The Planetary Reset and the Soul Skills Needed to Navigate It

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 3.9.19

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here today.  We come in this transmission in March 2019 to activate and further awaken your ability to access your extraordinary Soul Skills that you each carry within. For in your world at this time, there are deep frequencies of unrest and chaos . . . and there are also deep frequencies of celebration and liberation. All of these energies are bubbling below the surface and yet they too are rising into the conscious awareness and daily experience of the collective. It is an Extraordinary Time of Change and Ascension in your world. And we are delighted to be a voice, a frequency, and a Divine Team of Support and Inspiration for all of you ~ on the journey Home to remember ~ Who You Really Are.

So firstly, we want to call special attention to the Vibration and Word:  RESET. It is a Frequency as well as a Concept. Your Heart Center, and thus your Energy Bodies (the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental) fully experience the frequencies or vibrations of this RESET.  Your mind (supported by your mental body) experiences this Word and Concept . . . Conceptually and Theoretically.  The Reset that is occurring in every way, in every body, in every corner of your world . . . is happening on all levels of your being . . . and it has already been unfolding for many years now . . . at an energetic or vibrational level. The mind will be the last part of you to know all that has been unfolding in the ethers for some time now . . . simply because the mind operates from a 3D Perspective of Consciousness and must see things to believe them

We will focus our transmission today on this concept and vibrational reality of a Planetary Reset.  And in Truth, Ascension is a Planetary Reset.

To us, a Reset means:
An Ethereal Re-Alignment of Source Codes to template a particular
or desired Collective Evolutionary Experience for a Period or Cycle of Time.

So, at this time, Earth is undergoing a Planetary Reset, at a core ethereal level of upgrading all Source Light Codes to activate, resonate, and vibrate at the the level of 5D Dimensional Consciousness and 5th Dimensional Frequencies of Love, Light, and Divine Unity.

This is felt by many of you with awakened and activated Sacred Heart Centers.  There is a Knowing of it. There is a palpability to it. There is a pulsing energy within it that you feel, sense, know, and see manifesting in your bodies, your beingness, and your daily lives.

The Planetary Reset and the Soul Skills Needed to Navigate It ~ Marie Mohler,

This is not fully seen however in your outer world at this time. Evidence of shifts and changes are present. But there’s no clear evidence of unity, love, peace, harmony, and universal well-being and prosperity on your planet yet. Correct?  So therefore, what the mind can’t see in 3D, the mind can’t conceive.  And therefore, anyone talking about Ascension or a Planetary Reset . . . to others living solely from their mental body and thus their mind . . . seems “out there” or a little looney, at best.  

The mind has established itself over many eons of time in this last world age and cycle as the Supreme Ruler of your Conscious Awareness, and thus, . . . of your belief system, your level of openness, your ability to integrate information, and your ability to access any Higher Soul Skills and Aptitudes in any way. The mind declared a Right to Rule over any information it deems unworthy, inferior, or inconsequential ~ to its supreme authority and vast intellect. Therefore the mind also declared the Right to Rule Out any threatening or uncomfortable incompatibilities to its complete and totalitarian leadership.

Thus, in years past, the mind could be tricked and manipulated in many ways ~ by other more advanced “Master Minds” of planetary experiences in the last world age and cycle of separation consciousness. For what the mind can’t see, or doesn’t value enough to perceive, simply does not or did not exist. The mind sees what it wants to see, and rejects all else.

If the Earth Shifts and Ascension Energies are not direct enough, visible enough, or linearly corroborated enough by see-able evidence, they simply don’t exist.

And this is why the mind, and mental body, will be the last to know of its etheric shifts, planetary resets, and updated light codes. The other centers of the body are far more sensitive and attuned to the Frequencies of Spirit, the Earth, and the more subtle Energies in the Human Experience.  Therefore, those attuned to the Guidance of their Heart Centers will be able to perceive Changes, Upgrades, Ascension Energies, and Resets . . . without first seeing them. These individuals can simply feel them or sense them in order to know them; And to more consciously allow or embrace them.

So while there is the issue of perception on your world, parallel to the shifts, regardless of whether they are perceptible or not, they are happening. They are real. And they are literally changing the Codes for Life on this living, conscious, breathing, awake, and aware Earth Planet. 

And it is in understanding, or at least acknowledging, the Planetary Reset that people become aware of the desire and need for additional soul skills to better navigate the changes unfolding in their inner worlds and also unfolding in their outer world ~ globally.

So we first wanted to lay out a bit of a template for our conversation today ~ by drawing attention to the RESET phenomena occurring on a vast scale on your world. As the Earth upgrades her Codes of Light and Template for Life, so too must all living and nonliving things upgrade to the same codes, to be able to exist in the new frequencies now governing all manifestations and materializations in this world.

