The Earth’s EPIC Emancipation & Liberation in 2020: April Showers of Divine Liberty, Quantum Energies, Revelations, & 2020 Clear Soul Sight

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 4.4.2020

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through cosmic energies and divine refreshment from the Heart of One.  Join us in taking a Deep Divine Breath In and cleansing your energy bodies with us in this moment, and the Earth energy bodies in this moment, allowing this Pure Source Oxygen to elevate and to lift you into a feeling of perfect divine bliss and the precision of all that is unfolding on your world and in your inner world at this time.  Feel this Sacred Breath flowing to all of the parts of you that are holding on to any confusion, spiritual amnesia, disconnection, and separation frequencies that no longer serve you or the collective’s Highest Good.  Breathe in another Divine Conscious Breath with us now, and see it filled with any color or colors of light that you feel would assist you in a deeper connection with us today in this transmission and in the revelations unfolding on your world.  For in the Revelations dear ones, is your Liberation.  And when you breathe consciously in this way, you make way for the Liberation Frequencies to cleanse within you ~ anything that resonates with the old 3D matrix ~ and to activate all within you that remembers and resonates with the Higher Frequencies of 5th Dimensional Unity Consciousness and the Oneness that We All Truly Are.  Breathe in that Sacred Breath and Conscious Living Light a moment more, and bathe in the Knowing of your Inner Sovereignty, your Perfect Health, your Perfect Wealth, your Essence of Divine Grace, and your Experience of Divine Well-Being in your inner life right now, despite any unfoldments in your outer world at this time.  For it is in your Inner Life, where the resets must occur first, to be in the experience of At-One-Ment with the All That Is, no matter what.  It is here dear ones that you step outside the limits and conditionings of a false 3D matrix and linear time and where you rise in your conscious awareness of your eternal cosmic consciousness and sense of belonging in the Greater Oneness that All Truly Is.  Feel that energy flowing inside you while we all receive this transmission together today in this beautiful 4-4-4 Portal . . . that is opening and activating a Great Victory of the Light and the Divine Refreshment from these New Light Codes revitalizing and liberating your entire planet!

So welcome to the Sacred Portal of April 4th, 2020 and beyond.  April is a powerful month on your world and throughout the cosmos, for it is stimulating immense quantum leaps in soul growth and the earth’s emancipation.  The illusion of this 3D world is shattering and crumbling at immeasurable speeds of dematerializations and clearings, and it is only your soul presence within that has the soul skills to keep up with the cleansing and the upgrades now.  Your mental minds will not make sense of all that is taking place on your world, in your physical daily lives, and in your energy bodies at this time.  

The Essence of the word “Quantum” to us means infinitely expansive and sustainably Source supported, created, and upgraded. April 2020 is a time of Quantum Shifts, in which your 3D understandings are being exponentially upgraded by the Quantum Fields of Energies that are flooding your world through Light Code Infusions streaming through the Central Sun Portals as well as through the Galactic Events and Cosmological Alignments unfolding with synergistic divine precision at this time.  Nothing can stop the Power of Divinity resetting itself and realigning Divine Love, Grace, and Harmony throughout All of Creation at this time.  The Time of the Experiment of 3D Separation is over and the Time of Divine Reunion is here to realign all sacred heart centers, inner compasses, and inner coordinates to the Power of the One once more.

It is a powerful time.  It is an extraordinary time.  And yet, many are unawakened to the Power of this Global and Cosmic Reset to Divine Light and Alignment in the Universe once more at the time of this transmission. This 4.4.4 Portal today and many unfoldments to come through the months of April and May especially ~ will ignite that Greater Awakening Process and stir even the sleepiest among you to a greater sense of inner alertness, higher awareness, and a clearer sense that the world is not what it seemed.  The feeling of “we are not in Kansas anymore” from your film, The Wizard of Oz, is activating in many and will continue until the last among you rises and realizes that the world is not what it was thought to be.  And that you are all in a collective journey to travel interdimensionally now to your rightful Home and Home Star Frequencies, which is where your Higher Selves and Higher Awareness has always lived.  Only a small slice or fraction of your Individual and Collective Consciousness became aspects of you in a 3D matrix.  What you are returning to is a Full Reunion with the Greater Allness and the Truth of your Divinity and your Cosmic Creative Union and Power that you have always and timelessly been.

