May 2020 Energy Update: Zero Point Energies, 3D Duality & Conflict, & 5D Toroidal Unity and Cooperation

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 4.18.2020

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through a Message of Light, Love, Hope, and Remembrance of your Sacred Gifts and your Divine Instruments today.  With all of the swirling energies unfolding on your world, we invite you to feel a Deep Cosmic Breath of Pure, Cleansing, and Radiant Life Force straight from the Heart of Source, from the Heart of Creation, and from the Heart of the Earth Mother, washing away your fears in this moment, and clearing a pathway within, for you to Remember, Restore, Receive, and Re-Activate the Living Light that You Truly Are and therefore the Truth of your Majestic Miraculous Sovereign Divine Essence in the core of your being.  This is where the True Light of the Universe shines in you.  This is where you can always reset into the Grace of Zero Point Energies, where manipulations or agendas of illusion can’t reach that Sacred Part of You that knows Truth, Light, Love, and Sovereignty beyond the shadows of doubts and beyond the shadows of past 3D creations on your world.  Here you are Free.  Here you are Light.  Here you have access to All That You Are and to All That You Have Ever Been.  And it is in that Cleansing Breath, that can flow to all of the cells within you ready for new life, new light, new foundations, new vibrational templates, and a new higher dimensional inner compass . . . and activate the best aspects of you.  The ones that shine with joy and liberty and divine expansion . . . and support you to live your best and brightest self in these times!  You are the Liberator of your own frequencies, your own experiences, and your own sovereignty!  And we celebrate this within you and within the Greater Sentient Collective, . . . rising, clearing, resetting, and reclaiming Who You Really Are in profound ways in this powerful life-changing and earth-changing year of 2020.

We come through today in this transmission to first check in with you.  To connect with your hearts.  And to hear each of you share a message with us as you receive this.  About your experiences on the earth right now.  In these transitions.  In these powerful shifts.  

There is great uncertainty at times, isn’t there?  And there is great hope and positive change as well.  Yes?  To truly celebrate the New Earth unfolding, there must be a conscious witnessing of the old that is leaving and releasing from your world.  And from your daily lives and experiences.  And from your own inner permissions that once allowed a 3D world to enter your consciousness and conscious awareness, so powerfully, as to drown out the higher light you truly are to some extent.  People are awakening to those old permissions, required of each of you to enter into a 3D contractual relationship with the old matrix that inserted itself here.  And they are rising and awakening to say, NO, I do not accept the enslavement programs.  The entanglements of karmic contracts any longer.  The lower vibrational ancestral contracts that have kept me and my family members stuck, blocked, or trapped on a treadmill of human experiences for lifetimes.  And as people remove their permissions, they cease to remain compliant in the old ways and the old systems that all aligned to serve a larger, darker, and denser agenda, one most were very unconscious of, until now, in these revolutionary and ascension times.  

Being complicit, or compliant, in the old ways and narratives isn’t as comfortable as it once was, is it? Ignorance is bliss is not just an empty phrase but actually a mantra of the old 3D realm that helped people survive the challenges so many faced through vast amounts of time.  And we would invite you to consider a new mantra.  Freedom Is Bliss.  Liberation Is Bliss.  Awakening Is Bliss.  Empowerment Is Bliss.  Knowing Thy Self Is Bliss.  For it transfers the power from the agendas of a 3D world cycle of soul entrapment and karmic entanglement back to the people.  Back to the Soul Essence and Presence inside each and all of you.  That is ready to rise and shine, and reclaim the Joy of your Eternal Sovereignty, Empowerment, and Divine Expression again!

So when you feel fear, uncertainty, self doubt, confusion, worry, anger, and other lower frequencied expressions of your emotions and experiences in your life right now, can you recognize these as cues or teachers of your old 3D wounds, rising in your conscious awareness to assist your activation?  And inner awakening unfolding?  Everything that is NOT the Light is rising for your review, individually and collectively.  These are core emotional root wounds, soul patternings, and familiar grooves in the pathways of 3D lifetimes that have struggled to remember . . . and to understand . . . how did I get here?  How did I arrive in this place of not knowing who I am?  Or struggling for such a long time to change this habit or pattern, or that addiction or belief system?  The arduousness of some of these aspects of our journeys is a big clue to our inner light, our higher selves, and our conscious awareness . . . that something isn’t right in the Divine Creation and Divine Plan that Source/Creator/God/The Great Mystery/The All That Is holds timelessly for all of us.  And 2020 is here to awaken this greater soul sight in each and every one of you.  

And this brings us back to the essence and importance of revisiting the Soul Skill of Surrender.  The Gift of Surrendering as we stated previously.  Surrendering is not about giving your power away to another person, group, belief system, conditioning, or entity or structure of any kind.  Surrender is about claiming your Divine Birthright to BE Who You Are.  To Live Your Divine Gifts and Sovereignty in a Divine Plan and a Divinely Blueprinted Creation once more.  

