July 2019 Energy Update: Resets, Restructurings, and Restoring 
the Sanctity of the Earth

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received June 30, 2019

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the ethers as The Arcturian Collective. July 2019 promises great change.  The Eclipse on July 2nd brings through a Power Portal of Light the likes of which have not been seen or felt here in vast centuries of time.  This powerful celestial energy is once again going to rattle more debris to the surface that has been vibrating out of alignment with the Central Sun Portals for eons of time.  This is the debris that has kept each one of you, in one way or another, living small, separated, confused, disconnected, disheartened, disoriented, dis-eased, and divided.  So the energy of July 2nd will expose more of the debris that emits frequencies of divisions and discord . . . to ultimately invite a greater Union and Harmony and coming together in greater Alignment and Wholeness again.  

Will it feel foreign?  That feeling of Union and Wholeness?  Yes.  And thus, when the invitation to Wholeness, Unity, Light, Sovereignty, and Collective Cooperation and Resetting your inner nature to the Light and to a greater Wealth and Prosperity than many can imagine is offered, . . . there will likely be eruptions of discord, dismay, discontent, and even an outright rejection of it . . . as a pathway to Union . . . for Re-Unification of the Human Collective and the Laws of One will be foreign to many.  It will be something so inconceivable that it won’t be able to be seen. Or felt.  Shock might be a word that some people feel and experience as a result of this powerful offering.  And yet, be offered, it will.  

For dear ones, a time has come on your world where your Cosmic Wealth, your Divine Potential, your Sacred Birthright to be Whole, Sovereign, Aligned, Free, Joyful, Awake, Loved, and Filled with Light . . . is Re-Turning.  

It will come through reset events around your world.  Some of these resets of course will be financial resets, globally.  For your world has been governed in many ways by a lack mentality and a lack frequency for so long, and that energy and those “teachings” or “conditionings” if you will have been perpetrated and certainly perpetuated through your financial markets and structures for eons of time.  This is not something that just occurred in the past decade.  Or the last 2 decades.  Or the past 100 years.  This energy goes back much, much farther.  To the time in which many of you who follow a version of religious texts will understand it as leaving the Garden of Eden.  When all was fruitfully provided.  When all wishes and desires were lovingly granted.  When synergy and harmony were the organizing forces of the day.  And where every one and every thing everywhere had all that it could ever need and more.  This is your birthright of abundance that is returning to you.  To the people.  To the animals. And to all sentient life on this world.  All is resetting to the New Codes of Light that the New Earth embodies now.  And that Reset of the Light Codes will impact your financial markets deeply and efficiently from this month forward, for these current structures are the false structures that set up systems of lack and limitation for the foreseeable future, which at this point, has made up your entire historical past.  

We are now moving back into a present day Garden . . . a Present Day Garden of Eden.  And what of course must unfold to clear space for this Garden to properly seed itself in the New Light?  The Great Weeding of course.  This July will set off a series of Cosmic Events that will more fully activate that Great Weeding.  That Great Unmasking of the False Energies and Structures of this world.  It is a powerful time indeed.  For the Light will move swiftly now.  And no debris that is out of alignment with the Earth’s Original Garden will escape the Light’s Infusion and Cleansing Presence here now.  

As these false financial assets, markets, and systems that manage the world’s “wealth”  receive this sweeping Light and these essential resets, again, there will be those who are unable to see the Light infusions and who will only be able to see chaos for instance, or disorientation, or confusion, or polarity in some way.  And why is that?  Why when the Light is streaming into this world, into this planet, could beings who are divinely designed to be LIght and to resonate with Light, not be able to recognize the Light when it appears right in front of them?  Because they have been conditioned for so long in the confines and prisons and enslavement codes of lack . . . that they don’t even have eyes to see the Light any more.  It only appears to be a greater Foreigner on their land, on their soil, in their lives and their life experiences.  And it will at first be something that some people will feel must be destroyed.  Or that it is something that must be rejected.  