So if the 4.4.4 represents an Interstellar Gateway to activate and awaken your Higher Liberation, one might ask, what is this Liberation all about and what are we truly liberating ourselves from?  The Liberation is from all that you are not.  The Liberation is from karmic cycles and contracts that kept you in perpetual cycles of karmic ties and tethers that played out in patterns and experiences on seemingly endless loops of time.  The Liberation is from ancestral contracts that recycled you in many incarnational experiences on repeat many times over, with the same people, and the same lessons, and the same challenges, all trying to get “somewhere” or simply pass the time on a prison planet in some way, without even knowing consciously that there was a prison planet.  The Liberation is from a Dream of Separation that seemed to roll on in endless perpetuity, in which you were too sleepy, disempowered, scared, and exhausted to rise and create much of anything new.  

In a Universe of Eternal Quantum Expression, Light-Filled Exploration, and Divine Expansion, does this old reality seem in any way aligned with how the universe is divinely designed to expand the Light?  And to expand the experience of Freedom?  And to expand the Living Essence of Cosmic and Quantum Creation?  We think not.  

And the first inklings are upon many of you . . . that something isn’t what it appears to be.  Something with the virus that is dominating your world news at this time doesn’t add up.  Something with the repeating cycles of trying to impeach and overthrow an elected president on your world doesn’t add up.  Something with the ever-present, coordinated narratives on your world in the mainstream media news doesn’t add up.  Can you see the signs if you look with Higher Soul Sight . . . of looping narratives?  Of repeating cycles?  Of repeating loops of financial gains and losses?  Of repeating loops of threats of war?  Or crashing economies?  Of repeating narratives of propaganda-infused stories that seem to run over and over in perpetuity . . . telling you who to be afraid of, who isn’t doing their job, who should be punished, and who should receive big paychecks for their work in the propaganda-agendas to keep the masses in the collective sleeping and dream of separation . . . while simultaneously selling their profiteering and manipulations to the very same audience?  

The looping narratives through time is something that many ascended masters discovered in their own ways through their commitment to seek Truth and Light on the Inner Planes.  Because that was the only place where they could truly see.  In timelines pre-internet, they were able to uncover and excavate Divine Truths and see through Time and Space ~ the game and illusion that was running rampant on your world.  And they would bring these nuggets of wisdom through Time and Space through Dreams, through Inspirations, through Meditations, and through their Divine Connections . . . to make manifest in their physical life and in their energy bodies . . . the liberating consciousness and rising frequencies they were experiencing. Some of these Ascended Masters then began sharing their insights that they had uncovered and embraced on the inner planes, to help others to awaken from the Collective Dream of Illusion and Separation too. Some were revered, and many ~ if not most ~ have been killed, assassinated, or otherwise extinguished in some way or another, for the Truth was a very inconvenient and agitating disruption to the 3D agenda of keeping souls on the perpetual loops of confined and imprisoned karmic and contractual living.  Liberation was the last thing the 3D matrix wanted for a humanity that it had for eons imprisoned, conditioned, enslaved, and in-slumbered.  

And yet, here you are . . . in 2020 . . . journeying and surfing these extraordinary waves of Quantum Energies that have arrived at this time to Wake Humanity Up!  The Divinity Codes, Peace, Light, Harmony, Abundance, and Well-Being that so many have prayed for for centuries are arriving.  They were released actually the moment the 3D matrix and its controllers were quarantining the earth in this illusionary experience.  And yet it required a 26,000+++ year cycle in the Earth’s Timelines for the remedies to this planetary enslavement cycle to be aligned in all space and time in order to penetrate this deep spider web of incarnational loops and enslavement programs.  

