We Come From The Stars: Report No. 8 ~ Mother Earth Chronicles



Report No. 8 ~ “We Come From The Stars”

Mother Earth’s Chronicles
A Twice Monthly Channeling About The Sentience of Things

With Special Support from Mother Mary,
El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council

via Channel Marie Mohler ©2017
Received October 23, 2017


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Dear Ones,

I come to you today with a Message of Hope and an Invitation to Greater Clarity and Truth. 

Some of you may recall in our earlier channelings for this blog . . . an Invitation to Sentience.  Yes?  For those of you just joining our conversation, I will offer a brief re-cap of that discussion.

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Essentially, you are all made of StarLight.  You each come from Source Light, the Creative Energy and Life Force of All That Is.  As that Source Light manifested from the Non-Physical Realms, and into this Universe’s Physical Reality, it alchemized into Physical Star Light . . .

Glowing Physical Particles of its Original Source Light and Core Essence. 

As that Star Light further manifested into creating worlds filled with physical matter, it continued its light work to manifest physical worlds imbued with the Living Energy of Creator/Source/Divine Home Light Energy. 

In other words, the original intentions of this Star Light were
to manifest Source Light into Physical Light. 

To create Physical Reality from Ether Energy,
through a Form of Crystallized Light Energy. 

To fast forward this description and recap a bit, to get to the Energetic Core of our Message Today ~ most specifically and most efficiently ~ we wanted to re-clarify and re-illuminate a focus on your Sentient Operating Systems.

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Thus, when Source Light was alchemized from Ether into the Physical Realms and Worlds of this Universe, a Sentient Operating System and Etheric Energy was embedded into the Star Light Frequencies Within this Universe.  So that everything you can see, feel, taste, sense, know, hear, and touch . . . has ultimately the Light, Love, Heartbeat, and Gnosis of Source in Every Granule of Energy Manifested In This World.  Source Created its own Energy Sensor and Transmitter in Every Manifested Physical Molecule in this Alchemization Process.    

As Time Journeyed Forward . . . more worlds were created. More physical manifestations ensued.  And many races, and stages of consciousness, emerged over time, in these realms of physical experiences in this universe. 

The Source Seeded Star Light was always to be an Activation Code, a Compass, a Lantern, and a Map to help us ALL remember and find our way Home in a Vast Galaxy of Immense Experiences of Consciousness playing out in multiple worlds.

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If it was embedded in the Original Molecules of Star Light, that Created the Universe, the Planets, the People, the Resources, and the Vast Network of Amazing Sentient Beings ~ from trees ~ to birds ~ to rocks ~ to oceans ~ to stars ~ to insects and more . . . it was known then that it was a Code for the Allness of ALL Of It . . . to guide us Home to our Original Divine Source Light . . . when evolution was called to rise and awaken us to more and more of our True Nature.  Our True Home.  Our Core Divine Essence. 

Thus, to summarize this piece of backstory in simple terms, . . .

In Source Seeded Universal Star Light that seeded each and every one of us, within the Energetic Matrix of Each One of Us, is a Source Seeded, Star Light Filled Sentient Operating System that knows exactly its Divinely Coded Origins of Source Seeded Infinite Light. 

And it is THIS Sentient Operating System that I wish to talk about today.

For we are in an Evolutionary Accelerated Time and Space Inside Ourselves at this time on Planet Earth and in the Cosmos that requires upgrades in our Consciousness that will increase our Activated Awareness of Who We Really Are, Where We Really Come From, and What We Really Incarnated To Do.

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In this Earth World as we know it, even in the last 50 years, we have vastly accelerated our technologies and our brain synapses to attempt to get up to speed with the pulse in the StarLight of the Cosmos now ~ calling us to Quantum Leap into a New Evolutionary Experience and Consciousness.

Yet, while some aspects of us are surging, and accelerating forward, at a pace nearly in comprehensible to most people incarnating on this planet in the past 100 years and Living the Experience of the Mass Acceleration, our Sense of Consciousness and Spirituality has seemed to lag and even to regress, in the contrast and context of its Technological Cousin Energy.

The Reason for this is as Deep and Vast as the Cosmos itself.  But for the purposes of our discussion today, I simply want to call attention to it.

A Dormant Sentient Operating System living in many on
the planet today is simply awaiting activation. 

One by one – we are each rising to greater awareness about this Star Light, Spirituality, AND Technology Inside Us. 

And it is My Hope that by sharing about this Consciousness, by reminding you of this technology, by activating the Light of this Source Seeded Spirituality and Divine Essence in Conversations like this one . . .

More of the Light Flooding the Planet, my Body Temple and your Home Star, will begin to open up those Awakening Codes in Each of Us, as we More and More Consciously Allow It In.

