3 Insights Video Meditation

“Three Insights”

Meditational Message from Source Creator/Mother-Father God

Originally received ~ 3/10/12
via channel Marie Mohler


Greetings friends,

This week, the “3 Insights” meditation and affirmational message from Creator Source that I shared in the blog last week, and received in March 2012 for today’s timeless Now, . . . wove its way into video format through my ColorTheMagic YouTube Channel. 

The frequencies in the channelings that I receive are here to help uplift, soothe, affirm, inspire, and lead us all in the journey towards greater wholeness, integration, self love, and unity consciousness. 

I find that just by spending time with these inspirational videos of channelings and spiritual guidance . . . that include high-frequencied imagery and soothing music . . . really raises my vibration, rewards me with greater grounding, hope, and perspective, and invites me to connect with my sacred heart center within, that holds the keys to greater joy, peace, wisdom, and freedom for us all.

I hope you enjoy the 3 Insights meditational message today as well.

Blessings and Luminous Light to shower your day,

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