November 2020 ~ The World Is Changing: The Reign of Linear Darkness Is Over & Great Celebration, Epic Emancipation, Zero Point Energies, & Divine Reunion With Source Is Here

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 11.1.2020



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, shining through the Light of Christ Consciousness and the November 2020 Portals of the New Earth’s Rising Unity Consciousness. Today, is November 1st, 2020 as this transmission streams through this channel. And it is a perfect reflection of the Zero Point Frequencies inviting each and all of you into your Conscious Breathing to access this 5D+ New Earth Timeline beyond the tethers of the 3D earth still playing out its dematerializations on your world at this time.  Zero Point Energies invite you into  Breathing and Being the Allness That You Truly Are. You are the old 3D earth’s releasings now AND you are the 5D New Earth Rising . . . as your own Zero Point Portal . . . accessing the Higher Frequencies and Blessings of the Central Sun Knowings in your heart, soul, mind, body, and spirit!  You Are All Of It.  And this November 2020, you are all tasked with consciously breathing in to the growing soulful awareness that You ARE All Of It.  You are the Living Expression of the Integration of All Time in this One Breath, in this Now Moment, and in the True Divine Light That You Are.  And we are breathing this Infinite Light, this Conscious and Clear Soul Sight, and this Divine Grace with you, as November 2020 quantumly activates epic emancipations now in all life here on Earth.  These are profound times dear ones.  These are epic times.  And you are the brave epic heroes who came for these times.  As we breathe one more Conscious Breath together, let us call into your awareness that you are here at this time to breathe, access, and activate the Higher Light of your Living Divinity Codes.  And thus you are here to shine!  

So let’s remember this as we journey on in this transmission today, laying some cosmic bread crumbs for the unfoldments to come this month and beyond, as the New Earth expands and seeds its light, its song, and its new living frequencies of love and joy into the hearts of all.  November 2020 is a Huge Intergalactic Stargate inviting each and all of you into the Heart and Spirit of New Creation.  True Creation.  Higher Dimensional and Heart Centered True Divine Co-Creation.  There are many lower dimensional loose ends and threads that will be reaching their crescendo frequencies and that will be exposed for the world en masse to awaken to the Truth of The Duality Game that has played out here in this 3D realm for eons of time.  And that is a “Season Finale” movie that all will witness . . . and through which . . . many will be summoned to begin their hero’s journeys due to the “fall out” of the lack of substance and Truth in their previous belief systems ~ that were wedded to the vast illusion they had been living.  Many awakened souls will rise in the Season Finale of this grand movie underway, consciously doing the work to release that old dream of separation and illusion and to alchemize it within the Heart of Source once more, knowing its clearance for All Time in All Directions of Time.  For those awakened souls, this Crescendo Film and Season Finale is a Time of Great Celebration . . . for it is a culmination time long visioned and now fully made manifest in the Hearts of All on planet earth.  They are knowing the Earth’s Epic Emancipation is here and that it is Already Done.  And they are Standing Tall in the Light, the Truth, the Grace, and the Eternal Sovereignty that that rings through all sentient life in all realms in the universe.  And this is a Great Celebration indeed! ~ november 2020 ~ fireworks world change

And it is This Spirit of Great Celebration that we wish to vibrationally accent in your conscious awareness in this transmission today, for we have already spotlighted the many discordant frequencies, the great illusions, the propaganda, the control measures, and the Vast Impact of The Duality Game on your world up until this month’s activations of the Epic Earth’s Emancipation on this scale at this time.  And we will speak more to this Great Spirit, this Powerful Celebration, and this Quantum Activation of Divine Co-Creation for the Greater Good of All ~ in just a moment.

First, we wish to illustrate the energies on your world right now, in a way that many of you can receive and integrate.  Just as your autumnal and vernal equinoxes exemplify day and night in equal amounts, you are now experiencing a “Quantum Equinox” if you will . . . in November 2020 . . . where an equal expression or “show” of dark and light . . . and 3D and 5D frequencies . . . are reaching all people of the earth.  The darkness cannot spin and twirl its tricks now without the Light’s full exposure.  And the Light cannot hide the resplendence of its shine in any way now, as it stands Tall in the Grace and Truth of what Divine Truth and Divine Grace truly are.  And it has been a long, long time since Truth and Light of this Magnitude has shown so brightly on your world.  And this is activating the Portals of Zero Point Energies . . . on your world in November and December 2020 . . . and beyond.

For it is that perfect balance, that perfect polarity, that a Portal of this Level of Epic Emancipation . . . and this Zero Point Frequency . . . CAN emerge in the hearts of all in this realm.  For previously, the Light has been eclipsed for eons and eons of time.  Darkness has sewn its seeds in this cycle of separation consciousness by manipulating the levels of light “allowed” in this realm all this time.  The Light is now unbridled in these epic cosmological alignments, and there is nothing the darkness can do to control it, devalue it, diminish it, or vanquish it altogether.  

