July 2018 Energy Forecast: The Great Unraveling and Greater Unity Unfolding

July 2018 Energy Forecast: 
The Great Unraveling and the Greater Unity Unfolding

A Message from The Arcturian High Council and Mother Mary

via channel Marie Mohler
Received June 16, 2018





Dear Ones,

It is the Arcturian High Council and Mother Mary here, to speak to you today about the ongoing unraveling of energy on your world, and the new unity and cohesiveness that is going to take its place. 

gorgeous golden sunset image2018 as a whole will have produced your most productive contractions in the New Earth’s labor and delivery process to date.  Humanity is at the midpoint of what 2018 must succeed in stripping away this year, so that more truth, greater illumination, and truly, a more holistic integration in every heart on the planet can be achieved. 

Today, we will speak to the energies flowing through in July.  And we will also continue to speak of the mass clearing of the energies that 2018 was always designed to activate, that many of you in your daily lives might see as the Great Unraveling. 

For the Great Unraveling is ultimately designed to bring 
the Great Unveiling and the Great Revealing by the year’s end. 

You see dear ones, there was a time when the Earth was One, Whole, Pure, Crystalline Ball and Frequency of Light.  And in that Light, the Earth and all Inhabitants lived as One Breath.  As One Heart.  As One Unified Expression of Source Energy.  It is what many call a Golden Age of Light.  And you, as One Humanity, have experienced several of these timelines, even if your conscious minds cannot remember.  Your Souls Remember.   And that is why to some of you, these frequencies in our transmission today feel and sound very familiar to you.  For you literally ARE templated still today with the knowing, being, and breathing of that Unified Field of Oneness, Light, and Love from the Golden Ages.  You literally ARE those frequencies

But as all evolutionary paths grow, restructure, and find their way into greater and greater levels of Soulular Expansion, new heights of Soul Awareness and expression were desired.  And so, at a Collective Level of Consciousness ~ a desire to know the Source Within birthed, that called forth A Great Unraveling on a Mass Scale. 

Now can you imagine for just a moment . . . numerous thriving cultures and earthly Higher Vibratory Golden Age Communities . . . all over the world . . . Synergized and Bathed in 5th Dimensional and Higher Frequencies of Oneness, Light, Communion, Sentient Breathing, and Synergized Interconnection . . . flowing One Heartbeat . . . One Source . . . and One Consciousness . . . of Joy and Perfection . . . in every Soul incarnated at that time . . . creating a Planetary Tone of Peace, Balance, Harmony, Love, and Joy in all of Hu-manity . . . and creating a God-spark and Celestial God-sound . . . that continuously created a Field of Heavenly Light on the Physical Earth . . .

christmas candle ball of light image. . . Can you imagine it as One Unified Ball of Divine Thread or Yarn?  Lit up in this Golden Field of Source Energy, Purity, and Perfection, as a Symbol of the Fully Integrated Heart Consciousness and Connectedness with Source Energy?

And can you imagine this Collective Decision to experience an even greater experience of Source Essence in the collective . . . by living the experiment and experience of deep and complete separation and division . . . by entering a new cycle of disconnection from Source and from one another?

This is what occurred.

And so, that One Unified Ball of Cohesive, Connected, Wholeness, and Perfect Light . . . which is where the Sanskrit expression “Namaste” originated from . . . (I bow to the Place of Light in you that is the Place of Light within me . . . that knows Source Essence and Pure Divine Energy Perfectly . . . and knows that I Am another You.  We Are One.”, . . . that One, Perfect, Holistic, Sentient, Loving, Interconnected, and Unified Light Energy and Ball of Cosmic Etheric Yarn . . . began to unravel over many, many years, and many ages, . . . into a cluster of continents . . . and then clusters of cultures . . . and then separate languages . . . and separate creeds . . . and separate codes for living in this world . . . to the point where surviving in this denser, darker world that was creating itself in separation consciousness . . . appeared to require “survival of the fittest” mentalities, and separation schemes of consciousness . . . that matched the frequencies of this new experience of life on the living earth.  Storms came.  And ravaged the planet.  Tearing people further and further apart from one another.  To survive, certain groups would cluster together and fight other groups, believing that their cluster was more entitled to pieces of the earth than others. Wars ensued.  Lives were lost.  And separation continued its invasive energies into the hearts, minds, and souls of this once Harmonious Collective Humanity. 