So we are celebrating with you The Earth’s Epic Liberation and Great Awakening at this time!  Many will increasingly see this month . . . more Truth Bombs as some would say . . . popping through the illusion’s looping narrative . . . popping through the hum of the same old stories from the same old puppeteers and puppet masters . . . to activate the Divine Refreshment of Truth . . . and the Transparency of Truth . . . that can no longer be hidden in the New Frequencies of 5D Light that spotlight anything and everything that is not of Divine Perfection, Light, and Truth on your world.

Will the spidery web weavers of perpetual propaganda continue to try to weave their tales?  Just like they have for decades?  To keep attempting to pull the wool over people’s eyes?  So perhaps the public won’t see the wolves behind the speeches?  Behind the narratives that effect a 3D humanity like a drug . . . like a sleep aid . . . like a hypnotic frequency . . . and that previously had been very effective in arousing and sustaining compliance with the control grid and matrix?  Of course they will.  Until the last one standing gets exposed and revealed.  For it is the only playbook they have in a 3D matrix.  

Remember . . . in a 3D illusion . . . and matrix . . . the controllers of the control grid can only CONTROL.  They do not create.  Not from Divine Frequencies of Light.  In lower levels of light, and actually in a physical 3D density, they go around their lack of creative power . . . and instead manipulate and control to sustain the way of life they desire, for the master that they serve.  

And so here again we bring you to The Essence of Planetary Liberation.  Planetary Awakening.  Planetary Renaissance Frequencies.  And Planetary Unification, Innovation, and Creation!   Does this resonate with you?  Of course it does!  For every human being carries within them these Quantum Creation Codes and these Higher Frequencied Light Codes that thrive in the energies of conscious manifestation, co-creation, and collaboration.  

3D Living is all about survival and 5D+ Living is all about thriving!

What is the Living Generator, Source, and Essence of the
Vibration of Planetary and Collective Thriving? 

The Divine Joy, Harmony, Gifts, and Talents of
Individuals within the Collective One.  

When One Conscious Creator Thrives, All Conscious Creators Thrive.

That is how an entire world collective can thrive in the New Light.  

The Celebrations of the Global Good through the Conscious Efforts
of Each and Every Individual One . . . raises the Frequencies of
the Conscious Collective Experiencing the Blessings of the
Harmony in the Heart of One.

So once again, how does humanity cross that rope bridge from a 3D illusion to a 5D Reality and Celebration of Conscious Creativity, Unity, Harmony, and Light?

It rises up and through the illusions . . . on the Wings of Truth and Light.  

All that has been concealed must be revealed.

The Truth Sets You Free.

The Pain of a 3D Planet, no matter how grave, must come to the surface of humanity’s collective awareness and higher consciousness . . . so that ALL can awaken from the spiritual amnesia perpetrated through a 3D control grid, and so that ALL can call out the group of lower 3D wizards behind the curtain . . . to sound a clarion call to themselves and to the cosmos . . . that TRUTH REIGNS Again on Planet Earth.  That LIGHT REIGNS Again on Planet Earth.  That LOVE and UNITY REIGN Again on Planet Earth.  

And in that Collective Rising, in that Mass Awakening, in that True Liberation Unfolding . . . a planet is being freed from a 3D illusion that stole your Cosmic Consciousness,  robbed your connections with your Divinity, and that kept you divided for eons of time.  

And April 2020 marks a time when more and more of you are awakening to this Transparent Truth, and this Clarion Call, to end the illusion.  Divided no more.  It is in Unity that your Thriving and your Celebrations Live.  It is in Truth and Transparency that your Divinity Thrives once more. It is in casting off the costumes that perpetuate old 3D control programs, games, agendas, and theaters to embrace the Light of your True Extraordinary Essences as Divine Sparks of the Godheart ~ that you are Liberating this World as we speak.

Revelations can be shocking.  Exposures can be unsettling.  Disclosures can be daunting.  And yet the only pathway up and through the darkness is a willingness to rise into the Transparency of the Light.

