Two Wolves ~ One Light: An Essential Message in 2020 for a Global Perspective Shift, The Great Awakening, & Our Quantum Rising

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 5.16.2020

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the ethers through Arcturian Blue Sapphire Frequencies and Pure Divine White Light . . . to connect with you in the Heart of One in this transmission today.  In all of the challenges presenting on your world at this time, there is a Oneness Resetting.  A Wholeness Emerging.  And a Sacred Unifying Light Returning.  Let’s take a Conscious and Deep Divine Breath In and just feel the energy of that. Feel that Sacred Breath connecting us through all space and all time with the Heart of Creator, the Heart of Creation, and the Heart of the Earth Mother.  We are, together, now and always, Truly One.  In the Essence of your Divine Essence and Presence, you are One with this Allness of Being and this Interconnectedness that All Truly Is.  When you see the discord in your world, the divisiveness that sometimes seems to be getting louder more than receding, the pain, lack, and suffering that many are going through . . . know that in these times . . . the Light is amplifying anything living vibrationally outside of a Conscious Connection with the One Light.  The Heart of One.  The Heart of Creation and the Heart of Source.  So that All can see within themselves and within the Greater Collective where frequencies of separation, division, density, and darkness still exist in your world today, your inner and outer worlds, in order to bring those separated elements of your experiences and your energy bodies Home to the Grace of Source.  The Grace of Resplendent Light.  And the Grace of the Oneness that All Truly Is.

In a 5D World and Consciousness, it feels very easy to breathe and connect with these frequencies.  Doesn’t it?  For 5D is fully activated in Divine Feminine Flow and the Sacred Balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Frequencies.  And breathing Pure Source Oxygen is easy here.  It is Divine here.  It is effortless here.  It is simply Who You Are.  There is no struggle to remember . . . because here . . . you never forgot.  There are no challenges with dualities because polarities are unified in your conscious awareness through Zero Point technologies.  In 5D and higher dimensional realms, all is already One.  For All Truly Is One.  And you feel this, know this, and celebrate this with great joy in your being.  This is bliss.  This place of unified luminous light in 5D energies and frequencies inside you is bliss.  It is the Essence of the One.  And it is Organized By the Law of One.  All is One.  Breathe in that Oneness with us a moment more.  

Now, in a 3D and 4D World and Consciousness, you feel the tugs and wrestlings of duality.  Yes?  The story and pull of the two wolves inside you, as described in the Cherokee story, where there is a fight going on inside an old Cherokee grandfather, who is teaching this message to his grandson.  The fight is between two wolves inside him.  One wolf is evil.  It is angry, greedy, guilty, sorrowful, false, doubting, and ego.  The other wolf is good.  It is light, free, truthful, empathic, compassionate, kind, peaceful, humble, joy, and love.  The grandson asks which one wins?  And the grandfather says, whichever one you feed.  

Can you feel this tug of war going on inside you?  Or inside the collective right now?  The war is not really between any two sides, although the 3D matrix would express that at times and your 3D sight might see it that way.  But your 5D Soul Sight can see that in this bridge time of 4D on planet earth, which is the timeline in between a 3D earth and a 5D earth, there is only the Light’s exposure of all that is false . . . so that you can each and all return to all that is Divinely True.  The wrestling is only the ego mind’s illusions, defenses, fortresses, manipulations, and distortions.  Because just as you felt as we journeyed into 5D frequencies for a timeless moment of Grace before, in 5D you already were One. There is no wrestling.  All is already unified and unity consciousness.  But in the lower dimensional realms, and thus in these ascension timelines, there is a vast exposure underway of the Light Forces of the Universe to illuminate anything living outside what the Light touches.  What the Light knows.  The Light is shining through in Epic Streams now summoning all to return to what the Divinity inside it knows, breathes, and is.  

