March-April 2023: The Great Turning, Crumbling Brings Humbling, Conscious Breathing Brings New Life

March-April 2023 Energy Update

The Time of The Great Turning: 
Truth, Light, Floods, & Soul Skills,
Crumbling Brings Humbling,
& Conscious Breathing Brings New Life

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 3.18.2023


Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Light of 1000 Suns and beaming Love, Light, Freedom, Empowerment, and Divine Emancipation to all who listen to these transmissions, now and in the future.  God/Source/Creator is turning this upside down world right side up.  Humanity is rising from the dark ages and into the Light of 1000 Suns for the next 1000 years and beyond.  This Great Turning will be challenging.  This Great Turning may be tumultuous.  This Great Turning however will bring the Light, Clear Soul Sight, Prosperity, Health, and Unity Consciousness that sentient-kind has prayed for for millenia.  It is happening, now, in you.  It is happening now in every structure that you see on your world, that was built during these dark ages.  And it is happening in every system ~ whether that is educational, pharmaceutical, medical, financial, religious, personal, and more ~ at its core.  Anything that is not of the Divine Blueprint, the God Codes, the God Frequency, and the Light of Christ Consciousness and Unity Consciousness will be or is already being cleared away.  This is a New Earth Birth.  And this is Humanity’s New Birth.  It is a Sentient New Birth.  And right now, humanity is breach.  It is upside down. For the 3D matrix that humanity landed in so long in the original Fall from Grace landed in their breach position, in the underbelly of Divine Creation.  Now, All Is Rising.  In March, April, May and onward throughout 2023, All Is Rising to deliver All Life on Planet Earth back into the Original Garden of Eden and the God Timeline again.

March April 2023 Energy Update ~
Let us take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In together.  Powerful shifts are unfolding on the planet, and powerful shifts are unfolding in you.  Let us breathe a Sacred Conscious Breath into your Lungs, into your Heart, and into your Physical Body Temples so that every living cell in your body is reset and reoriented right now with us in this moment to the God Codes.  To the Living Codes of Light that are your Higher Dimensional Knowing and your Higher Dimensional Being.  You are a perfect expression of the Godheart.  Your cells are breathing this Divine Prana and remembering themselves as Living Expressions of the Godheart, and thus the Living Expression of the God Codes.  Breathing this Sacred Breath in this way aligns your heart with the Living Godheart, and the Life Force in the All That Is.  You are part of this Grand Creation called Life.  And your cells rejoice in this Divine Receiving and this Divine Remembering, that is breathing new quantum life force and new divine sacred light into the core of your being, through the willingness in your All Knowing Heart to play with us in this way and remember your place in the Divine Creation Story.  Breathe another Sacred Breath and appreciate how good it feels to connect with the Light of Unity Consciousness, of God Consciousness, and of Sentient Consciousness in which All Is One in all ways now in your life.  You matter.  Creation would never be as rich as it is if you didn’t exist to breathe within it.  Your Breath is Creation within Creation.  And the vast array of ways that your Light touches this world and this Creation cannot be languaged.  But it is felt to be known.  And we feel you.  We see you.  And we are blessed to breathe with you in this way in every transmission that flows through the Heart of Creation to you.