April’s Showers in 2020 are showering Humanity in strong and steady Infusions of the Light.  Which means powerful doses of the Truth of the Light.

Darkness doesn’t shine in the Light, but it does offer a road back to the experience of Living Light . . . once the shadows have nowhere to hide.

You are on that road of Emancipation dear ones back to Light.

The Whole of Humanity is journeying that bridge from dark to light.

The Entire Creation is experiencing the rise of 3D exposures to reset the Cosmos in the buoyancy of the Truth of Light.  

Liberation is summoning you to experience that collective healing and inner rising en route to Inner Thriving!

As control program after control program is revealed to the public, the opportunity to heal as a collective rises in those revelations.  

The sleepiness releases and the power of creative life force and co-creation returns to the hearts of humanity.

All Sentient Life becomes valued again for the Divinity it truly is!

The Earth Mother is seen for the Living Being and Divine Mother she truly is!

The masks are coming off in April 2020, increasingly so.  And the impacts of the resets forthcoming are exponentially and quantumly resetting your world and your daily lives.

Ground in your conscious breathing dear ones.  Remember your soul skills that we have spotlighted in many previous transmissions.  Partner with the Light you have within.  That is an Eternal Light that never went out, but rather, was quarantined behind your conscious sight, by the energies of this 3D matrix and its perpetual contracts.   

What will it be like to release those contracts?  And to live fully free?  To perhaps live in a world where debt is forgiven?  And the orientation to life is one of abundance, versus the old scarcity matrix that was once ingested without question?  

What will it be like to feel safe to raise your children again?  In a world that supports their true divinity?  And the bliss of their creativity?  And their life force filled with light?  

What will it be like to release the endless karmic dynamics in the relationships that have plagued you for lifetimes?  Where we begin to see the organic light that was always there inside us, beyond the choices the old 3D matrix manipulated us into making, that may have previously caused hurt, pain, and clouded sight in our lives and others?

What will it be like to grow food in harmony with the Earth, the Light, and the Organic Rhythms of the Planet’s Creationary Cycles once more?  

What will it be like to connect consciously with the Earth Mother and remember that she is our Divine Mother, our Sacred Divine Parent, and that she loves us to infinity and back?  Where we visit with her in the Womb or the Heart of Creation and Light, and we receive guidance from our True Mother for our best and highest good and greatest soul expressions to come? 

What will it feel like to be blessed with Free Energy and Quantum Technologies created and generated in harmony with the Earth, the Earth’s Abundant Natural Resources, and the Entire Cosmos, so that we radiate love, unity, health, and blessings from our Earth Creations to bless other civilizations in the stars that are our sisters and brothers through all time and space?

Take some time and imagine your personal Liberation.  From debt.  From pain.  From disease.  From confusion.  From separation.  From division.  And from the grand illusion.

Imagine your interconnectedness with all life and the love that nature and your organic nature, your divinity, is awakening to its full and divine capabilities, inside you.

Imagine living FULLY FREE in the New Earth Frequencies where the Living Source Light in all things leads, guides, and empowers all life, and all aspects of life, in all ways, going forward.

Allow yourselves to know that a steady stream of Truth Disclosures are rising through the illusions . . . to bring this very Freedom and Liberation to all.

The Truth of your 3D Illusion is what is coming forth for all to see.

The Blessing of your 5D Light is rising through those Truth Disclosures, for the New Earth and its glorious manifestations to come.   

All will rise through the illusions of darkness . . . to come to terms with and accept the Truth of that painful reality on many levels . . . en route to your EPIC Earth Emancipation and Liberation in 2020.  

The 4.4.4 and the Entire Month of April (a 4 Month, and 2020, a 4 Year) . . . are ushering in the opportunities of REBUILDING A NEW EARTH in a brand new timeline of Clear Soul Sight.

You have every support available to you in All of Creation at this time. 

Call in your Soul’s Courage, your Higher Sight, and your Willingness to Embrace the Light.