And that is also because that very false conditioning that has run rampant on your world in this last age and cycle of separation . . . literally created false energies, false belief systems, and false debris inside each and everyone of you.  

Those of you that can hear the messages we are conveying coming through this channel, especially about the growing Light impacting and infusing your world, and shaking up the shadows of your world, and re-setting false financial systems, and resetting your history books as well . . . have already done some essential and very deep vibrational work to clear out that false energy and that false debris that isn’t who you are.  At some point in your journey, if you are hearing and understanding this message, you have attuned and reset your vibration to receive the True Light.  And thus you have also done some shadow work to clean out vibrations that are not OF the Light.  And that is why your clearer hearing and sight channels at this time can hear and see the Truth of what is really unfolding now on your planet.  In your governments.  In your financial structures.  In pharmaceutical and medicinal structures.  In educational systems and structures.  In farming industries.  In most of every organizational structure that exists.  And that took you some time if you recall . . . to reset to this new reality.  To this Truth inside you, as opposed to all that you had been taught to believe, not just this lifetime, but many others.  

For you are healing dear ones, corrupted codes inside yourselves from all of your lifetimes here.  This is not a one lifetime clearing, it is an ALL TIME CLEARING.  

And so why is July 2019 going to have a huge impact on the state of your world going forward?  Because the Light Infusions, the Light Storms if you will, streaming through the ethers and breaking up all of the atmospheric debris that has lauded over the entire human collective and the entire sentient world that lives on this planet . . . is very efficiently going to break up more debris that for the first time . . . will be felt and seen . . . in a very stark way . . . that those still sleeping . . . and those still disoriented . . . and those still operating from separation, disconnection, and corrupted codes on autopilot BECAUSE OF the old debris . . . will no longer be able to wear the mask of disconnection.  They will no longer have the comfort of their costumes, and those of anyone else.  They will no longer be able to live in the energies of “ignorance is bliss”.  

A huge aspect of the New Energies flooding your world is TRUTH.  If the old adage “ignorance is bliss” was the theme song of your old living matrix, then “The Truth Will Set You Free” is the new theme song of the New Earth, beginning more completely in the month of July 2019.  

Truth like you have never seen it before is going to sweep the globe.  In July 2019, and pulsing continuously for the next 6-8 months, until another eclipse reigns an even greater infusion of Light on this planet in December 2019.  These two eclipses are creating a cosmic “rain storm” of Light . . . to reset and re-instate the Light’s reign over this entire planet.  

And so dear ones, we share these insights to our listeners to say, we invite you to Breathe a Deep Divine Breath In with us, now, and every day going forward.  We invite you to allow that Sacred Breath to flow to all of the places inside you still perhaps in some ways, in small little cavernous places inside you, in the tiniest of molecules and even in the loudest of human egos, we invite you to consciously allow that Living Source Light to bathe all of you, every single lost aspect, every single morsel of old corrupted code, every single disoriented of confused part of you . . . that has ingested any of this last world age and cycle and believed it to be your true divinity and thus who you really are . . . let it bathe the ALLNESS OF YOU and reset your inner light codes to the Highest Light and Love Frequencies possible.  Ask this Conscious Breath to breathe the Light of Source, the Light of Health, the Light of Prosperity, the Light of Unity, the Light of Compassion, and the Light of Abundance and Peace for every living being on your world today . . . to unify and cleanse all the parts of you that in any way resonated with the false energies of this world.  And to re-unite the Light aspects of you, the Light Energies Inside You, that remember Unity, Light, Abundance, and Love Consciousness.  And if you have the capacity, to ask this next intention, we invite you to ask this Sacred Breath to shower and bathe even the most separated and corrupted individuals among you, who have gotten the very furthest from their organic Light that one could imagine.  And then, even beyond your deepest imaginings.  For this has occurred on your world as well.  Darkness at a level incomprehensible to many of you has thrived in this previous cycle of separation and division on your world.  And that darkness needs this very light the most.  To re-set and to re-orient to the Living Light of the True Nature of the Universe.  And it requires a re-set and re-orientation to the Living Light of the True Nature of Source Energy in a Conscious, Living, and Light-filled Universe.  All need to be bathed in these Frequencies of Divine Loving and Infinite Light straight from the Heart of the Godheart and Straight from the Heart of the Central Sun Portals and Straight from the Heart of this Conscious Living Universe.  There is no living being on the planet today that does not require and need this Sacred Breath and this Sacred Showering of Light to support their own re-unification with the Light that all truly are.  So breathe all of those Sacred Conscious Breaths together with us now.  And together with each other.  For as each of you reads this message today, and breathes with us right now in this moment, you are together, collectively paving the way for the Renewal and the Great Restoration of the Original Divine Light and Love of this planet to Reset on this planet once more.  You are, dear ones, Coming Home.  You are, dear ones, Re-setting and Re-Seeding Home in the Garden of the Earth Mother’s Heart again. In this prayer.  In this intention.  In this Conscious Breathing.  You are doing it.  You are breathing it.  You are being it again.  

