EPIC TIMES & QUANTUM TIMES: The Sword of Truth, Zero Point Portals, Cosmic Library Portals, & A Return to Gaia

A Message from the Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 5.2.2020

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Light of the Central Sun, the Great Central Sun, and the Grand Central Sun in this transmission today, to invite you to bathe in these Higher Dimensional Frequencies of Divine Light, that is a Cosmic Mirror and Perfect Reflection of your own.  Let’s take a Deep Divine Breath In for just a moment, and allow this amazing grace and this bountiful light to refill, reset, replenish, rebalance, and restore your organic Divine and Sovereign Light to its True Power, Innate Potential, and Pure Positive and Creative Possibilities.  This is a Bliss-filled Energy that is Divinely Designed to refresh your sentient operating systems any time you desire or need to reconnect with Source Energy in this way.  The Central Suns offer a Portal of Light that you can effortlessly and always walk through in your conscious awareness, and in your conscious breathing, to access more of Who You Truly Are.  Feel that Sacred Breath and Light journeying inside you just a moment more, as that perfect prana of the universe . . . this life force giving energy . . . resets, revitalizes, and restores your own extraordinary vitality, that is Source-Rich and Unity-Consciousness-Rich Light-In-Form . . . which is YOU.  You are all of this and more, and whenever you need a divine dose of this soul activational energy, remember this prayer and invitation today.  It is always here for you and within you, in every breath.

You have all entered the new energy templates of May 2020, and can certainly say that April 2020 was a powerful month of profound change, shifts, and a new normal that is emerging in each of your daily lives, yes?  If April 2020 brought great showers of change and transformational energies to your world, May 2020 will rise in flowering more activations, revelations, resets, exposures, disclosures, and the Rise of Truth, Transparency, and Greater 20/20 Clear Soul Vision in the hearts and minds of many on your world.  

The old paradigm is falling away.  Can you feel it?  Can you sense it?  Can you even find a place for it in your world right now?  Do the old banking systems serve the greater and collective good?  Do the old taxation systems serve the Greater Oneness in the Collective?  Do the old medical systems (as technologically advanced as they seem to be) serve the Greater Oneness, Wholeness, and Wellness of an Entire Sentient Planetary Community . . . one and all?  Do the old educational systems serve the Highest Light, Individuality, Creativity, Divinity, and Community that you truly are?  There are many systems layered within systems layered with even more systems of false conditionings and beliefs about life in a 3D world.  As you all continue to rise and release the Dream of Separation, then all that was built based upon those templates of separation and illusion must fall away.  

And the New Paradigm of Greater Light, Wholeness, Abundance, Well-Being, and Unity is Rising.  It is Emerging.  In each and all of you.  What does it look like, in your heart mind’s eye?  How does it feel to be living in those higher frequencies on a fully awakened planet?  How are you moving, breathing, living, and enjoying your life in that new realm of cosmic existence . . . as you embody the greater awareness that every one and every thing is connected . . . and therefore . . . that all creations must benefit not only the one . . . but the whole?  

That’s a very different planetary structure than you have experienced for many millenia.  And we are excited with all of you . . . to witness the unfoldment of this Return to Gaia.  And this Return to the Great Mother.  And this Return to Cosmic Creation as One Unified Collective.  

How do you get there ~ you might ask?  From where you are to where you are destined and emerging to be?  In this transitional, activating, awakening, and resetting year of 2020, it requires releasing false perceptions, conditionings, and belief systems that were based in illusion that you can no longer remember acquiescing to.  But it was a systematic removal of your conscious and awakened sight long, long ago.  And now, your lives today require a spiritually-scaffolded cosmic inner rising for you to reach the crest of the mountain that offers you an entirely new and expansive worldview of your soul essence, your divine gifts, and your incredible abilities and power as a sentient collective on your world . . . to even create a brand new world.  But its all there.  Its all there within YOU.  It simply requires a willingness to move into this new understanding of integrating duality in your physical vision, spiritual vision, emotional vision, and mental vision.  It is a releasing of that which is false, manipulated, conditioned, controlled, and out of alignment with the Divinity Codes you truly are and that are re-activating in you.  To release something some of what you may not be able to see . . . requires a willingness to enter the Zero Point Frequencies . . . where you admit you maybe can’t see yet what is emerging to be but what you will soon see as you embrace the Gifts of Surrender that ALLOW a Greater Divinity and Wholeness Vision inside you.