And it is this Coming Home Process inside yourselves . . . this coming into Synergy . . . this coming into Sacred Balance . . . and that coming into Sacred Harmony . . . that is activating this Great Call to Celebration in many around the globe and in the greater galactic spheres as well!  The Light is not seeking to overpower the Darkness.  The Light is simply reclaiming its place in the Bigger Picture Vision of All of Creation.  As the Light resets and restores itself, so too does the Divine Feminine simultaneously.  For the Light emanates through the Heart of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in Complete Union once more.   

And in that reset, the Reign of Linear Darkness IS OVER. ~ november 2020 ~ shadow and light clouds

For the darkness must now reset, re-fuse, and reunite with the Light that was always its sacred partner in the Wholeness of Creation.  The Shadow and the Light in equal amounts are now flowing in complete Divine Unity and Wholeness once more.  And this dear ones is ringing through the ethers ~ celestial bells of Great Celebration for all those that can hear it.  Those that have been kept under the spell of the Darkness’s Reign until the 99th Hour, there will be some vibrational calibration and catching up to do.  And to breathe.  And to rise, allow, and receive.  

And yet, All of You Already Living The Energies of Shining Your Light and Knowing the Deeper Grace of Unified Light are Living Guideposts and Lighthouses showing the way.  You are Standing Tall in the Truth of Unified Living Light, while others experience the loss of their old 3D maps and the illusions told and sold to them about control, governance, enslavement, and suffering.  It is disorienting to say the least for anyone finding themselves in a new cosmic orientation, without feeling as though they have the quantum compass, lantern, and map for living and being in this new world.  And it can be disorienting to say the least for anyone still holding allegiance to the old enslavement programs, that for so long organized their daily lives.  

The World Is Changing. 

And you are each and all the Divine Change-makers.

Some are simply awakening to this Truth at this time.

And some are actively celebrating this Truth at this time.

Yet All Have Summoned In This Truth At This Time.

And we would say this.  To those whose time is coming (in this new Now and this New Earth already emerging upon your world) to witness the Fall of the Cabal so to speak, the Fall of the Dark Ages, the Fall of the Illusion, and the Fall of the Enslavement and Mind Control Programs, . . . Breathe.  Breathe in deep, long, soul breaths to assist the lack of oxygen felt from the old 3D paradigm and structures quickly dematerializing from your experiences.  

The 3D earth was never designed to sustain you.  

It was only designed to enslave you.  

The 5D+ Earth receives its sustenance and light codes directly from Source, directly from the Heart of Creation, and directly from the All That Is.  And within those codes, lives the Divine Prana, the Pure Life Force, and the Soul Memories and Higher Dimensional Awareness that all need to Stand Tall in the Truth of the Light Within Their Being in these Crescendo Frequency Times. ~ november 2020 ~ person clouds mountaintop celebration

First and foremost, it is the Divine Breath directly from Source that will help to reset your Living Light Codes within.  The 3D earth has been losing oxygen and false power for a long time now.  And it is nearly out of breath.  It is nearly out of life force.

Only when the Darkness of the 3D Matrix is absorbed into this Higher 5D Light will the two be reset in Sacred Divine Wholeness and Sacred Divine Unity once more.  This is illustrated by the Ouroboros symbol, of the snake eating its own tail, signifying the alchemy templated into the mythology and mysticism of the human experience, for the Time that is Now.  And this is illustrated in the Legend of the Two Wolves we have spoken about in many transmissions this year, forming a Zero Point Portal of Alchemy and Ascension . . . in between their dualistic contrasts.   

You dear ones are the Two Wolves.  You dear ones are the Ouroboros.  You dear ones are the Masculine and the Feminine rising from their distorted codes in the old 3D earth matrix and finding synergy and union once again in the Higher Dimensional Light of a 5D Living New Earth Grace, supported and breathed by Source Love and Unity Consciousness once more.

In their distorted codes, the two wolves gnash their teeth and fight to the death it seems over and over, lifetime after lifetime, experience after experience, on the karmic loop and in the karmic cycles of life here on earth.  In their Risen Codes, in their Higher Dimensional Codes, they exist in complete harmony, complete soulful-ness, complete synergy, and complete synchronicity for the benefit of your own individual Sacred Highest Good and Union with Source . . . and for the benefit of the collective’s Sacred Highest Good and Unification with Source.  The yin yang symbology illustrates this Higher Dimensional Union as well.  

So . . . will you see the distorted codes playing out in November 2020 and beyond, for those not yet awakened to the games and illusions of their 3D vision, still trapped in the duality games of fear, hatred, division, separation, anger, violence, etc?  Yes.  For some, this is their Path of Awakening and the Expression of that Awakening Process.  