And within the Living Matrix of this new 5D Energy and Light expanding on your world, is the awareness of having perhaps some gaps in consciousness and soul skills or tools to get up to speed with these Higher Frequencies and Living Codes that you each are expansively becoming. First, at the Level of Ether.  And second, at a very Physical and/or Manifested Level.

We have spoken many times in messages through this channel of the Power and Perfection of Conscious Breathing.  We would call this Soul Skill #1. If you didn’t have any other tools in your Ascension Tool Box, but Conscious Breathing, you would still literally have the Keys to the Kingdom, and truly, you would have Living Keys to the New Earth.

The Planetary Reset and the Soul Skills Needed to Navigate It ~ Marie Mohler,

For in the Act, Art, and Soul Choice to Consciously Breathe the Light of Source, and any Color Codes you feel you need or desire, into the Core of your Being, your Heart, and the cells in your body, you are literally breathing the Frequencies of Light directly from Source, the Infinite, the All That Is, that is imbued with the Pure, Loving, and Positive Energy Template of the New Earth Light.

So any situation you find challenging, in any experience of ascension that somehow pulls you off balance or off center, in any moment you question your light, your soul path, your power, and your purpose this lifetime, take a Deep Divine Breath In.  Ask it to flow to all of the places inside you that need Pure Source Consciousness, Love, and Light the most. And then ~ take another Deep Divine Breath In . . . And add any colors you feel would soothe you ~ or that come into your consciousness in that moment ~ add those colors to your Sacred Breath ~ and invite the Light of Source Intelligence and Pure Love ~ to upgrade, rebalance, or reset your soul codes, knowings, and skills to perfect balance, perfect harmony, and perfect alignment . . . with the Earth Mother’s Sacred Heart Center . . . and then with the Sacred Heart of One in the All That Is.  Take a few additional deep conscious breaths in, and allow yourself to simply feel that supportive light, that grace-filled energy, that extraordinary Essence of Love inside you;  That is perfect for you in that moment and that remembers FOR YOU ~ Who You Really Are.

In the Month of March 2019 ~ in the unfoldment of planetary, global, financial, governmental, societal, educational, medicinal, spiritual, and personal resets underway . . . That will continue for the remainder of this year and into the early 2020’s . . . remember Soul Skill #1 . . . your Divine Ability to Consciously Breathe the New Light Codes that can perfectly support the upgrading, ascending, and harmonizing You ~ that you are truly designed to be.

Soul Skill #2 that we offer to your conscious awareness today . . . is to consider more proactively connecting with your Guides;  to invite them in to yourwaking conscious conversations ~ to guide you and your life to Highest Good people, experiences, awareness is, and manifestations.  This is a Partnership Skill. It is an invitation to leave the separation consciousness and its grip on your vibration and awareness ~ and to more consciously activate a willingness and intention to connect with a beautiful Team of Light that is your personal Council of Light in your Highest Good Soul Path in this lifetime.

Soul Skills 1 & 2 are critical to reorienting your mind’s sense of utter separation, aloneness, and individuation in this world ~ and activating even at the most subtle levels a willingness to reunite with Source Energy, with your Divinity, and with the Oneness that the Universe of Light in the Higher Realms truly is.  

It is the separation and aloneness that is off balancing, uprooting, or challenging now.

It is simply not in alignment with the Higher Frequencies flooding and resetting your world to its Greater Light now.

Of course there are many Soul Skills we will speak to in subsequent channelings.

But these two are perhaps the most vital. They are free. They are easy. And they are available to every living being on the earth. Thus they are universal.

We would like to give you each some homework . . . or maybe we can call it . . . a lightwork curiosity exercise . . . 

We invite you to get curious in your own life and in your own experience of the shifts underway . . . 

1.)  What Soul Skills do you presently have? And utilize?

2.)  And what Soul Skills do you feel you need? To make a leap or cross a bridge more easily and successfully inside you ~ to navigate a gap, challenge, or pressing issue in your life in some way?

And then . . . we would ask . . . how can you create some new vibrational habits in your daily life the better support your taking conscious action steps every day to access these tools, these skills, and these connections in your daily life?

Everything is energy. Your current daily routines and experiences are energy.

Habits are energy too. So if we can tune in and see what new energy we need to meet the new energies and requirements of the re-sets unfolding . . . we can create new, positive, and soul enriching habits that better support all that we are becoming . . . and that better support us to release all that no longer serves us or our Highest Good.

We are entering New Ways of Being.  We are being called to physically embody New Light and New Light Codes.  We are thus transforming and ascending before our very own eyes. It’s so subtle sometimes ~ that our minds can’t even see it. And yet, it is happening.

We are the Living Re-Set unfolding on our world. As the Earth Mother rises and re-sets, so too, are we.

Deep Divine Conscious Breaths can help the process greatly.

Calling in your Guides that are focused on your particular Soul Path and Highest Good can also begin to release old, old feelings of separateness and induce greater sense of Peace, Ease, and Support in our every day lives.  

For truly, you are loved, Dear Ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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