These are powerful times indeed dear ones.  And you hold that power.  You, each and every one of you, is a Powerful Essence of Light and Love and Unity Consciousness, whose time has come to Re-Turn to your world.  These powerful eclipses kick off more of that activational and awakening process for the entire planet.  

This month, as more old matrix costumes are peeled or lasered off by this Living Light energy, be a witness of yourself receiving those exposures of the Light and those exposures of things you may have held to be true yourself, until more revelations continue to expose the corruption sold as truth, but now, increasingly, that will be exposed for the fraudulent energies they always were.  Dressed up in nice costumes.  Dressed up in structures that were purported to be “for the people.”  Most all structures on your world in the old energy matrix are false structures dear one.  Because corrupt codes can only create ~ that which is like itself.  If the “parent codes” of all past historical creations and structures were laden with corrupt codes, then the “child” codes or the “offspring” codes of those structures will be corrupt at some level as well.  Many, many many generations and centuries later, they still derive their energy and their fortification from the same old corrupt codes.  This is what is receiving the greater Light at this time.

Those systems that have the greatest corrupt debris in their “coding” and in their original “structural dna” if you will.  

And therefore, we highlight today a shift from corrupt financial systems and debris . . . and the consciousness collectively that has supported them through lifetimes of distortions and false conditionings . . . and into a new systems at the very least based in intentions of greater sovereignty.  And Light.  And balance.  And Truth for all.  

You are in a time of a Great Renaissance.  A Great Resetting.  A Powerful Re-Structuring.  For those of you with the deepest skepticism about any of these frequencies reported through this channel, and perhaps others, we invite you to not take our word for it.  You don’t need the guidance of the Arcturian Collective to confirm what you know inside and underneath all that debris.  You simply need to ask yourself when you look inside your own life, around your own life, in your local community, in your particular state or province, and in your country, and around the world, is the Garden of Eden Frequency activated in your world today?  Do your current structures support a Garden of Eden experience of Well-Being, Abundance, Health, Joy, Love, Light, and Unity Consciousness in your world today?  Do you see Peace embodied in people worldwide, and Sovereignty reign as Light in all people do, feel, breathe, and say?  

If this is not something you can affirm at this time, then you are living in a timeline outside of that Garden of Eden Frequency . . . and it is time to begin to allow the possibility that it may just be trying to re-set itself in your world, in your countries, in your communities, and inside your heart as well.  

Shock will be one vibrational response to this level of change on your world.  For it will be so out of the range of vibrational understanding for some that that may be one potential response to the coming changes.  When you can, remember to do the conscious breathing exercises we have been sharing for many months now, including within today’s transmission.  