Dear Ones, March and April 2023 are key months in the Grand Shaking of the Serpentine Illusions and Dark Ages you have all been living in, bathing in, breathing in, and suppressed within.  The Shaking and the Quaking we have referenced for some time is now making its way to the surface of your world in your world events.  Banks are some of the recent structures to show failings and reveal their vibrational foundations.  Some are being shaken to their core, and failing as a result of the intensity of the immensity of Source Power and this Grand Cleansing.  The Shaking is not to create fear.  It is here to eradicate it.  In the Breach Position, in the underbelly of Creation, many will feel and see these rumblings and run to fear frequencies in an attempt to ally with their fight or flight response system.  But the sympathetic nervous system is not equipped to bail any of you out with a charge created by “amplified danger” in the quakes and shakes happening.  Just like there won’t be bailouts for the banks whose time has come to fail and to crumble in this Grand Ascension and Grand Turning Process, there won’t be bailouts (or bail-ins for that matter) for you.  Awakening Souls cannot bail.  Interesting to mention that another word for the Biblical Serpent, Satan, Lucifer, or this Demonic Assistant to the Serpent is Baal.  In the righting of worlds, no bail or Baal will free you from the bonds and tethers of fear.  Only transmutation will, transformation will, and/or transfiguration will.  The Great Shaking is here to eradicate Serpentine Conditioned Fear from humanity.  It is here to untether humanity and all sentient life trapped in this 3D matrix’s illusions, and raise all up into the Light of Garden of Eden Prosperity and Peace and the Central Suns’ Illumination.  In this Great Turning and Ascension Process and this Grand Birthing Process Underway, this vast illumination process will ultimately lead to a Divine Renaissance of Light, Art, Fertility, Vitality, and Creative Expression the likes of which have never been seen on planet Earth and possibly anywhere in this universe.

This is an EPIC time.  It is a POWERFUL time.  And it is a SOULFUL Time as well.   

March April 2023 Energy Update ~
If structures will not be bailed/baaled out or in, and you and your families and friends will also not be bailed/baaled out or in, since bail is a Baal concept, Baal manipulation, and ultimate Baal illusion that has run rampant . . . on a prison planet so conditioned to believe that sentience can be imprisoned, how does humanity free itself?  How do you set yourself free in times where fear, stress, overwhelm, uncertainty, and lack seem quite pervasive and all around you?  Where do you go when outer storms lack answers or solutions in their scope and their reach?

You go where all of the other Ascended Master Souls have gone.  You go WITHIN.  You turn to your conscious breathing.  What does a baby do when it is first born? It breathes.  A Conscious Breath.  Where will you go now in your New Birth?  You will commit to your Conscious Breathing of God’s Divine Prana.  That has always been Step #1.  Divine Breath.  So right now, let us practice breathing in another Conscious Breath.  Feel it soothing all of the places inside you that might have tensed or that may feel tension in hearing the possibility that this world will be stretched and turned upside down to be turned right side up in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead.  You will desire to rest in your Conscious Breathing when the squeezes of Divine Contractions push and pull what is still illusion from your Energy Fields, through disclosures, collapses, failures, bankruptcies, and revelations happening now and more to come.

Your Conscious Breathing is your Hammock of Divine Grace where you can feel and find yourself suspended between the two worlds.  Your Conscious Breathing will steady you as you Breathe In Union With Source and the storms continue to blow through this Earth, bringing the Light of Truth and Awareness and Divinity to every single structure, every single system, every single person in those systems, and every single cell in every single being on planet Earth.  This is a Global Cleansing that can only be orchestrated by Source at this scale.  The Light is here to wash anything and everything pristinely clean.  That includes you.  Your thoughts.  Your beliefs.  Your chakra systems.  Your Emotions.  Your Consciousness.  Your Energy Bodies.  All of it.  And All of You will be washed cleaned in these events, these energies, and these revelations.

Truth hurts.  Yes, sometimes it does.  Truth also heals.  When Truth is True, Pure, and Divine, it always heals.  Sometimes hurt is the initial ego and physiological response, but ultimately the body releases the toxins within that it was holding on to the darker energies and your body turns and embraces the Light.  You have not seen this in some time.  Yeshua or Jesus Christ as an Ascended Master modeled this in his day.  That darkness and illusion could be vanquished to restore the Original Perfection in the people he healed and the people who journeyed and studied with him.

March April 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comTruth is here to set you free, dear ones.  Mass illusions will now crumble and tumble, to humble those who haven’t been able to seek and integrate what Truth is.  Truth will be your teacher. Truth will be your messenger.  Truth will be your emancipator.  And Truth will be your guide, ushering you all into a New Earth where only Truth can thrive.  There are no caves, caverns, dungeons, egos, or shadow-y places to hide in this new 5th dimensional and higher consciousness plane of living in God’s Timeline.