Will the ego find that to be a terrifying invitation?  Perhaps.  Because for the ego to surrender to the Light to lead, the Ego would have to surrender to something outside of itself to lead.  And it is very afraid of anything else leading what it cannot control.  And try to prevent.  That is the only time it feels safe.  And really, truthfully, the ego never feels safe.  Because it is always trapped in the 3D and 4D illusions of this 3D matrix based in duality and division.  The ego is always aware of the two wolves inside you.  And it knows there is always, or has always been, a push pull relationship between the two.  Even within yourselves, you have each and all experienced this duality war through these wolf energies inside you, since the beginning of a 3D incarnational experience.  The two wolves in 3D are both fighting and vying for control.  To win the game of 3D.  And yet the game of 3D cannot be won.  Because duality is ever present and the rules of the game require a winner and a loser.  This is in every person’s consciousness, no matter their age, race, gender, religion, vocation, etc.  The ego remembers these age-old ancestral contracts required to simply be here on planet earth in this matrix.  There was an agreement to the understanding of a dualistic matrix where for one to win, another must lose.  And the ego is constantly trying to keep a balance between the “evil wolf” or the wolf of darkness and duality and the “good wolf” or the wolf of light.  In 3D, the ego attempts to be your zero point frequency in the center between the two wolves.  

Now, those wolves exist within each and every one of you.  And it also exists in states, nations, countries, continents, and the entire globe.  Because everywhere that life is, so are the two wolves of duality.  

In the higher 5D energies and the New Earth that is rising inside each of you, these two wolves weave back into the yin yang energies, where complementary opposites power worlds. They power your inner life from the energies of quantum fusion technologies and they power the entire planet as well from quantum fusion technologies.  From an intuitive understanding of what quantum fusion technologies mean ~ this weaving and this Divine Power is in the Oneness.  It flows from the Law of OneAnd the Law of Harmony.  And Divine Synergy.  It isn’t a law of sameness and uniformity.  On the contrary, it is a Law of Diversity and Synergized Light Frequencies streaming through the Quantum Balancing of Divine Differences and the Uniqueness of All Individuals within a much Greater Whole.

And we wish to say to you that in any 3D duality, there is an intrinsic and inherent 5D unity.  In 3D from the perception of 3D vision and sight, it looks like 2 wolves fighting to the death, so that one victor and one side will ultimately win and receive all the spoils of war and control and victory.  What is actually happening in a parallel 5th dimensional timeline unfolding in each and every one of you . . . is that the wolves are merging into One Unified Field of Light once more.  The 3D warring is emerging 5D merging, and ultimately will bring a Quantum Unity to the Collective Whole.  

And in that alchemical, quantum, fusion, integration process, the ego is being absorbed by the Higher Frequencies of Cosmic and Quantum Creationary Light.  And it is being reset to its organic original divinely templated role as a processor of the Heart’s Clear Soul Sighted Instructions.  And its other-wise fang-filled warring 3D essence is neutralized in that Coming Home to its Organic Light Origins process.

But will you continue to see fangs come out in the war between the two wolves?  This month and throughout 2020, likely so.  Those fangs in 3D become fuels of light in 5D realms.  The duality becomes useful and electromagnetic polarity that weaves contrastingly charged particles for energy sources.  For a higher ease and grace. For the experience of love expressed through Unity Consciousness once more.

And you will begin to see how the same base frequencies in the different dimensions could be utilized for different purposes and in different ways.  And with Higher Clearer Soul Sight in 2020, you will begin to catch glimpses where neither side wins in a dualistic structure and paradigm.  But where actually an entire world and global collective wins together . . . because the Light that Unifies and Synergizes and Synchronicizes All Things ~ Wins.  The Light Wins with 2020 Clear Soul Sight.  And that means all of you win.  Because You Are This Living Light.

How you arrive in that Collective Win still is playing out.  The wolves have their fangs ready.  Both are gnashing their teeth.  Both know they have a very critical position to defend.  And its as if they are in a boxing ring.  Dueling it out.  To ultimately reveal one clear winner.  Over the other.  And the ego is the referee terrified for both sides.  Because each side is half of the ego’s responsibilities.  They are both one within the greater whole.  That the ego must continue perpetually in 3D to referee.  And it hopes it can allow each side to win enough, so that both sides never succeed in killing each other (which would eliminate the ego) or that both sides never band together to join forces and eliminate the ego altogether.  Either way, it is the ego that feels it will lose.  In all of these scenarios.  And in 3D, it is wired for truly one thing ~ self preservation.