Connection with your Guides and calling in the Higher Light of Divine Support to hold your Light Vibration steady through the shifts unfolding is another important soul skill we have referenced.  

Visioning Light cascading through and bathing all of your core pillar chakras is Soul Skill #3 that we shared with you, as an option to ground in the New Light, regardless of any changes, shifts, storms, or rattlings of the old matrix in these times.  Bathing your core chakras connects them and you with your True Source Power beyond any corrupt atmospheric codes that would tell you a different story of separation and division instead.  Connecting your chakras with the Light thus strengthens your Core . . . and aligns you with the Earth Mother and the Divine Source with perfection.

And now we will add a 4th soul skill . . . which we will talk about in future transmissions.  Connecting with your Truest Heart’s Desires, your Deepest Passions, or your most natural way of embodying your Light and Gifts in this realm . . . is one of the BEST soul skills you can ever experience.  For it is in your literal wiring as a lifeline directly to Source . . . to be Connected with Source Light, Joy, Abundnace, Well-Being, and Perfection, regardless of any storms ~ physical, atmospheric, financial, political, structural, and more ~ in the world.  You can ground in any storm and you can move into any timeline you desire by focusing your pure heart’s intention on BEING the essence of the gift you uniquely have and sharing it in some way in the world each day.  

That can be the choice to help someone in a grocery store, if you see their bag rip open, and their apples fall all over the floor.  You can stop, pause, smile, and help them pick up their apples.  That kind gesture, that one amazing moment, can channel and embody this New Light in ways maybe you cannot see, but that the universe will optimize if you just give it the chance.  

That may be to pause in an argument you are about to have with someone you know or maybe even someone you don’t know . . . that otherwise was calling out a desire to unleash some pent up frustrations . . . and just getting calm and quiet . . . and breathing Light into your heart . . . and allowing that storm that wanted to activate to pass on through with a little less intensity and support from you  . . . to engage the old patterns of separation, judgement, anger, and division.  You are not separate from that individual in that conversation.  The old matrix just has you believing you are.  The new matrix remembers connection.  On some level, we think you remember it too.  So deep breaths in those calls to conflict, to re-reroute them into compassion.

Breathe Light into the Global Collective going through so much change and so much upheaval now, as the old codes pass away to be alchemized by Pure Source Light.  

Breathe Light into expressions of confusion, anger, fear, misunderstanding, corruption, and shadow getting increasing exposures of the Light.  It isn’t easy to be exposed.  It isn’t easy to be summoned in the spotlight for deep and separated deeds and belief systems, that no longer can be supported by the Living Light Matrix that timelessly has ultimately governed this and all realms.  Its not easy.  But breathing Light consciously and daily . . . can help to make it easier.

Breathe Light inside yourselves . . . because we know for all of you listening to this today . . . its not easy for you either.  It doesn’t matter what your particular karmic brand of debris is . . . it doesn’t matter what confusion or shadow you have rattling around inside too . . . it exists.  All human beings have some.  Its the nature of the matrix you have been living in for many lifetimes.  Breathe Compassionate Light into the length of the journey its been and the weariness you feel from having been the soul journeyer in that journey.  It has been a long long road.  And you are here today in this moment to begin to allow the Light to lead and to do its work internally and externally in your light and in your life on the planet today.

Remember ~ the Earth is a Living Conscious Sacred Garden.  You are part of this Living Conscious Sacred Garden.  The Light is resetting and restoring this Living Conscious Sacred Garden.  

The July 2019 Energies are here to help restore the sanctity and grace of this Living Conscious Sacred Garden.  Much weeding will be done.  Much soil will be turned over.  New waterings of Light and positive intentions will support this new living creation on planet earth.  

The old false structures, despite the oppression, have threads of consciousness that people will still be attracted to.  There is a phenomenon on your world in the human psyche where people can be conditioned to bond with their captor.  Where they can feel a loyalty to their oppressor.  Where they can align with corrupted codes and believe them to be the light.