Will you see many embodying their Risen Codes, their New Quantum Resplendent Wings of Light, and their Expressions of Unified, Synergized, and Balanced 5D Divinity Codes of Light?  Yes.  Many will be expressing their new and deep soul remembrance of the Living Light and the Harmonized Balance of Living in Sacred Union in Physical Form once more.  And often, in times of ascension like this, this Union will express as compassion.  As inspiration.  As co-creation.  As celebration.  And as emancipation.

And thus you can see how people’s vibrational cosmic coordinate on the Path of Ascension will be illustrated by their vibrational expressions in these times, yes?

ALL Are Being Summoned Home to their Living Light
and Sacred Union with Source Now. 

Some lacking the soul sight to see this . . . still mired in 3D vision, mind control programs, fear, and dissonance . . . will be more self evident . . . to themselves and those around them.  

Some embodying the soul sight to see this . . . will be rising in their vibrational expressions of unity, co-creation, celebration, a state of presence and neutrality where possible, and wholeness in their own unique ways.

The Choice to Receive these New Living Light Codes will be yours, as individuals within the greater collective.

Conscious Choice is a Soul Skill and one
summoning people’s attention at this time.

The Ascension and Planetary Rising IS happening.  That is a Given.  That is Known throughout the Earth and throughout the Universe.

The Choice however to Know This, to Synergize with this, to Accept this, and to Receive this . . . is an individual one.   

Vibrational Expressions and Emissions will be Self Evident, and ever more increasingly so, over time.  

Vibrational Creations and Co-Creations will be Self Evident, and ever more increasingly so, over time as well.

What do you want to create, co-create, celebrate, and participate in ~ in these times?

What aspects of shadow in you . . . are asking to come Home in this Celestial Reunification Process with Source at this time?  

What aspects of shadow are you witnessing in the outer Collective that are also being summoned into the Light’s Exposure, the Light’s Epic Emancipation, and the Light’s Great Revelations . . . in the Greater Collective and Planetary Reunification Process with Source right now?

One might say that this is a Time of The Great Tension.

Or they might say that this is a Time of The Great Celebration and Emancipation.

Can you see how vibrational vision determines the world that you presently see?

What does your Vibration Vision in 2020 currently see?

How can you be a Higher Vibrational Expression of Greater Integration and Soulful Reunion with Source and with the All That IS in these times?

If fear rises up, what is it saying to you?  What is it most afraid of?  

How can the Light Within You and the Light of Source Within You support your greatest fear’s integration now?  And Integration back into Wholeness?  

Does your Divine Feminine Energy Within need support?  Can you offer it a Conscious Breath and a Conscious Willingness to Partner with it to assist your Reunification Process? ~ november 2020 ~ person ocean water faith

Ascension IS Reunification With Source.

Descension, in contrast, was Separation From Source.

Its Time to Go Home.  Its Time to Come Home Within.

Whatever is needing support within your own unique vibrational system and your own conscious awareness will speak to you this month.  It may speak loudly, and it may speak softly.  But speak, it will.  

Remember that you have the Soul Sight Divinely Wired and Templated Within You to Consciously Breathe and Consciously Choose your vibrational sight and either your unconscious vibrational reaction or your conscious vibrational response to anything you are experiencing in any given moment.

We celebrate with you . . . Humanity’s Great Liberation and Epic Emancipation in the month of November 2020 and beyond.  The Living Light of Ascension and Inner Rising is expanding within and all around you.

Listen for Divine Guidance to Breathe Greater Harmony and Unity inside you, despite the outer calls in the media, in conversations, and in other outer dynamics to join the duality and the negative polarity.  

Know that this awareness alone is supporting you to embrace the emancipation and the emancipating energies of the Zero Point Portal Within.

You are the Legend of the Two Wolves
Becoming One Again. 

You are the Legend of the Two Wolves
Becoming Whole Again.

You are the Legend of the Two Wolves
Reuniting with Source and Mother Gaia Again.

You are the Hero in that Hero’s Journey
Coming Full Circle Again.

Breathe in that Living, Courageous,
and Shining Light Again.

We are with you.  We believe In You.  We are here to support you.

Remember your soul skills.  You have these and many more within you!

You came for these times . . . and you brought these amazing soul skills through time for these times!

Source is partnering with you in all ways, in every breath, in every step, and in every moment now.  Breathe in Source Grace.  Breathe in Source Grounding.  Breathe in Source Presence.  

Mother Earth is breathing you as well.  She is your Grounding Life Force, Nourishment, Cheerleader, and Divine Mother.  She Knows Your True Heart.  And She Knows Your Divine Destiny.  And that Destiny?  Is to Embody Your Unified Living Light Codes Again!

So we invite your Conscious Celebration and Divine Reunion at this time.

We celebrate your Epic Emancipation!

And we celebrate your Perfect Unfoldment in this Divine Ascension at this time!

2020 ~ The Ultimate Year of Clear Soul Sight Is Here, dear ones! 

It lives In You!

You are loved, dear ones.  
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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