The Gift of Surrendering is about Allowing your own Activation and Remembrance of Who You Really Are beyond the costumes and illusions that have run rampant on your world and conditioned the greater collective into systems of subservience that disempower this Divine Spirit of Sacred Sovereignty, Freedom, Liberation, Grace, and Divine Self Expression.

Duality is a core Energetic Template that showers this 3D world in the shadow aspects of Duality and Polarity.  And in this shadow expression of Duality, one side is pitted against the other side, isn’t it?  And in this energy of “against” or “opposing forces” . . . the energies of division, competition, judgement, criticism, and war manifest a large part of your 3D experiences.  Recorded history has in many ways been altered or manipulated to reinforce this collective belief and expectation of the impact and effects of duality as if this is all there is.  This is just the way of the world and those living here.  

But what if there is another understanding of Duality that brings this 3D Realm back into a State of Divine Order, Wholeness, and Sovereignty again?  What if Duality in its Light Aspects is actually the mechanism through which many will find Freedom, Truth, and Light again?

In a Divine Creation that is based in Vortexual Frequencies, and essentially Electromagnetism, there is actually a Divine Synergy that embraces and manifests through positive and negatively charged poles . . . to create Wholeness and Oneness in the Unified Field of Existence and Consciousness.  And it is in expanding your inner sight to see the value, place, and grace of this Greater Vortexual Energy and Divine Convergence into a Synergistic Whole . . . that humanity will begin to rise in a Quantum Field of Higher Technologies, Spiritual Resonance, and Cosmic Unity again.

In a 3D world, polarity was utilized to polarize the people, the various life forms and kingdoms, and the entire way of life here in all aspects of daily living. But from a 5D Operating System, from 20/20 vision which is a higher, holistic, and wholeness vision, polarity and duality create a uniquely contrasting and complimentary engine that has the power to create worlds. 

When the essence of duality is not utilized as a wedge between two aspects or two sides but more as a system of complimentary opposites, an entire world paradigm will shift into a new realm of innovation, ascension, integration, resolution, and profound harmony for the rise in the quality of life in everyone’s lives will be all of the evidence and confirmation people need and desire to live in this new way.

And in this new world, once the deeper and darker agendas that misused some of these cosmic technologies or aspects of the divine design are cleared and released, humanity and all sentient life will be able to return to a greater wholeness, harmony, synergy, ease, peace, and grace as a conscious collective. 

Those that have believed they were so different from each other . . . in one way or another . . . through vast centuries of time . . . will actually find that there is a resonant essence in the core of all creation that is embedded in the divine design, and that there can thus be differences in opinions, beliefs, gifts, talents, abilities, and more . . . that actually synergize to create the essence of oneness on this world.  There is a rising to remember that there is strength in diversity while at the same time there is strength and inherent unity in resonant oneness.  

What is surrendering on your world at this time is the old aspects of the illusions that were manipulations and distortions of the original light codes and divine understandings . . . that never had any true, sustainable place in a divinely designed perfect universe.  The polarizations and duality may be, or may continue to heat up for a short time dear ones, as the shadow aspects of duality and polarization rise to the surface for your conscious witnessing.  The methods and mechanisms that were used to distort a 3D world are what are being exposed.  The tools of division will be seen for what they truly are.  And this will unfold so that humanity and all sentient life on this world can see them for that they are . . . and reclaim the TRUE ESSENCE of their Divine Design.  

You are surrendering so much ~ of that which you are not . . . in order for the reclaiming process of that which You Truly Are . . . to reset in the hearts and minds of people worldwide.

The Gift of Surrendering the Heavy Density of Division . . . which is Di-Vision (or polarized vision in a way) . . . lives in the Opportunity to Embrace and to Claim 2020 Soul Vision now.  And in that Holistic Clear Soul Sight and Vision that 2020 is summoning in all of you, in these times of immense uncertainty and profound change, will be the activation of the True Cosmic Codes for True Divine Free Energy and True Divine Liberation and True Divine Planetary Peace, Joy, Oneness, and Wholeness once more.

It is a Journey.  It is a Journey of Faith, Courage, Stamina, Fortitude, Trust, Belief, Surrendering, Releasing, Rising, and learning how to come together once more.  And it is this break down of the old 3D systems of Di-Vision in the Duality . . . and the illusions that Distorted Duality were able to run on your world . . . that the new, cosmic reset will unfold to the Higher 5D Template and Living New Earth based in principles of Divine Vortexual Technologies . . . that make up every one and every thing on your world.

Every part and aspect is a necessary participant in a much greater whole.

The tools and devices that divided you . . . are really the 3D distortions of your 5D essences that unite you!  

And much of this will continue to be revealed and unveiled in the coming weeks and months and throughout the remainder of 2020.