The True Light doesn’t require belief.  The True Light simply and timelessly and lovingly always is.  The True Light just shines.  The True Light is self-evident through time, and doesn’t require manipulation.  It doesn’t need conditioning.  It simply and always and forever-more ~ IS.  

You know it by feeling it.  By clearing away your own debris to be able to SEE it.  

It doesn’t need fancy parades or concerts or tv programming to spoon feed it to people.  

It simply knows what it is and it radiates Light, which is what it truly and always is.  

When people get quiet long enough to still the noise in the collective consciousness, and they pause long enough to just feel a moment of stillness, and goodness, and wholeness, that is where the Light lives.   Its not telling you what you to do, or who to hate, or who to blame, or who to side with today against another side, . . . it just continues to beam what it is.  Which is THE LIGHT.

That is what many of you know as God.  Creator.  Buddha.  Kwan Yin.  Hari Krishna.  And more.  That Eternal Essence of Divine Light is underneath all faiths.  All religions originally based in versions of love and light.  

And that is what is being restored on this planet.  The Light’s Timeless Love for All Life and All Planets and All Things.  

Remember in July 2019 as things continue this Re-set and Restoration Process . . . that it is the Light that is birthing through all the rumblings and dematerializations.  Listen for it.  Listen for the Light in the crumblings or the rattlings.  And listen for the Light as old debris is shaken out and up to the surface and the New Light Expands to reign and to inspire and to lead in the perfect ways that Source Light itself knows how.  Light at this level is felt to be known.  Light at this level doesn’t need teachers or people in religious organizations to teach it.  Light at this level guides by the very essence that IT IS.

Remember this as you ride out this next month and surf the waves of change.  Remember this as the intensity of the reset continues for many months forward.  Resets don’t happen in a single day.  In some aspects of restructuring, maybe.  But cosmic resets on a more holistic scale happen through time, through the heart, and through the soul.  

You are that very soul going through your own cosmic reset, as is everyone and everything else around you.

Remember ~ resets aren’t always easy.  But they are now aligned with the Light.  And tapping into that Light and that Divine Love that is available in great abundance for all of you ~ will help to make the resets easier.  And more grounded.  And more joyful.  Despite the dismantling unfolding.  Despite the changes occurring.  Despite the fear activating.

You are a Living Soul of Light that gets your True Power from the Central Sun Portals and the Infinite Heart of the Godheart and this Universe.  

Remember this as more quakes and crumbles, and as fear triggers in many, The Light is your Steady Guide, and your Life Force, and your Connection to your Divinity and Source.  

The Light will re-template this Living Garden of Eden on Earth.  And in You.

Trust the Light to Lead.  It is Divinely Designed TO Lead.  And you ARE this Living Essence of Light.  And timelessly will be.

You are loved dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.


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the Sanctity of the Earth

  • Kimi Martin
    5 years ago

    Thank You! Truth!

    Love, Blessings, Gratitude


  • Thank you for your beautiful and loving service Marie in bringing us these transmissions. I eagerly await each new posting. I am so happy I discovered you. Thank you Beloved One!

    • Hi Susan! Thank you for your kind words and appreciation! It is amazing how these transmissions are bringing us together as one tribe, one whole, one Light! Sending you love and blessings ✨Your work and website are wonderful ❤️

    • Denise
      5 years ago

      Namaste dear family of Light. Completely true and I also feel all truth will be shown. Truth is LOVE, love the most powerful wonderful ever 💜💜💜🦋🦋🦋💜💜💜

  • Lisset. Ferrer
    5 years ago

    Thank you so much Marie for this message! I translated it to my Spanish community! We are simple thankful for this transmission! It’s resonates with all the downloads that we are receiving…We are just one! 💕😘

    • Hi Lisset! Thank you 🙏 Together ~ we are resetting and rising in this New Light! Love and Blessings 💕

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