For in those Zero Point Frequencies, that unfold and that are accessible to you in that state of Divine Surrender to a Higher Light, a Higher Sight, and a Higher Knowing Within, you enter a Portal that Welcomes you Home as a Child of the Universe again.  To know everything again, to reconnect with the Truth of your Cosmic Nature and your Divinity Codes again, there is a letting go of what you thought you knew . . . to reclaim what is eternally true within.  What you thought you knew came largely from conditioning, yes?  From parents?  Books in school?  Stories passed down through generations . . . telling what they knew of what was told to them.  All of that knowledge, much of that knowledge, was designed to shape what you all know of the world.  What you in this 3D matrix were designed to know.

But what if there is a TRUTH that is SO MUCH MORE?

What if there is a Truth and a Portal of Infinite Knowledge, Wisdom, Innovation, and Inspiration that is a kind of Cosmic Library of all sentient life in the galaxy and in all of creation?  What if you could look into that Cosmic Library and remember it as Who You Truly Are?  Your origins in the stars?  Your abilities as Divine Sovereign Creators?  Your abilities to heal, clean, cleanse, and unify any discordant frequencies out of alignment with the original template of perfection for all life in all creation?  

Does that description sound like what you are living now?  An Original Template of Perfection for All Life In All Creation?  We would imagine ~ inwardly you knew as soon asked this ~ the answer is no.  And that is very revealing isn’t it?  If you don’t look around your world and see evidence of God’s/Source’s/Creation’s Perfection, in the unity and love and inspiration all around you, somewhere . . . there is an inner knowing . . . that you aren’t in Kansas any more, just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.  

And perhaps you don’t have to know how to get to there from here yet . . . from Kansas back to the Infinite Wholeness and Unity in the Cosmos . . . but rather . . . you simply have to become willing to see differently.  To perceive in new ways.  To open your eyes beyond what you think is true, what you have believed to be true, and what you have been taught and trained to perceive as true . . . so that the new and the Truth of this Higher Realm of Unified Light Consciousness can find a way into your vision through your willing Sacred Hearts Again.

Truth trusts the Light Within Itself to be Fully Transparent.  That is why Truth, True Truth, is Self Evident, isn’t it?  In a world where much has been manipulated and controlled for eons, largely when most of the earth’s citizens weren’t made aware of this Truth, untruths have to be conditioned into the earth’s citizens.  Yes?  Stories that align with the 3D paradigm of control need to be controlled. So the people of the planet are controlled.  This effectively controls all other sentient life, for Humanity is in many ways meant to serve the Cosmos as the stewards of the Earth.  If Humanity is over time enslaved into a false reality, and a false belief system about that reality, they could easily enter an illusion that was never really true in the first place, and never even know that what they are living isn’t the way things ever were or were ever meant to be.

And that is why the Central Suns continue to SHINE THROUGH the Divine Light and the Divinity Codes of the Cosmos.  To infuse this world and this planet once again with the Light Codes and Source Illuminated Living Light that All Truly Is.  These Infusions of Light, Higher Awareness, Sovereignty, Creativity, Self Expression, and Cosmic Truth, Divine Truth, and Infinite Timeless Truth don’t make a crumbling 3D paradigm happy.  For they signal the end of those controls, programs, abuses of power, and agendas that had been running in perpetuity during a long cycle in the earth’s positioning in the stars.  

But her celestial and cosmic coordinates have changed. They shifted most notoriously on December 21, 2012.  And the stargates opened at that time, at that precise day in the earth’s history.  And the Truth is . . . Earth’s Liberation and Emancipation was Reset and Revitalized by the Central Sun’s Light and these Divine Portals of Source Energy . . . infusing this realm once more with your Divinity Codes of Perfection.

How long will it take for a humanity to wake up as a World Collective? As a Sentient Collective?  And how long will it take for humanity to come to terms with all that transpired while they were entrapped and ensnared in a very convincing manipulated illusion . . . conditioned and controlled to appear real and to be the way Source designed it to be?  How many systems would have to be co-opted over time to sustain these manipulations over time?  And how many beings have assisted this process and perpetration on humanity and on all the animals, ocean creatures, plant life, and more to facilitate this controlled and contrived reality?  It is a vast story that took place over thousands and thousands of years.  It is no wonder most human beings can’t remember who they truly are.  The conditionings didn’t allow that.  And the control efforts were very stealth, relentless, heartless, and soul-less.  They had to be.  