At this point, it was every man, woman, child, animal, planet, and element for itself. 

The Age of Separation and Darkness befell the Earth.  And Humanity. 

woman black and white gears imageAnd all components of every living being, and soul presence on the Earth, came to be seen as simple, compartmentalizable, moving parts.  That could be isolated, bought, sold, enslaved, used, killed, or eliminated according to another’s will.

Over time, this eroded the Natural, Innate, Organic, and Divine Sense and Essence of Pure Divine Light Consciousness in all beings, planet-wide.   

All that was left was dull, separated threads representing a once thriving Light Center and Planetary Metropolis of Unity Consciousness ~ now fighting themselves to stay alive and having nearly fully forgotten their Origins of Perfect Divinity, that now seemed, and some days still seems, to be an impossibility, a fantasy, a cosmic fable, of a time long ago, or worse, a time that simply never was.

This is the Great Unraveling. 
Literally.  That occurred on your world, in the last World Age and Cycle.   

A new order was established to survive in this dark, dense age and stage of evolutionary development.  One of “Survival of the Fittest,” “Winner takes all,” and “Competition as the Name of the Game” mentalities.   

You have All lived this Cycle of Separation to its fullest.

Experiencing lives of Wealth and Power.  And experiencing lives of pain and lack.  You have each and all had lives where you thrived by dominating over some version of “other.”  And you each and all have had lives where you suffered at the hands of another or were suppressed by systems of law that was ruled by “others.”

This is the Great Unraveling.

multi-colored yarn image

We aren’t, today, now, in Medieval Times, are we?  We today aren’t living in times of Tribal Warfare? Or Nazi Germany? Or Christian Persecution? Or the Spanish Inquisition? Are we?

What humanity is living in . . . now today . . . is the dregs of a
collective desire to expand the Collective Soul . . . by
not knowing itself
to be the Perfection of Light.  The Perfection of Source.  The Perfection of Unity.   

We are at the tipping point right now . . . today . . . of all that we are NOT.


December 21st, 2012 sounded the Source Call to Come Home to Integration again.
To Rise Within Ourselves and Our Souls to Remember Oneness and Wholeness again.

The Codes of Light that We Truly Are . . . that resonate and that emit perfect signals and communications of Unity, Harmony, Peace, Joy, and Sentient Cohesive Light . . . are pulsing in each of us. And one by one, we are hearing them.  Some of us, with our very attuned sentient systems, have been hearing these codes for a long time.  Even before 12/21/2012, when the codes fully re-activated to take their proper place in the heart and soul of the Earth and the Sentient Collective once more.  And many of us are awakening more and more each day to the falsehoods of our lives, our jobs, our belief systems, that are quickly becoming outdated and obsolete within ourselves.

The Unified Ball of Light We Truly Are is calling us back together.

It is Pulsing.  And Inviting.  And Calling to Each of Us Now . . . to
leave ourFields of Separation Consciousness . . . and to Re-Join the
Heartbeat of Unity and CommUnity again.

Those souls playing roles of the deepest separation . . . the darkest threads . . .
the greatest pain and corruption in the world . . . are getting exposed . . .
simply by the Light’s Organic Illumination now. 

July 2018 will continue to see more exposure calling the darkness back into the Greater Unified Field of Light. It is the Light that will ORGANICALLY ALCHEMIZE the darkness, corruption, separation, and “survival of the fittest” corroded frequencies within individuals and within the greater collective.