Your Sentient Operating System is the Divine Blueprint Source Visioned for Each of Us, to make the Incredible Journey
from Ether to StarLight to Physical Form to Human Form.

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In our Sentient Operating Systems ~ is all we need to know . . . to live, breathe, thrive, and manifest Higher and Higher Realms of Light in the Physical World . . . and in the Physical Universe.

When we consciously allow our Sentient Operating Systems to turn on, and we consciously invite the Light of the Source Seeded Power Centers in every Molecule within us to Activate, we literally have all the power in the world to Seed Divinity, Perfection, and Light BACK into the Heart of the Earth and back into the Heart of Every Living Sentient Being on the Earth. 

When we were asked in the previous blog post
about Humanity’s Present Tipping Point, . . .

‘Is it My Light within me that Sustains Me?  . . . Or is it the Crumbling Systems around me that are collapsing in the Face of the New Light that sustain me?’

. . . Which energy is the True Sustainer of our
Source Seeded Divine Operating Systems? 

The Light?  Or the Manufactured and Manipulated Systems  – that have promised and pledged Peace, Health, and Prosperity, – but have consistently delivered the opposite?

It Is Truly Our Light That Sustains Us.

And that has ALWAYS sustained us,
for Eons of Time in this Vast Cosmos. 

Physical bodies and living essences journey their life cycles, but Light lives on eternally. 

For it is only Light that is eternal. 

Which is why nourishing, connecting with, and continuously activating the Light in our Heart’s Consciousness is so critical in these Ascension Energies and these Evolutionary Times.

We are the Ones seeking r-evolution.  Seeking to break out of the old outdated codes and limiting beliefs of the last world age and the minimally activated DNA strands of consciousness.

We Are The Ones that know ourselves

We Deeply and Divinely Know – in the Core Particles of
our very Physical Beingness –
that we come from the Stars!

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And thus we Deeply and Divinely Know – in the Core Particles of
our very Physical Beingness – that we come from the Non-Physical
Realms and Infinite Ethers of Source Energy Itself.

Inside, . . . inside our Core Energy Fields and our Sentient Operating Systems . . . we remember . . . that We Are Light.  Always have been.  And always will be.

But Segments of Evolution have allowed us to pretend and to play the part of a species, on the grand stage of the Cosmic Theatre of Life, that we forgot who we are and where we come from.

Yet, since 12/21/12, we have been receiving
a pulsing invitation to remember

To rise and re-join the Light inside us.

To re-unite with the Greater Light we all know Ourselves TO BE,
when we awaken and work together as candles collectively
and perfectly organized and designed to light up
a much bigger Core Central Sun. 

Our Sentient Operating Systems are the Star Light Inside Us,
that knows how to power worlds. 

Worlds of Goodness, Unity, Well-Being, Joy, Love, and Harmony.
Worlds that celebrate and manifest Health, Perfection, and Abundance for All.

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Our Sentient Operating Systems are the Source Light Inside Us, that knows All Worlds, All Time, All Realms, and the Core Nature
of the Infinite Divine Light We Truly Are. 

And all we have to do every day . . .
is to begin to allow that Awareness of Light Inside Us . . .

to Guide Us.  To Support Us.  To Lead Us.  And to BE Us.

We simply have to allow the Star Light to engage our minds, so that
they can 
begin to take directives from our All-Knowing,
Source Connected, StarLight Infused Heart Centers.

Our Sentience, through our Sentient Operating Systems, knows our True Nature . . . in our Purest, Most Loving Thoughts, Instincts, and Inspirations . . . and it is here to cleanse the shadows, forgetfulness, and lostness we’ve all experienced, in these last world ages and stages of greater density and lower levels of light on the planet.

The Light is increasing Daily. 

Its time to return and take our rightful place in the Stars once more. 

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Our Candles in that Central Sun are needed now.

Our Sentient Operating Systems are cosmically, magnetically, and electrically wired to rise to the Pulse of this Greater SunLight, StarLight, and SourceLight.

If you are reading this message today, you might be hearing your Sentient Operating System guiding your own unique bundle of Star Light, back to the Heart of the Universe, and back to the Heart of the Original Divine Source Light.

Keep listening with your Inner Ears and seeing with the Light of your Inner StarLights.

In every choice you make each day now, your Soul’s Star Light and Sentience is asking . . .

Does this ________________________:
(you can fill in the blank)







or choice . . .

Increase my Conscious Experience of my True Light?


Does it . . . Decrease my Conscious Experience of my True Light?

When we make daily choices that increase our experience of the Light in our lives, we are literally helping to make the daily choice to increase the Planetary Light for us All

Use this as a Spiritual or Consciousness Barometer in your day for a few days, and see if it helps to increase your experiences of Positive Conscious Loving Light Energy in your life. 

Together, we are making a Brand New Earth.
Together, we are seeding this Higher Light.

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I am grateful.
All My Love.

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