So now, as the Truth Vibrations are rising . . . as the Central Sun Portals are Expanding their Reach into the Earth’s Sacred Divine Atmosphere again . . . as the Earth Mother herself is activated in these Higher, Lighter, Brighter, Free-er, and Holistically Sovereign Perfection Templates for a New 5D Loving Living Thriving Earth . . . the old world and its dark controllers ~ and the new world and its conscious divine liberators . . . are co-existing side by side in this Now moment.  On one planet.  In this unprecedented timeline in the history of creation.

It would almost seem as if the entire planet and all of creation was in a still point, wouldn’t it?  With so much energy pulsing through both sides of this enormous epic manifestation of deep duality in a 3D purposely polarized world and lived experience!  In the infinity energies of quantum duality, there is an accelerating spin into a higher neutrality unfolding . . . where the Light is rising and neutralizing the previous dark power and dense control grids on display through the centuries here. And as that vortexual energy increases, a Zero Point Portal is opening . . . and a new quantum reality is birthing!  And that Zero Point Portal is opening planetarily and cosmically in the Greater Universe . . . and in each and all of you!

So if you feel, sense, or know that your life has been speeding up in some way, that the crazy of this world has spun way past crazy and has gone into a level of cosmic and quantum insanity, chaos, disarray, and dis-order, at a quantum level, and at a consciousness level, you are experiencing the exposure of the illusion at quantum speeds.  And you are thus witnessing in some way inside you the portal that is opening within you to enter a new realm . . . of Truth, Transparency, Unity Consciousness, and Living Source Perfect Unified Light again.    

Sometimes in the liberation process, if you have ever experienced a dark night of the soul, or if you have ever been on the hero’s journey to rediscover a greater Truth or Strength or Light inside yourself, there is a point where it is DARKEST BEFORE THE DAWN.  You have been in that field of darkness before the dawning of the Earth’s Epic Emancipation for some time now.  

And now, the Earth is calling her sons and daughters home to the True Earth.  The New Earth. The Original 5D Templated Earth, that shines eternally inside everyone and everything.  But that is emerging to be the LIVED and LIVING REALITY once more.  

Some of you are in various stages of the Illusion Fog and Spiritual Amnesia.  Believing yourselves to be awake in the dream of separation.  But where some of you actually, are only in another illusion within the illusion.  And for anyone listening to this transmission, the way to awaken from this deep manipulation, is to call out the Light.  Call in the Light.  Claim an awareness within that the story and the stories you have told yourself, yourselves, your children, your co-workers, your spouses, your family members, and all of you through time . . . may actually be aspects of a much greater illusion implanted and supplanted into karmic contracts and 3D systems of governance in a control grid that most haven’t even known existed.  Claim your activation and awakening from the Dream of Separation and all of its layers.  And give yourselves permission to rise out of the illusions (whatever they may be!) and to fully know and embody the Divinity Codes of your True Source Perfection now and for all time, in all directions of time!

The illusion is not about one person.  One leader.  One political party.  One polarity or another.  The illusion is a mass perpetration, like a virus that has infiltrated and infected all life on your planet.  And that has been purposely perpetuated throughout this long cycle of time, in ways that kept the collective consciousness of this planet enslaved, to purposely control the individuals within that collective so they could serve other agendas and be kept from their divine sovereignty!

So as this planet continues to awaken, as the Quantum Polarities from 5th Dimensional Unity Principles and Higher Consciousness continue to spin out the illusions from the electromagnetic frequencies that True Complimentary Opposites are meant to manifest and make available as living energy that powers worlds, the puppeteers of the false matrix will gradually be spun out of the false narratives and the false control systems that have imprisoned this planet.  And they will be exposed for who they are and what they have done to keep the illusions running on their watch in their lifetime.  

Humanity is Awakening!  The Earth Mother is Rising!  Polarity in its Highest Quantum and Divine Form is one of Unity, Goodness, Energy Creation, and Collective Prosperity and Possibility!  3D Duality is an engine of pain, suffering, delusion, illusion, confusion, separation, and division.  

