The Great Quickening: December 2018 Energy Update

The Great Quickening

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received December 5, 2018





Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, El Morya, Mother Mary, and the Arcturian High Council here, otherwise known as the Arcturian Collective of Light.  We are here today to shine a light on your innate energies of Resilience, Fortitude, Sovereignty, and Divine Freedom.  For they will be needed in the next leg now of your earth journeys.

Heart of One ~ The Great Quickening - December 2018 Energy Update, frequencywriter.comLet us all take a Deep Divine Breath In, calling in this Sacred Breath flowing straight from the Heart of Source Energy and thus the Infinite Heart of One and calling in the Golden Crystalline Diamond Light Frequencies of the Earth Mother, . . . to fill every heart on the planet with a whisper and a brilliant wave of Conscious Breath. May this special Divine Oxygen gently awaken all of the hearts who are still sleeping in fields of forgetfulness, about who they really are.  Let’s take another Deep Divine Breath In, for the entire human collective today, to bathe in the Frequencies of Perfect and Pure Divine Love and 5th Dimensional Energies of Divine Light, so that all who are ready can breathe this Sacred Breath in complete harmony and coherence with one another . . . activating more and more and more of you . . . to pulse in resonance with the True Light and Loving Essence Within The Heart of One.

Dear Ones, there have been several significant occurrences over the past several decades, centuries, and millennia, . . . where a great quickening occurred in the Heart of Humanity’s Collective Consciousness, and thus Evolution.  The Time of Christ living on earth was one.  The Time of the Great Renaissance was another.  People were summoned from all walks of life to be their better, brighter, and Higher Selves, in a time where density had seemed to rule the day, and these folks appeared to be superheroes, or at least people with superhuman powers. It wasn’t that they had any more ability or power then anyone else. It was because they each had consciously reviewed and accepted the invitation to allow the brightness of their Organic Light to shine through their Heart Centers and their Conscious Breath.

Simply by this conscious allowance they appeared superhuman or they appeared in some ways to be like Gods.  In Truth, this is what happens for all of humankind when they Let the Light In to Shine through the Frequencies of their All-Knowing Heart Centers.

Humanity is deep in a Time of another Great Quickening. The labor for this time has created numerous productive contractions ~ catapulting the earth, and all sentient beings that live upon her, into a new quantum field of Sacred Resonance, with ultimately ~ The Heart of One ~ the Infinite Heart of this Entire Universe . . . and thus also with the Central Sun, the Great Central Sun, and the Grand Central Sun . . . which are all portals that beam through Infusions of Light from this Immense Frequency and Field of Love . . . of the Heart of One.

Light penetrating the 3D energy matrix ~ The Great Quickening - December 2018 Energy Update, frequencywriter.comWhen this amount of Light breaks through the cracks in this heavy and dense 3-D Earth matrix, it shakes up everything upon which the global systems are based. Since many of the global systems and structures were created to serve only a select few human beings on your world . . . at the expense of the vast majority . . . when this level of Cosmic Universal Light pours into that false matrix, rumbles in the core of those false systems of power give a great roar.  For the Light exposes the illusion upon which those 3-D engines are based. And the 3-D engines groan and growl as a result.  Those 3-D engines rely on the blood, sweat, and tears of the working public and the working majority.  But the 5D Frequencies (and higher) within the Greater Galaxy and within this much vaster universe . . . relies ~ and really we should say ~ thrives on Energies of Synergy and Symbiosis. 

Synergy and Symbiosis are Cosmic Frequencies that at their core thrive in Sacred Partnership, Cohesiveness, Collaboration, Kindness, Mutual Exchange, and Highest Good of All Energies of Light.

What is roaring now is the 3-D matrix’s awareness that its power source . . . the blood, sweat, and tears of the human collective, is closing out. Clearing out. And releasing now for all time, in all directions of time. Never again will a collective have to live as long in a cycle of such density . . . in this same way . . . for the lessons of this last cycle are permanently recorded in the Collective Akashic Record Books.  All of the marrow has been extracted and soon, more and more, it will express wisdom, knowledge, and insight . . . that guides a new 5D+ Humanity into it’s New Earth Light and Birth moving forward.

We have already spoken at length in previous channelings about the energies and densities releasing from your world at this time.

But we have spoken less about the frequencies of the In-Between Times . . . essentially the Time In-Between that last world age and cycle . . . and the full embodiment of the New 5-D Frequencies of Light, Synergy, and Symbiosis completely made manifest in form. 

It is this Bridge Time, or this In-Between Time, that we would like to continue to support in these channelings going forward. For these are the Times Now Unfolding on your world.

You, each and every one of you, are no longer what you have been. Energetically, consciously, and cellularly, . . . you are not the same people. You have been upgraded at a cosmic cellular level, unbeknownst to many of you, to be electrically wired now . . . to receive more and more light in your physical body temples. Not everyone has consciously come online to hook up into this vast Circuitry of Love and Unity Consciousness.  But many of you listening to this today ~ have.  And many more soon will ~ as a result of the Great Quickening unfolding at this time.

We do not need to explore the physics of this quickening phenomenon here today, for that may be best left to those of a more metaphysical mind.  What we will say is that so many of you understand it through your Gifts of Sentience.

The Great Quickening - December 2018 Energy Update,
You can feel the Quickening as it happens.

2018 has been a year of many Quickening Events, Quantum Leaping the Collective and the planet . . . into New Extraordinary Fields of Light . . . largely undetectable to the mental mind’s awareness, but very discernible by the Hearts Connection to your Sentient Operating Systems and Savvy Soul Awareness . . . that is your Higher Self’s Frequencies ~ that journey through Vast Portals and Dimensional Realities of Time.