Notice where you see separated fragments, or bits of “incarnated yarn,” from experiences in the last world age and cycle.  Notice when they are rising in you.  Wiggling or sprinting to the surface, unable to stay in the shadows any longer, and desiring to be re-united with the Light.

Notice where you see separated fragments on the world stage doing the same.  Imagine the sheer number of soul fragments, corrupted fragments, and bits or segments of dense or dark yarn . . . magnetically . . . getting pulled into the Light . . . of Transparency, Truth, and Cleansing . . . to be Alchemized in these Higher and Holistic New Earth Frequencies now. 

network of energy photo
It’s a Mass Restoration Process. 

We are Re-Setting our Inner Coordinates to Unity and Light once more.

The Separation was the Experiment. 

Cohesiveness, Cooperation, Kindness, and Universal Love are Who We Are.

July will continue to expose the Great Unraveling.  More [individuals and groups] will be exposed for their own versions of the Separation Experiment and Experience, and thus, relieved of their duties to lead. 

Those activated in the New Light Codes will steadily rise to lead.  To lead ALL OF US back into the Unified Field of Light and Oneness.

Those activated will rise out of their false selves, lives, jobs, and beliefs and begin to align their lives and soul paths now with this Greater Integration and Unification.

torus image
The Light is Magnetizing us to our Soul’s Purpose and to One Another. 

The Light is Uniting us once more, by its very nature calling to
Our Organic Nature . . . which is ultimately . . . always . . . LIGHT. 

Ground in the Light that you are.  As the experiment now gets further and further exposed, allow the Light to do its work to expose and cleanse.  And expose and cleanse.

Your job is to open to the Light Within and to do your own unique part to align with the Light Codes’ Perfect Coordinates inside you. 

Where are you uniquely called to be?

Where do you feel called to be . . . to bring more Light to lives you see and touch on a daily basis?

Where inside YOU . . . do you feel . . . scared . . . or disempowered . . . or unable somehow to live what you organically are and came to be . . . as soul purpose this lifetime?

Where can you get support for these suppressed parts of you . . .
that deep down . . . only wish to return to the Higher Light too?

people celebrating at sunset image
All on the planet are returning to this Dawning of a New Golden Age.

You are Witnessing the Sunrise of your Lives. 

It has been a long time since it was so close, so reachable,
and so accessible to you. 

The door is open. 

And Source is inviting you Home. 

To the Light. 

To the Perfection. 

To the Unity and Collective Mastery you each and all have become. 

And Always Infinitely Were.   

So we close for today by asking you . . .

How can you participate in the Ball of Unified Light’s Return?

How can you today choose to allow the Perfect Light Codes of the New Earth
to pulse and stream forth in what you say, what you do, how you breathe, and
how you touch another person’s life today?

The only way the Unified Field of Light will reunite . . . is by your Conscious Choice
to answer the call . . . that many of you magnetically now feel . . . but must choose
to become . . . a Conscious and Awakened Participant . . . in the Re-Unification
of Light now cosmically underway on a Global Scale at this time. 

Witness your contributions or calls to contribute . . . to divisive conversations.
To language that incites or invites others to separate.

Observe your own fears and scared fragments rising up . . .
See where they feel disempowered or traumatized from millenia
of separation and disconnection from Source. 

At the core, we ALL have the same root wound.

We ALL left the Living and High Vibrational Experience of Perfect Union
with Source, the Living Light of the Universe. 

What is unraveling is all that we are NOT.

What is re-uniting is All That We Truly ARE.

woman with sphere of light image
Be Your Light.

Allow your Light to emerge from any versions of hiding inside you.

It’s Time to Let your True Light Shine. 

July 2018 will summon more and more Divine Light to shine from within, and expose all that you are not.

If discomfort arises, ask the Light to soothe the discomfort and to lead you into Greater Clarity and Harmony with the Earth.

If need be, review the channeling from Mother Earth about Breathing as a way to connect easily with your Higher and Brighter Self.

You are loved dear ones.

You ARE Love.

All Our Love.