Find ways to connect with your Inner Divine Sight.  Invite the Light of your Wholeness Vision to Awaken Inside You.  Acknowledge, Witness, and Admit that you all have been ensnared in this false matrix and false conditioning.  And Acknowledge, Witness, and Admit that what you presently see and believe could be an aspect of the illusion and not the True Reality of your Divinity!

What you were sold and told as Truth from many people and beings through time may very well be the false narrative that served their dark agenda, no matter how many roses and articulate words it was poetically presented in.  Roses still have thorns in their DNA.  And these illusions and manipulations will reveal their thorns to all in 2020.  For the time of the Great Revelations is here.

And the Time of the Zero Point Portal into a new realm of Unity, Light, Wholeness, and Well-Being is upon you as well.

Both are Here!  Both are Now!  The chaos you can see and feel is here because two realities are still making their offerings to your conscious attention.  One requires compliance, submission, illusion, control, and manipulation to make its offerings to you.  One requires Courage, Truth, Transparency, Spiritual Fortitude, a Willingness to follow quantum bread crumbs to live in Truth and Light ~ even if it makes you different from others in your life.  It requires a Surrender of the Old Paradigms Tricks, Trickery, Pain, Conditionings, and Suffering, and an Opening of your Heart Sight to see the Truth, even if it is a very painful pill to swallow at first.  

On the Other Side of the Portal into Divine Truth, is the BLISS that all seek!  But it will only be found by journeying the Path of Truth and Light, without attachment to outcomes, without attachment to favorite leaders, messages, offerings, and more.  True Truth Will Always Be Self Evident and it will over time withstand the Greatest of Scrutinies.

The Dark Agendas run from Scrutiny.  Like cockroaches who run from the Light, for they can’t live in sustained Light, because of what they are made of.  

Truth Liberations invite the Light.  Truth Information Stands Tall in the Light.  Truth IS LIBERATION and STRENGTH in the Light.  

Notice in the days and weeks ahead . . . who is spinning tales and narratives of deflection.  

Who is avoiding standing Trial?  Exposure?  Disclosure?  And ultimately the Test of Divine Truth?

Who stands tall in invitations to Scrutiny?  To Trials?  To Exposures?  To Disclosures?  To Tests of Divine Truth?

Open Your Eyes!

Open Your Eyes and Be Willing to See True Self-Evident Truth unfolding right before you!

Know that there are Layers of Vision inside you.  

Layers of Conditioned Manipulations and 3D Sight.  

And Layers of Earth Emanicipations, Divine Liberation, and 5D Soul Sight.  

2020 is not the Year of Ultimate Clear Soul Sight for no reason.

2020 is the Year of Ultimate Clear Soul Sight and Wholeness Vision for a Quantum and Cosmic Reason.

It is the Time that all would be summoned to awakeness and to rise into the Truth of Who They Truly Are.  

It is a Divinely Timed Timeline.  One arriving with Divine Precision.  

Trusting that Light.  Trusting that Divine Precision.  Trusting the Self Evidence of True Divine Truth is the New Energy of the New Earth Light and New Earth Timeline.

There is alot to wake up to.  It will be shocking to many.  Yet in the doses and portals of those revelations, is the Divine Truth that will set each and all of you FREE.

Beware if you are one who wishes to bypass the Truth of the 3D revelations en route to 5D bliss.

Bypassing what requires conscious witnessing will only leave you in another fold in the wrinkles of 3D layers of illusions, entanglements, and separation frequencies.

It is the True Epic Hero that feels and faces its fears . . . and comes out the other side . . . Brighter, Stronger, Better, Free-er, Lighter, and Wiser than ever before.

These are Epic Times dear ones.

These are Quantum Times dear ones.

This is a Time of Two Earths and Two Very Different Vibrational Realities.

In the swirl of disinformation, manipulation, revelation, and liberation, you will find your Truth.  You will find, meet, feel, and assess your soul’s readiness to rise and claim your sovereignty out of the illusion that is simultaneously vying for your attention and compliance.

It is a Life Review Timeline.  It is an All-Time Review Timeline from all of the Earth’s Timelines.

We invite you to summon the Sword of Truth into your experience.  We invite you to ask for Archangel Michael’s Sword of Truth to walk with you in these times of increasing confusion and craziness in the old 3D systems. 