In December 2018, the Quickening is Quickening.

And will continue to do so through the initial first quarter of the new year.

Who you are now . . . physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally
will be radically different . . . 3-4 months from now.

You are once again being re-built, re-set, re-newed, and essentially
upgraded in rapid succession now, to be able to receive Higher and
Higher Light Code Activity in greater and greater amounts
in your emerging Heart Activations and Higher Heart’s Awareness. 

Will the old 3-D structures that have previously organized billions and billions of people . . . continue to fail and fall away?  Yes, they will.

The New Light doesn’t support the density and separation consciousness embedded in those systems of global governance.

Will that create a sense of global fear and overwhelm? It may, for time.

That is why for starters you must have your Higher Light and Higher Oxygen Masks on, if you will.  This is your daily practice of Conscious Breathing. Go back to this channel’s previous post about the gifts and the extraordinary benefits of Sacred Breath and Conscious Breathing.

Women in labor are taught to breathe through the contractions, to create a better, easier, gentler, and healthier birth experience, for herself and her newborn child. The same is true now for all of you, regardless of gender identification at this time.  All are birthing themselves anew. All are being re-built and re-set. 

Conscious Breathing is Step 1 ~ in any time of mass fear, uncertainty, and overwhelm.

Step 2 is a Willingness to Open to the Allowing needed for Spirit and Source Energy TO support you.   

For so long, humanity has had their nose to the grindstone so to speak ~ believing in the aloneness  . . . and desperate to survive on their own, in what ever ways earthly life requires.

In the New Light Frequencies, all beings will have to learn the Art of Allowing Source to help, support, and provide all that is desired and needed once more on the planet.

The Great Quickening - December 2018 Energy Update,
The Spiritual Muscles of this Level of Allowing are very rusty in many of you ~ even those considering themselves “awake” by today’s standards.

True Allowing . . . is a State of Being.  Not a State of Doing.  And it is a Skill Set that needs to be taught, encouraged, appreciated, and cultivated in the Collective Consciousness once more.

Step 3 involves a Willingness to Collaborate, and thus to be a little “vulnerable,” by Allowing Resonance in the Universe to call together more and more small groups of Sacred Partnership, Synergizing in Symbiosis, for a common goal and Higher Purpose . . . to benefit the Greater and Collective Good.

Conscious Breathing (Step 1) soothes the essence of fear and connects you all to the Wisdom of your All Knowing Heart Centers and to Each Other.

A Willingness to Allow the Receiving of all that you need and desire ~ comes through a Sacred Breath and a Conscious Openness to fall back into the Arms and Heart of Source, Creator, your Guides of Light, and the All That Is, . . . to know you, to love you, to see you, and to provide all that it is that you need and seek. 

And a Willingness to Collaborate, at this Sacred, Deep, Divine Level, begins to magnetically draw together the resources and inner talents of small groups, who synergize and symbiotically co-create together . . . new solutions and positive ways to benefit the Greater Whole.

If souls are here to expand, and that IS the only reason souls come into physical incarnation in the first place, what better way to create Soul Expansion but through the absolute contraction that duality in 3D density creates, . . . and then . . . through full emergence into your bigger, greater, Higher Light skills once more.   

Its as if you all stopped consciously breathing for 26,000+ years to have that “starved,” airless, challenging, struggling experience.  And now, a HUGE SWEEPING DIVINE SOURCE OXYGEN TANK is finding each of you to give you a Deep Universal Breath of Immense Love, Unity, Light, and Joyous Co-Creation once more. 

It takes a pretty spectacular universe to be able to create those cosmic conditions for Soul Expansion in the first place.  And we can say ~ it is just such a spectacular Universe and it did accomplish this goal. 

Now is the time for each of you, in the In-Between Times, to feel your selves nearly “out of breath” from the demands of the previous cycle and journey, and to TRUST this extraordinary replenishing sacred oxygen and conscious breath that is deeply and profoundly flooding your world and planet today, reviving all sentient life here, in ways the human (lower) mind can’t even begin to fathom. But in ways the soul self, your Higher Selves, your Timeless Divine Selves, can feel, if you’ll only just do the Conscious Inner Work to ALLOW it.

The Great Quickening - December 2018 Energy Update,
Is the Quickening real? 
Yes.  Very.  

Will it be challenging for many, many people in the beginning, on your world?  Yes.

No birth unfolds without some conscious effort of labor.

But can it be a gentler birth?  A more grounded birth? An easier and more positive and blessing filled re-set to Higher Light?  Yes.

And that is the part that is up to YOU.

How do you desire the birthing of The New You, the New Light Codes of Freedom and Sovereignty, and Union with Source, to birth In You

Go back to Steps 1-3 as a quick easy reference and template to keep you oriented to the Light as the Great Quickening now accelerates its pace and its upgrades on the planet.

The Great Quickening - December 2018 Energy Update, frequencywriter.comTogether ~ you can do this.

Together ~ you are, literally, made of this very Light.

Together ~ your Collective Conscious Breath and Higher Hearted Breathing can channel  the New Light into positive solutions and manifestations for the Whole Earth Collective.

We are here as a Collective ~ to love, support, and guide your Collective on the ground, on physical earth, physically assimilating and acclimating to these profound shifts.

Together ~ we all will rise through the quickening and breathe New Frequencies of Light and Conscious Joyous Co-Creations for a new era of Peace, Light, and Prosperity.

And Together ~ we can help each other through the trying times ahead ~ where it might be easy to forget to Consciously Breathe in this way.

Together ~ we will help one another Remember ~ The Light and the Infinite Divine Essence We Truly Are. 

You are loved, dear ones.
You Are Love.
All Our Love. 

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