As much as 2020 might feel like a trigger to you of challenging times and times of great change that require those soul skills we have mentioned many times, it is actually an ally in your soul’s journey to help you release the illusions and structures of illusions that have perpetrated and perpetuated these old looping narratives and treadmills and karmic experiences . . . from which you each and all have prayed at one time or another . . . to release!  

2020 is that release valve!  2020 is the timeline in which you will begin to see more clearly the 3D mechanisms and aspects of polarization that a small portion of you managed to utilize as a service to self and service to darkness agenda.  And it is a timeline where a pathway is being made to see how the 5D essences and aspects of duality and integrated complimentary opposites create a toroidal frequency that liberates worlds, that infuses life with ease and free energy, and that opens your heart centers to see through your 5D operating systems how all can work together for a higher sighted vision and manifestation of harmony and unity consciousness on the earth again.

In April and May 2020, more exposures will unfold to re-seed humanity’s consciousness with the higher awareness and higher soul sight that can help to collectively strip away the illusions now that once enslaved this planet.  Crumbling 3D systems will create a bit of a wobble in the world’s consciousness and in your every day lives, as the recent global viral event has on your world in recent weeks and months.  And yet, it is THROUGH these experiences that you will peel off the spiritual amnesia and astigmatism that created the visual fog and distortions in the first place.  In the continued rumblings and crumblings of the old 3D structures of distorted duality and polarity on your world, new 5D structures and systems of greater freedom, liberation, innovation, spiritual union, and divine synergy will rise and re-template a new Living, Loving, Giving Earth Experience for all.

So if there is discomfort, distrust, discord, challenge, struggle, doubt, anger, and confusion rising in the collective, it is an emotional cue and cosmic sign coming from the much greater galactic center and the central sun portals that infuse this world . . . to help you clear away the blocks to your higher soul sight, the agendas of a small portion of you that have greater distortions torqued in their own fields and their own 3D templates than the whole of you combined!, and the false illusions of a 3D matrix that can never sustain itself for the long term.  For it has run on a false synthetic 3D technology that is out of sync, out of step, and out of time in the grand cosmic order and in the greater Divine Creation.   

And it is time for the Perfection of the Grand Divine Design to re-template itself in your DNA, in your spiritual and sacred breathing practices, your interconnected united human and sentient family, and on this divine beloved Mother Earth planet.  All are being re-united after this cycle of separation and division for 26,000+++ years!  

It is a Time of the Great Re-Union unfolding in 2020.  And that requires the activation of your Higher Clearer Soul Sight in these times.  No one will be left to sleep in the false matrix any longer.  All will rise into the Truth of their Divinity Codes, as the exposures leave nothing but the Raw Truth of your Divine Sovereignty, Divinity, and Soul Mastery at the root!

Humanity must clear away its core root wounds, which include all distortions of 3D duality tools, perpetrations, divisions, and technologies, in order to create with Spirit and with Source and with the Earth Mother . . . this new realm and this New Earth of Unity Principles, Innovations, and Law of One Light Codes going forward.

You are these Epic Heroes of these times.  You are the Avatars Awakening to embrace Clear Soul Sight and Clear Unified Light in 2020.  

Surrender that which does not serve the highest good of this greater divine union and liberation process unfolding.  Witness the exposures rising to reveal the distortions in the 3D technologies that were never who you truly were and certainly not who you truly are!  And rise to remember the 5D operating systems that are ready to come online in you, in your soul presence, and through your divine instrument of light that is wired and divinely created for your divine soul expression of the unique gifts that only you have to brighten, enliven, enrich, and empower the New Joy, Peace, Well-Being, Abundance, and Oneness that your Divine Spark has timelessly held within!

A Time for a Great Celebration of your Cosmic Liberation will unfold in 2020!  In April and May and the coming months, you are still in the time of the Great Awakening, the Great Revelations, and the Illumination of Epic Distortions that must now release from your world, from your light, from your vision, and from your sacred body temples!  

It is through these Great Cosmic Wash Cycles, Revelations, and Resets that you will come together more and more to claim your divine sovereignty as individuals, communities, states, countries, and continents, to ultimately claim your Cosmic Freedom as a Global Collective and as a Sister Planet in the Heart of All of Creation.  

We welcome you home in this journey to reclaim your organic star light and star shine within!

Every support is divinely given for this rising and emancipation process unfolding within and without now.   

It is an EPIC Emancipation underway and you are rising courageously as the Epic Heroes to pave the way for others to embrace their Epic Liberations and their 2020 Clear Soul Sight too!

Breathe Consciously dear ones as much as you can to breathe this Sacred Soul Light and this Higher Dimensional Soul Sight into your Hearts now, into your Communities, into your Leadership, into your Inner Guidance Systems, and into the reflections of Transparent Truth and Light in every one and every thing at this time.

You have the power to change the world in every single conscious breath.  

You are the dreamers, builders, visioners, and manifesters of this New Earth Experience!

We celebrate you.  We honor you.  We believe in you.  And we are here to support you in every breath and every step.  

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.  

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