Because when the Grand Separation Experiment activated, and all souls in physical bodies lost direct connection to knowing themselves as Source Energy, the ego in this realm of steep duality was appointed the new Source and manager of the 3D experience.  Only this ego used to only take directives from the Wise All Knowing Heart Center that was connected to the Infinite One.  So the ego is truly akin to the Wizard of Oz, that really isn’t a Wizard at all.  But in this strange land of 3D events, daily unfoldments, and a tremendous amount of fear due to the duality that exists here, the ego conjured up a role for itself behind the curtain of human consciousness, to be the Wizard of this 3D Oz you all have been living in.

As more and more awaken, and realize that the wizard behind the curtain is really the unskilled ego processor of the 5th dimensional realm, there is a Greater Awakening Process unfolding as to how to access the Heart’s 5th Dimensional Codes of Light that KNOW how to connect with Source Energy and Quantum Fusion Technologies again, to benefit the greater whole once more.

So you can see with your 20/20 vision how the year 2020 in this grand play and theatre of a 3D realm . . . is going to be largely absorbed into the Higher Dimensional Consciousness of the Sacred Heart Center and a 5th Dimensional Operating System that is Purely, Truly, Divinely connected to the Oneness that lives in the Whole Cosmos and that also lives and streams from the Heart of Source.  The Heart of Creation.  The Heart of One.  And the Heart of Gaia.  All are One, and yet all are Unique, and all are necessary to turn the Gears of this 3D planet Earth within this Grand Universe back to Love.  Back to Resplendent Living Light.  And back to Quantum Unity in all of the technologies to come.    

Wouldn’t it make sense then that some Master Wolves from both sides of the duality would be informing this process?  If we continue to use the Cherokee parable to teach this and share this energy with you today?  Picture a Black Wolf striving to own control of the 3D matrix, still at this juncture of the earth’s ascension and evolution.  Now picture a White Wolf striving to liberate this 3D planet back into wholeness, kindness, compassion, and light again.  Neither is right or wrong in this much more zoomed out picture of the earth right now.  They are simply two realities unfolding in duality.  

In the 4D realm, they are in that boxing ring now.  Very clearly pushing, pulling, and vying to be the victor of the match.  One stands for darkness, continued duality, fear, zero-sum games, struggle, suffering, and pain.  And one stands for the living light of freedom, sovereignty, wholeness, transparency, Truth, kindness, liberation, love, and joy.  And BOTH are aspects in the Higher Dimensional Realms of the One.  Both are aspects even in the 3D realm of the One.  For both come from One in the Same Source.

And what needs to happen in the 4D storms of your lives right now?

The wolves need to be seen for what they are.  For the 3D wolves of duality and the positions they stand for.  And for the 5D wolves of unity and fusion polarity frequencies that quantum energies receive their fuel from and that entire realms of existence thrive for the Good of All within.  

These two wolves must be seen and known to the Human Consciousness now.  What was unconscious, now must become conscious.  For you each and all are in the Great Fusion or Unification Process now.  In 2020.  And to rise with less and less resistance, you are being summoned steadfastly so . . . to see with clear soul sight . . . the 2 wolves that live in you.  And the 2 wolves that ARE you.

Some have lived the extreme version of evil in this realm, to anchor the duality and spectrum of experiences that can generate off of the fear frequencies this 3D realm feeds upon.

Some of you have lived the extreme version of light and goodness in this realm, to anchor the polarity and spectrum of experiences that can generate Source Living Light in this false 3D realm that has forgotten its center as 5D+ Divine Living Light.  

Many of you have lived in various roles of that duality.  And many of you have served as Lightholders, Sphere-holders, and Recordkeepers of the 5D Light and Wisdom that you came from and know now . . . is returning to BE Again.

The evil on this planet, if we call that dark extreme frequency that word and that name, must rise into the center of that boxing ring to be seen by ALL of the people, the spectators and co-participants in the creation of this 3D paradigm, to finally and ultimately see what that extreme version of polarity looks like.

And the clear pure divine light on this planet must also rise into the center of that boxing ring to be seen by ALL of the people, the spectators and co-participants in the creation of this 3D paradigm, to finally and ultimately see the extreme version of that polarity and what it looks like.

In 4D, the ego is the referee.  And hence you see this playing out in the mainstream media.  And you see this playing out in the divisions between family members, friends, teams, communities, religious organizations, countries.  For the ego has put everything else on trial, due to the illusions it has faced in this matrix, BUT the 2 wolves. 