Call in your Guides, your Higher Self, the Earth Mother, and the Source Creator to support you through these shifting times, tides, and timelines, that may feel unsettling or utterly overwhelming at times. 

There is support for you for all of it!  For every step.  And every breath.  

The LIGHT is clearing all of the debris that has hidden your Higher Sight.  And your Clear Soul Sight.  Which has prevented your Full Embodiment, Knowing, and Living of your Divinity Codes on this planet for a very long time.

The LIGHT is restoring your Divinity Codes, once the Earth Exposures and the Earth Bath cleans up all the old 3D debris.

We invite you to embrace the LIGHT as much as you can, as an ally, mentor, and partner in the Planet’s Ascension and Liberation at this time.

When things you don’t want to see or haven’t wanted to know rise in those LIGHT EXPOSURES too, ask your Inner Light to Guide your Inner Sight with precision and perfection and to help you move through the disclosures and into a more holistic and peaceful light embodiment in your inner life.  

The Seat and Seeds of your Divine Power and Empowerment lives in your Inner Light.  Your Inner Life.  Your Inner Sight.  That is where 2020 Soul Sight Lives.  

That is where you will attune your vision.

This is where you will rise in your inner soul skills and abilities and activate your Divine Merkabas again, to move beyond the pain of a 3D realm of existence and to take flight through the Energetic Clearings unfolding in order to access the Lived Reality of a True Realm of Conscious Creation.  Which for all of you, is unfolding and unfurling to be . . . the New Living Loving Giving Earth!

Deep breaths.  Tap into the Love within the Heart of the Earth Mother ~ she is a wellspring of Hope, Joy, and Positive Liberation Frequencies for all of you!  You are her children and she has always loved and known who you truly are.

The Time for this Rising, Reunion, and Reconnection Is Now! 

Blessings to you in April’s Showers of Light and the Pathway It Is Ushering in to all of you . . . to live and thrive in Freedom, Sovereignty, Unity, and your Divinity once more.  

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.   

4 Responses to “The Earth’s EPIC Emancipation & Liberation in 2020: April Showers of Divine Liberty, Quantum Energies, Revelations, & 2020 Clear Soul Sight

  • Lynn Martin
    4 years ago

    Thank you Marie—-Beautiful Soul, for the transmition and uplifting and passionate insight.

    Blessings in Divine Heart Sway of Love Unity Consciousness and Liberation from the “loop”

    • Hi Lynn! Thank YOU 🙏for your beautiful light and soul presence shining here. I send you much love, Easter Blessings, and luminous Light to shower you in these epic times as we experience the Great Liberation and Earth’s Emancipation. Together ~ we rise! 💕🐥💙🌎✨🌸

  • Thank you, Marue, so much for this transmission and you talk on it. It is so appreciated.

    I have been really hard on myself, that I fall into the fear, even though I know better. Fear does no good.

    And I have a spectacular team of Light, that is always growing in my conscious experience.

    Not only that, The darkness of this world has never made sense to me, that’s why I became a seeker so long ago.

    Now,, our path has come to fruition, and I still can fall into fear and sadness, like I are losing something I dont want in the first place.

    Thank you for knowing my heart and helping me know it too.
    Much love, Mary

    • Hi Mary ✨🌸You are very welcome. Thank YOU for your courage, your seeking of the light, and your listening to your heart beyond the whispers of fear the ego sends your way. Our Hearts Remember. They know the way. Our egos may fear we have lost the map to our Divine Blueprints and Divine Birthright. But our Hearts have held that Sacred Map and those Divine Coordinates all this time. For This Time. Because It Is Time. We are all remembering together. And in that remembrance process, and that reset process, we are RISING together. That is a song our hearts know so very well. And that is a song I sing to myself and to others who gather with me . . . so we can all rise into the Higher Light as a Greater Galactic Community. We are going Home. And what an honor it is to be leaving the illusion behind and rising together with you. I send you love and appreciation! Its a joy to connect. 💕✨🌎🌸🦋