Adam and Eve ate from the Serpent’s Apple and instantly knew they were naked.  When united with Source, when in their Divine Innocence and Light, there was no fear and there was nothing to fear. But the serpent showed Adam and Eve there are many things to fear.  There are many things to bear, because of fear.  And Adam and Eve were instantly burdened with the Serpent’s Distorted Lens and Distorted Visions for a sentient world.  And they became increasingly fearful of the Truth, generation by generation by generation.  Because the Truth of the Serpentine Temptations can be painful. Can be odious.  Can be ominous.  Until God’s Divine Children remember that transparency is the Essence of Truth.  It is the Essence of Clean Living.  It is the Essence of Divine Leadership and Earth Stewardship.  It is the Essence of Being a Godspark, God Particle, and God Essence on Planet Earth.

We would say Truth is coming to clear and purify all illusion.  You are in the time of the Great Central Suns pouring Divine Light and Light Codes into your world.  That which is of the Darkness, the Dark Ages, the Underbelly of Creation, and the Serpent Quill and Seed, will be cleared away in one way or another.  The Light is Infinitely Mightier than any serpent quill, propaganda, wordsmithing, corruption, and collusion on the part of its minions.  The Serpent’s Quill is now in this Great Spiritual Battle facing the Ultimate Quelle, which in some Gnostic Teachings is understood to be the name of Source/Creator/Itself.  God/Source/Creator and the Quelle WILL QUELL the Serpentine Quill by bringing revelations, powerful divine technologies, and the presence of God into this realm again, in ways that unveil a luminosity so bright and so deep and wide that no shadow can prevail in such epic energies.

So prepare dear ones. Prepare to receive this level of the Living Light.  Prepare to sail some stormy seas as revelations pour out through floods of many kinds.  Ground in your Sacred Breathing and know that Source/Quelle will quell your fears if you will call in the Living Light into every darkness or trigger or heartache that you feel.

God’s Quell as a Divine Creator can support you in everything you need.  The first partnership, the first step, the first movement to greater safety, peace, and calm when biblical storms hit your personal life and experience and the collective’s experience as well is . . . to Consciously Breathe IN UNION with Source . . . so that you enter a state of Divine Grace that passes all understanding.  But that aligns with Divine Innerstanding.  And this is your greatest ally in these times.

In March and April 2023, and beyond, remember to BREATHE. Remember to Open Your Heart to Divine Union and your Sacred and Timeless Luminosity that is a Divine Match to the Central Suns Light pouring in, and ushering in your New Birth, and the Earth’s New Birth.  All need to BREATE in UNION with Source as the Light Floods In and Touches every particle of Creation on this world.

March April 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comYou have your soul skills within you.  Every Ascending Master knew this.  You may wish to gather physical resources too.  Food, water, candles, flashlights, and other emergency supplies.  New Earth Noahs and Newly Birthing Ascending Souls know what they need to practice or purchase, from Higher Divine Guidance that only comes from within.  So listen for what it is that you need to fortify your soul.  When you listen with divine ears, you will hear the still strong voice of your courageous soul that knows how to journey unfamiliar terrain in this powerful Ascension Timeline, feeling God’s Energy shining clear signs and signals to you as to what you need.  To feel good, to feel loved, to be grounded, and to rise up and through these storms.

Bless your Arks.  Your homes.  Your vehicles.  Your supplies.  Your heart.  Your light.  Your inner soul sight.  And your Divine Codes of Light that Source is celebrating with you that are returning to you.

It is the Time of the Great Turning.  It is the Time of the Grand Ascension.  And it is a Time of your Practice and Presence, where you embody more fully your Soul Mastery, as a Divine Child of God emerging from the Rubble of Illusion and into the Clarity of the God Codes, the God Timeline, and God’s Grand Garden of Eden, that has awaited this Grand Return for a long, long time.

It has been a long, long journey to Now.  To the Now of your Ascension Timeline.  And you, each of you, wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but right where you are, with the Light inside you that you have to lead you.  You came for these times.  And Now is where your True Power is.  Partner with Truth and Light in your Now, and you will be aligned with the Godheart to lead you rightly and perfectly and with great love, in every breath and every step.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, March 25th, 2023 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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