Through the Vibrations of Truth, and the Courage required to Trust your Divinity Codes to SEE with 5D Wholeness Vision and thus to SEE the 3D Illusions still being spun . . . you can find your Freedom, Divinity, Soul Gifts, Soul Light, Soul Purpose, Soul Mission, and Soul Vision.  

These are the Times you came for Dear Ones.

You are the Epic Heroes releasing the old 3D paradigm for all time and inviting the new 5th Dimensional Timeline into form.

Some of you will choose to not awaken at this time.  All soul choices are sovereign and granted through FREE WILL. For those desiring to stay in the 3D timelines, a place will be made for that experience.

The Earth is not hosting a 3D experience any longer.  So those desiring 3D will need to journey to a realm where that is possible now.

The Earth IS hosting the Divine 5D Integration and Quantum Template of Complimentary Opposites, Zero Point Frequencies, Free Energy, Universal Love and Abundant Light . . . and the Gifts of 5D Frequencies Soul Gifts, Talents, Creative Expressions, Innovations, Joy, Sovereignty, Sacred Partnerships, and Well-Being In All Ways.

The choice to know, to be sovereign, and to live free is yours.  

May 2020 will bring more invitations to the Great Awakening Process underway.

May 2020 will bring more light showers from the Central Sun Portals, to help the illumination and awakening process underway.

May 2020 will offer Divine Support from all Celestial Realms Activated in 5D and Higher Divine Light for the Greatest Good in All Of Creation . . . to you . . . whenever requested.

We, the Arcturian Collective, are here to support you in that Courageous Hero’s Journey to Rise and Receive your 5D Divinity Codes and your 5D Clear Soul Sight at this time.

Call on the Divine Guidance you hold within.  Call on the Higher Vision you hold in your DNA and your LIGHT CODES to activate inside you and to help make this time of the Great Transition and Ascension as easy, graceful, humble, joyful, and liberating as possible.  

You have all the tools you need in your soul skills cultivated through time for this Now Time ~ of the Freedom Timelines ~ For All in the Cosmos.

It is an exciting time.

It is an EPIC Time.

Welcome Home dear ones, to your EPIC Emancipation and Divine Nature!

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.


2 Responses to “EPIC TIMES & QUANTUM TIMES: The Sword of Truth, Zero Point Portals, Cosmic Library Portals, & A Return to Gaia

  • Hi Marie, Thank you so much for this. The channel was so direct and loving. And thank you for your talk afterward. It helped clarify so much.

    I have been aware of things on this Planet, grazing in the knowledge of the several negative agendas, but never delved deeper, Until recently. It was something I had to do.

    Information from so many sources, about several dark agendas converging,
    have been painful.
    Yet, explains so much about what I have felt, for most of my life. I never understood it.
    Stangely, none of it surprised me, it all makes sense. And some of the details are new.

    But it feels like sci fi. No wonder I have been drawn to sci fi and fantasy all my life.

    Thank you for this amazing transmission. It felt like a loving and powerful call to action.
    I am stepping up to the plate as a free Being: Human and Spirit!

    I just hope I can maintain it when I go back to work.

    Much thanks and Love to you! Mary

    • Hi Mary! Thank you so much for sharing and for your awesome, heartfelt appreciation. 🙏💕 There is a time when we are each called to Know more, to See more clearly, and to Rise beyond the haze of the illusion that is more or less conditioned into us. The Call often comes from within, or is passed through a messenger who shares a thread of insight or information that we realize is beyond our comfort zone or present sight. And we know there is something in the reveal that is ours to remember, recover, or rediscover. It is alot to become awakened to, and that is why I think the Guides reference the “hero’s journey” that we are all in right now in many of the transmissions. For it is a journey, and we are those brave heroes and those brave light beings who are being cued from within . . . to rise, listen, open our eyes, lead differently, and contribute our gifts to the greater Truth and greater Ascension process unfolding! As strange as it may be at times, we are remembering and recollecting the Truth about our beloved Earth and what is truly meant for us in the Divine Design, beyond the false narratives we have been told and sold for a long time. Welcome back to your Freedom and Sovereignty and Clear Soul Sight Mary! Its a joy to connect with you! Blessings and Much Love 💕✨🌎🌸