your ascensional “doing” that compliments your preparations of ascensional “being?”  It will take both working in synergy . . . to more calmly, clearly, and assuredly travel and transcend these incredible times.  

With your grounding, you may even be able to support another, who is struggling to breath in the alchemical fires and the floods and the smog of the spiritual battle now in front of an entire collective.  You must ground in your Living Light first.  Breathe in God’s Prana into your Divine Energy Fields first.  Know your Union and Alignment with Christ Consciousness first.  And then, when filled up with all of that Good Nutrient Filled Life Force, you can help another in the storms of these biblical times.  

September and October will crack the old codes and veneers of the 3D matrix, as will the remainder of 2021.  And yet this expansive cracking and crumbling of the old systems and the old games and matrix is exactly HOW the Light is getting in.

Liberation is your destiny.  Sovereignty is your divinity.  Faith, Conscious Breathing, and Fortitude are your pathway.  Listen for how this is lighting you up from the inside out and preparing a way for your Path of Ascension.  And breathe some gratitude for Source, Gaia, and all of your Spirit Guides and Angel Helpers guiding you to Rise and Align with your Higher Dimensional Timeline, that has been awaiting you, all this time.

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

If you desire to delve a little deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages that review the transmission and offer higher insights here.

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