Now in the Ultimate Trial of this 3D Illusion, the actual wolves anchoring the dualities of this matrix are soon to be taking center stage.  But not in a theatre any longer.  Now in a worldwide revealed event . . . where the 2 wolves are facing off with one another.  One side standing for freedom, liberation, unity, divine light, and divine flow again in the hearts of all sentient life.  And one side standing for greed, enslavement, manipulation, fear, suffering, service to self, duality, and division in the minds of humanity.  

In the emerging 5D New Earth, the ego will merge into a Zero Point Portal of Light.  And the wolves you see in a tremendous battle for humanity’s attention and participation . . . will merge into the Yin Yang Frequencies of Unified Light once more.  

Will you see more fangs and attacks and exposures and disclosures forthcoming?  In that 4D wrestling match and war for the souls of humanity?  Yes.  It is the script now of the 4D ascension process back into light.  Each character in that fight and in that war will play their part. Some for the darkness.  Some for the light. In very public ways.  And some will play it out in their personal every day lives.  No sentient being is unaffected by this process now.  All are rising.  All must witness The Great Merging.  And the task of Reunion Back into Light.

If you don’t like what you see, remember, this is part of the larger plan for the merging of soul vision, soul light, and soul ascension for every being on the planet.  Be compassionate with yourselves.  Call in your soul skills.  Connect with your Heart Centers that know this World of Oz that is Returning to be and shine as a World of God again.  A World of Sentient and Source Light again.

All must awaken now in 2020 to the Truth of All That Has Been.  So that the curtain that the wizards of 3D control and manipulation can be torn down and released back to source.  For it is the Ultimate Division still preventing people from connecting with their Heart Centers, because their Egos are all tied up in Enslavement Programs and Manipulations caused and created by the Dark Wizards and Wolves of the 3D Realm.

As the curtain falls, and the people remove it themselves through their awakening processes, inside and out, The Great Weaving Together of a vast amount of Duality unfolds.  And you each and all will return to Unified Light and Oneness Consciousness again.

It will not be without revelations.  It will not be without matches in that metaphorical boxing ring.  You know this because you are already seeing this.

As the wolves whirl and swirl in that ring, it may be hard to tell who is light and who is dark.  For they will swirl in the dance of 3D warring and the 5D rising.  And it may even be confusing to see who is emerging to be victorious.  And who has lost.  You might ask yourself again and again, will the Light win?  Or will the darkness succeed?  

And we will say, the affirmation the entire audience can collectively affirm together . . . as more and more awaken . . . is that no matter what it looks like in that ring . . . the Light Wins.  The Light Always Wins.  It may require centuries and millennia of journeys upon this earth.  But in a Divine Matrix and in a Divine Creation, based on the Law of One and Unity Consciousness and Light, the Light Always and Timelessly Wins.  Forever.  Eternally ever after.

So be kind to yourselves.  Witness your own inner wolves.  See your fangs on display when someone questions your beliefs or your understandings.  Witness the manipulations as the darkness continues to attempt to suppress the exposure of what it really has been in a 3D realm all this time.   

The darkness could “win” in 3D much of the time because it moves insidiously through manipulation, suppression, oppression, illusion, lies, and masquerades.  Its hard for a sleeping collective to understand that depth of that coordination behind the curtains.

The Light has won in 3D much of the time because it Trusts in the Truth and the Organic Divinity in the Light Codes to Lead throughout All Time, without fail.

Now, it is time to witness the two forces of energy on this planet with greater clarity.  With greater transparency.  With greater Truth.

And to pray, intend, know, feel, and celebrate the Joy of the Victory of the Light, that a planetary and cosmological Great Awakening is bringing back to the people.  To the Entire Sentient Collective.  And to Mama Gaia herself.  

Know today and always, that The Light Always Wins.  

And you are all part of that Great Light.

The dark wolf and the light wolf are also part of that Great Light.

Vision the Seamless Weaving of the Greater Light and Wholeness You Truly Are.

2020 Clear Soul Sight is here to help you see it all.  And to know it all.  

And to rise and embrace it all again!

You are the All.  You are the One.  You are the Heart of Gaia, Creation, Source, and All That Is.  

You are Divinity in Form.  Remember this.  Remember it well!

And celebrate the Great Return of the Light catalyzing the Earth’s Epic Emancipation, now in 2020 . . . and for All Time! 

Rise in that New Light and Shine With Great Faith in the Truth of Who You Really Are!

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.  

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